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  1. I'm an AEW homer, but much like with Cody, Cargill's switch is probably the best move for everyone involved.
  2. And they're incapable of learning from history?
  3. I like Riddle as a wrestler, but I hope AEW doesn't bother with him. They just got rid of a backstage headache. Let's go back to the early AEW philosophy of, as Taz put it on Unrestricted, "we don't hire shitheads."
  4. I read this as wanting him to come down to the ring in a Popemobile. I can see it.
  5. I loved how earlier in the match Joe started the shocked sell, but quickly turned it into, "It's all right; it's cool." Great subversion of the trope.
  6. Loved MJF's callback to the first Punk match, but learning from his tape mistake!
  7. I consider Hausman to be Punk's unofficial mouthpiece at this point.
  8. I started watching in early '91, I think. Even in the time of Pillman and Liger, Ross was still calling Eaton a "high flyer" because of the Alabama Jam. I was so, so confused.
  9. I watched the show, and I was wondering the same thing.
  10. If Jim Cornette and his ilk were honest, they'd scream until their throats burn that Kofi shouldn't have kicked out of that moonsault. Because Kofi shouldn't have kicked out of that moonsault. Waiting for someone to say NXT is now WWE's ROH. Something something diluting the brand.
  11. "The globe COMMUNITY?!" - AJ Styles, maybe, on 8chan, at some point
  12. To bring things back away from Punk ... ... I'm randomly seeing Joe Stump tonight! The metal gods provide!
  13. I don't remember Page/Cage I or II.
  14. Also from the article: I wondered why the official press release said it was biggest ever attendance in Europe, and not globally. tl;dr They sold more tickets than WrestleMania 32 did, but fewer people actually showed up.
  15. I see Attitude Era fans in their late 30s now, who do really enjoy good wrestling, but who will sill say they don't watch half of AEW because it's "just good matches." Motherfucker, do you know how many people had to die to track down good matches in 1998?! The scummy people we had to deal with!!!
  16. Someone coined the term "xennial" as a microgeneration on the border of Gen X and Millenials, and characterized them as people who remember the days before modern technology but were still nimble enough to adapt to it.
  17. Did anyone else's jaw drop ... seeing two tall pillars in the ring ... minutes after Michael Cole told us about 9/11???
  18. Is a wrestler being drunk and disorderly a scandal now? I know it's not the '80s anymore, but sheesh.
  19. I have no idea. Why are you refusing to articulate your argument?
  20. About the sexual assault? Are we victim-blaming? Even if it's a false report, no charges have been filed, right? Seriously, what am I missing? Cash Wheeler WAVED A FUCKING GUN at someone and is on TV every week.
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