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  1. Ghost of Tsushima is one of my 4-5 favorite games of all time. That would be my recommendation. That or Borderlands 3 just because I love the Borderlands games.
  2. 48 straight hours of MST3K? Well, not like I have any other plans.
  3. Carolina Indianapolis Pittsburgh Minnesota Cincinnati Baltimore Tennessee Jacksonville Los Angeles Chargers Atlanta Seattle Dallas Las Vegas Buffalo Tiebreaker 1 - 3 Tiebreaker 2 - 286 Tiebreaker 3 - 15
  4. It's N7 Day tomorrow. Not sure if it still means a hell of a lot but maybe we'll get a surprise of some sort.
  5. The Vikings have gone 4-0 since Justin Jefferson went on injured reserve. Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.
  6. Tennessee Kansas City Los Angeles Rams Washington Houston Cleveland New Orleans Baltimore Minnesota Indianapolis Las Vegas Philadelphia Cincinnati Los Angeles Chargers Tiebreaker 1 - Burrow Tiebreaker 2 - 103 Tiebreaker 3 - 41
  7. Football is stupid, but for reasons other than the normal reasons why football is stupid.
  8. Awwwww, Tony Khan is going to let Ric Flair turn on Sting one last time for old times' sake.
  9. Tampa Bay New York Jets Jacksonville Houston Miami Atlanta Minnesota Dallas Philadelphia Indianapolis Cleveland Kansas City San Francisco Baltimore Los Angeles Chargers Detroit Tiebreaker 1 - 278 Tiebreaker 2 - 51 Tiebreaker 3 - 118
  10. In a few years, we're going to get commercials about watching that Minnesota/Iowa game from the same law firms that bring you commercials for mesothelioma and drinking the water at Camp Lejune. "Did you watch the Gophers/Hawkeyes game in 2023? You may be entitled to significant financial compensation."
  11. Jacksonville Cleveland Buffalo Las Vegas Washington Tampa Bay Baltimore Seattle Los Angeles Rams Denver Kansas City Philadelphia San Francisco Tiebreaker 1 - 57 Tiebreaker 2 - 244 Tiebreaker 3 - 50
  12. Justin Pugh, straight off the couch. Last week he was literally selling real estate and doing a podcast.
  13. Kansas City Baltimore Atlanta San Francisco Houston Miami Seattle Jacksonville Chicago Las Vegas Philadelphia Tampa Bay Los Angeles Rams Buffalo Los Angeles Chargers Tiebreaker 1 - 48 Tiebreaker 2 - 316 Tiebreaker 3 - 4
  14. Football is stupid. (May or may not be related to Rippa's post above.)
  15. Going back to the earlier conversation, I'd like to reiterate that Daniel Jones owes Ed Donatell at least 10% of that fat contract extension the Giants gave him this offseason because that playoff game against the Vikings sealed it for him.
  16. Washington Buffalo Miami New England Baltimore Detroit Houston Indianapolis Arizona Los Angeles Rams (changed this pick before the start of the late games, all other picks remain the same) Denver Kansas City San Francisco Las Vegas Tiebreaker 1: 17 Tiebreaker 2: 234 Tiebreaker 3: 44
  17. The USFL/XFL merger is officially official, officially.
  18. We're never getting a Weird Al halftime show and therefore they don't actually matter.
  19. Detroit Atlanta Pittsburgh Los Angeles Rams Minnesota Tampa Bay Philadelphia Buffalo Cincinnati Cleveland Denver Los Angeles Chargers Dallas San Francisco Kansas City Seattle Tiebreaker 1 - 317 Tiebreaker 2 - 64 Tiebreaker 3 - 51
  20. You'd have to get Cousins to waive his no-trade cause and there's just about no chance he agrees to do that to spend three months as a lame duck quarterback for that shit show in the middle of a contract year. Of course, that's not going to prevent all the Really Smart Football Peopleā„¢ online from speculating that it's going to happen for the next five weeks.
  21. The tweet is doing that whole "not embedding" thing again, but Eagles 25, Bucs 11 is Scorigami, the 1,078th unique score in NFL history.
  22. Had a bit of a soft spot for Dabba Kato because before he got to WWE he was with the Vikings in Training Camp. Didn't play well (and I don't think anyone expected him to), but it was still kind of cool to see him move on to wrestling after that.
  23. Rick Boogs is reportedly out, too, according to Fightful. It would appear that the next purge has begun.
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