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  1. The people glaring on the list that didn't get in to me are CM Punk, Edge, Akira Taue, and Big Daddy. I can totally understand people's reasons on most of them, except Edge. Well, maybe I can for Edge because his return hasn't exactly done anything to prove that he should be in. Throw Ibushi and Naito in too, but those two feel inevitable. I'm highlighting Punk, Edge, Akira, and Big Daddy just because of how long they've been on the ballot and none of them are particularly close. Punk going from 15% to 33% is a big jump, but is still crazy low. Is it just me or is it weird to see Punk not even in top 30 vote from active wrestlers?
  2. Completely random, but I'm looking to pick up some 2003-2006 DVDs if anyone has some they want to move.
  3. The fans chanted boring at a heel who's been slightly stagnant and js going up against one of the most beloved superstars of the past 10 years. So yeah, naturally - fuck Richmond. Horrible crowd, AMIRITE?
  4. This is probably the best way he could have announced it too. I mean, it was a circus the past two days, but only because of the media. Last time, he inspired the circus, this time, it seems like he did his best to deflate it. Only thing I'll say is that he can not leave Cleveland at this point. It would be horrible for him to leave AGAIN after all of this.
  5. I would love to hear Dikembe Mutombo pronounce that name.
  6. And this: http://deadspin.com/all-the-internet-clues-that-point-to-lebron-going-to-cl-1602553351
  7. The chain text was the absolute best part.
  8. Adding to the craziness, there's a web developer who found unpublished pages on the LeBron webpage server and said they have a color template of Cleveland. Good God this is absurd.
  9. If LeBron goes back to Cle and Gilbert DOESN'T do a public apology, I seriously don't know what to think. It almost excuses behavior like this. I mean, I think the way he left Cle was bad, but that letter was way worse.
  10. This is how we know we've reached breaking point... Movers Outside Of LeBron's House
  11. Most people were, but won't admit it. After Linsanity passed, I didn't think he was worthy of being an All-Star, but it's a let down that he hasn't even gotten close to that level by now.
  12. Bryan and Dave arguing over what was the decisive factor of a worked match - the crotching or the weakened leg - made for a weird drive into work this morning. Also, I'm sure more people will comment about it, but Dave's joke (or lack thereof) about a McMahon impersonator is just kind of pissing off your listeners.
  13. Various media places are saying this now, not just Windhorst...unless I missed credit given to him which I don't think I did. Anyway, I agree with you 100%. Of anyone in the league, he totally deserves it, but it also goes against his whole mindset and no matter what, when you take a max contract, you're going to hinder your team to some extent and for someone like LeBron who's always had bad teams surronding him, that might not be a good thing.
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