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  1. Haven’t watched Raw in years because I was living overseas, and since coming back I refuse to pay for cable. My brother just got YouTube TV recently and shared the login with me. I watched tonight. Don’t think I’ll watch again for another few years. It was seriously CRINGE from start to finish. Smackdown has the exact same presentation (which is tired in itself) but at least it resembles pro wrestling.
  2. The 4K Fire Stick is like $25 when it goes on sale.
  3. The Bucks/Good Brothers swerve is a great example that “predictable” doesn’t have to equal “bad.” They hinted at it, without making it extremely obvious, but the delivery by Callis and the commentators made it feel organic. Tay Conti has room to grow but man it’s night and day from her NXT run to now, much improved. Forgot about TK starting to license tunes until Jurassic Express came out. Props to that, music licensing is STUPID expensive.
  4. This fits. There’s a lot of misunderstanding & misinformation about isolation and quarantine. ”Isolation” is for people who’ve tested positive, and is for 10 days. ”Quarantine” is for direct contact or symptomatic people who have NOT had a positive test, and is 14 days.
  5. Answers will vary according to your taste, but for me the first three to spring to mind are Austin, Onita, and Jericho. Would rather watch their later work any day.
  6. I watch on Fite as well (no cable=no TNT). Those breaks w/the song and graphic seem to go on forEVER, LOL
  7. Re: the references to last night being a taped show, how much of a difference does this really make to you guys? I would never have known the difference, and it doesn’t decrease my enjoyment any knowing it was taped vs live. Unless you get hit w/spoilers, does it matter?
  8. Austin Theory was a bit of a let down. They’ve been teasing this guy for weeks:
  9. Imagine that! I get a strong sense that a lot of the posts in this thread are the result of years of being traumatized by WWE “storytelling.”
  10. Yeah, the FBI started when JT Smith, after a concussion, thought he was Italian.
  11. Last one I can remember is Tanga Loa being Mexican but that was like 6 years ago now, and I don’t remember anyone caring. But I doubt Vince would even think twice about doing it again tomorrow if the opportunity presented itself.
  12. This is a really good observation. I agree with you that Punk didn’t do Roman any favors, but I also think this could have been overcome with better booking. I don’t think it’s playing Monday morning QB to say Roman’s booking was horrible for a long period. We could all see how bad it was as it was happening. If they course corrected, they probably could have ended up where they wanted to w/Roman after a year, two at most. But it’s taken soooo muuuuch looooooooonger. I don’t think it would be crazy to say that if it weren’t for Punk, Roman still would’ve had a hard time getting
  13. It really isn’t THAT far fetched at all, especially in the crazy times we’re in. Look at all the NWA women’s title crossover. Don Callis on Dynamite. Tanahashi shouting out Jericho’s anniversary. Etc etc Kenta has the briefcase and is not booked on the tag league/super jr tour. Mox did mention being a champion on 2 continents and AEW has often acknowledged the larger wresting continuity.
  14. VERY much this. I think with rare exceptions, an opener should never hit 10 minutes. Gotta pace the show as a whole, not just the matches. 25 seems good for a typical main, but there are plenty of workers/stories that can make 35-40 seem shorter. 30 minute Ironman has never worked for me, bc the average main is almost this long anyway, with 1 fall. Wrestling is based around lower card ppl getting beat quicker, where is takes much longer to wear down upper carders to get a fall. 3-5 falls in 30 min is immersion-breaking, IMO, most (not all) of the time. You gotta be extremely creative
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