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  1. And as expected the Rams are trying to keep out 49ers fans by limiting sales to only those in the Greater L.A. area.
  2. I wonder if there's ever been a NFL playoffs where the road teams all won in the divisional round
  3. Yeah, even with how bad this QB class is supposedly, I have a hard time believing that none of them will be picked before the WFT pick at #11. (Now watch WFT draft another mediocre linebacker instead)
  4. Before people get ahead of themselves, remember that the Microsoft/Activision deal still has to be approved by regulators. And with the increased Congressional scrutiny towards the "Big 4" (Apple, Google, Meta and Microsoft), that's certainly not a done deal as it would have in the past.
  5. Microsoft is buying Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion
  6. Leave it to a former WFT player to almost give the win to the Cowboys.
  7. PFT says he was an offensive assistant for the Jets for the last two years
  8. FYI, I think this (along with other board issues) happens when you go to the board using https instead of http. Not sure if it's a SSL cert issue (is there a SSL cert for here?) or something else.
  9. Well at least Harbaugh won't have to think about whether to go for 2 or not.
  10. A NFL game under 3 hours. Why can't all shitty games be that short?
  11. Joe Judge should be fired simply for using his timeouts and not letting this game end sooner
  12. I didn't see any of the Glennon games for the Giants...but was he THAT much worse than Fromm?
  13. I'm just waiting for the Giants to score a TD in the second half to win the game 7-6.
  14. At least it's going by rather quickly.
  15. I think I finally figured it out. Taylor Heinicke reminds me of a worse version of Rex Grossman.
  16. Buzz builds of Jim Harbaugh to Raiders
  17. Broncos fire HC Vic Fangio
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