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  1. Ice Ribbon has had the press conference full of apologies, but did not name Tsukushi because she is a minor, her parents need to be consulted with and such. I came here to find out more. I had not heard Meltzer's story. Shit. Two of the best right now.
  2. Every MSG show should be on MSG Network just like the Rangers and Knicks are. Every fourth Monday with Pedro, Bruno or Backlund. Wrestlers in front of fans for the belt.
  3. To combine the two topics being discussed, whoever came up with Hollywood Hogan was genius. Marvel was getting a cut of any merch that had Hulk on it and Hollywood cut them out.
  4. I remember Owen when there is a nugget floating around.
  5. I watched the ROH PPV. After that I checked the Arena Mexico shows and they were blocked. The ROH is blocked now too. It must have been a mistake when the web page changed. Thanks for the notification.
  6. I just saw Karate Mummy on a women's show and had forgotten about him. I read the name and with the katakana thought it was Karate Mommy and envisioned a housewife karate gimmick.
  7. It wasn't listed as geo blocked yesterday, but it is now. Boo!
  8. Shiro Abe has died at 76 years of age.
  9. The best part of that show was the "classic" match with drunken heel Don West announcing.
  10. The Master's Pro Wrestling show sold out. Is he taking that for himself? Regular W-1 shows aren't drawing as much.
  11. I hope Kairi's money is good and guaranteed. However returning to Japan as ex-WWE should be good for her.
  12. A super hot full house in Osaka rooting for Bodyguard. Except for a couple clumsy spots it was a real good title match. It was close to shocking for a Bodyguard match. Go find it and watch it. Lots of fun.
  13. All of this stuff with Savage and mine is just like Dusty being remembered for the polka dots. I went to the Garden to see Steele against Backlund and we were sure it was going to be a Koloff/Stasiak style title change to get to Snuka. Looking back at the timing I'm not sure if it was killing his girlfriend or drugs which changed it, but it really seemed to be set up for the change. And by the way, George lost on a roll up in about 1 minute.
  14. If you are talking about the former GAEA, I still like them all. I'm really enjoying heel Chikayo Nagashma now.
  15. They tore it up at Arena Mexico tonight. No bullshit partners fighting. 100% agree!
  16. A bit out of date, but a start. https://matome.naver.jp/odai/2139241457519185501
  17. http://iga23.iga-log.com/伊賀プロレス通信/ハーレー斉藤 This link reported that Harley Saito has died. No other details now.
  18. Moved to Fox Soccer Plus, which seems to have more footy and rugby than soccer.
  19. Last area appearance of Dynamite Kansai?
  20. That was great. I was not region blocked.
  21. I still don't know what the hell that means. He's on TV. I can see him. Please explain to me.
  22. I saw it. I got the DVD cheap from Futami at the T-1 shop. Yes it is the NE corner of Korakuen. Futami is a strange dude who mumbles, grunts and is disinterested while working in his own store, but he has given me stuff for free and his shop is worth a visit because he gets discount tickets, for baseball too. One of the T-1 DVDs ends with him doing a half hour promo.
  23. Alex Shane on Fight Network ruins New Japan and Lucha as a horrible heel announcer on Fighting Spirit Wrestling. He is on one of the UK wrestling programs without doing the heel gimmick and is only 10% as annoying.
  24. The change in the shows run by Marvel Corp from "That's Women's Pro Wrestling" to "Marvelous" came with a big upgrade in production of the shows. Music, video and lighting are much improved. The two shows I attended were full houses and had many loyal fans that will buy every gimmick on sale from Chigusa.
  25. Unfortunately Riho and Tsukushi never did.
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