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  1. Former JWP wrestler Erica Watanabe died from cancer at just 39 years old. Sad. https://www.daily.co.jp/ring/2018/04/20/0011182045.shtml
  2. I just watched the Andre special. Vince Jr. looks really old.
  3. One end of the Saitama Super Arena slides and seats on the side fold out from the walls. The Community Arena is behind that end, but still under the roof. When the main arena is set up for 37,000, the Community Arena is 0. When the main side is set at 18,000, The Community side is bigger. It is cool to see from the Community side. From the inside of the main arena you would not know that the Community Arena exists. RIZIN uses both at the same time for the December shows. Two years ago I watched a Joshi Pro Legends show on the Community side and went into the Arena side just in time for the start of RIZIN.
  4. I still can't get over a New Japan crowd going nuts for a DDT team. Probably because of my memories of Choshu's booking of all outsiders getting killed 20 years ago. I might like Cody and the Bucks someday. They are as annoying as Rush was 3 or so years ago. Now I love Rush's stuff.
  5. The 1st XFL was a way for me to tailgate at the Meadowlands in the off-season. Kind of like the Giants have OTAs before training camp. I'll go see the (s)Hitmen once or twice. I was a season ticket holder for the USFL, but that was a real league with lots of talent.
  6. I've been loving Kaho for the last couple of years. Started in 2013 for Tajiri. Small girl. Her matches are one of the highlights of any show she is on. She is moving up the cards and has held various junior and tag belts. I especially liked her tag team with Kagetsu, if you want to look for matches to watch. This is her second trip to Mexico.
  7. MIO is AAA Tirantes in OZ, CMLL Tirantes in Ice Ribbon.
  8. Nanae Takahashi dove off of a ladder at the WAVE show on Sunday straight on her head. She was stretchered off. Today's report is that she did not break any bones and has no nerve structure damage, but does have some paralysis/numbness and all future bookings are in question.
  9. You guys are youngsters. Johnny red shoes Dugan was a legendary referee out of the Olympic Auditorium in LA. He was often brought to Japan for big title matches. The current red shoes is a tribute.
  10. It was bathroom concession stand break for me.
  11. I liked it way more than Alpha - Omega. Kento is really over with the AJ crowd now. More than when he was champion.
  12. Some promotions or venues don't allow it because it is a bunch of garbage to clean up.
  13. Has anyone purchased tickets from overseas? When and where is the pick up spot for them? I'd like to do it , but don't want to miss going to Shinkiba for Dai Nihon at noon.
  14. Abdullah or Hansen creating chaos and sometimes guys with heat from the earlier matches continuing to fight.
  15. https://item.rakuten.co.jp/kagu-club/10081364/
  16. Empty beer bottle filled with water.
  17. I know that Sareee is friends with Natsuki. Speaking of people leaving Diana, did anyone ever find out what Meiko Tanaka did to get kicked out and disappear?
  18. Bruno's Italian, so you can find many real and gimmick foreigners that opposed him.
  19. https://www.facebook.com/Underground-wrestling-地下プロレス-EXIT-171181176260852/ https://www.facebook.com/FUGOFUGOYUMEJI/
  20. How did you make payment? Are credit cards from gaikoku land OK?
  21. Underground (chika) Puroresu is submission/KO/TKO finish. No 3 count. Opposed to the above video, they usually have a short ring, but the ropes are always chain. No running the ropes or jumping off of the ropes. Intermission has a barely clothed pole dancer and/or a rapper in the ring. Every show that I have been to has been literally underground in a basement dojo or club. I saw Yoshihiro Takayama wrestle there once. They usually have an after party that is semi open to the public. At the party in the dojo, they took down the chain ropes, everyone sat on the mat and shared food and drink like a picnic. It is a pretty fun and unique promotion. The title belt is not gold or silver or any metal. It is a wood carving.
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