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  1. The virus was being downplayed by the government in hope that the Olympics could be saved. The government became more serious nearly immediately after the Games were postponed. Related to the quarantine required to enter Japan, I just mailed a bunch of tickets for Golden Week shows to a friend in Japan to use/distribute.
  2. You never know. In DDT the leg itself could win matches.
  3. He has a new one. Look at the picture one more time.
  4. Muto's Pro Wrestling Masters shows do very well.
  5. Yes! You nailed it exactly. You're from New Jersey. White Castle after the show!
  6. https://www.nydailynews.com/archives/news/wrestling-big-dies-nude-spree-article-1.732910 I still remember the headline in the paper.
  7. I loved the tag title match even though I'm not a big fan of the wrestlers. I think that it was too soon to take the belt from Jericho, but that is probably because I grew up in the 70's and think that a real champion should keep the belt for a long time. Cody's tattoo is so bad that I thought it was paint.
  8. New Japan has cancelled meet and greet and other such non-wrestling activities. They are offering refunds to anyone that does not want to attend the wrestling cards.
  9. I plan to go to 10 - 12 shows and 2 - 3 baseball games from 4/25 to 5/6.
  10. I have a Japanese IPTV service. NOAH is on about once a month on G+ and Samurai TV. AJ is on ablut once a month on GAORA Sports and Samurai TV.
  11. Super Vader, not NJ Big Van Vader or every where else Vader, just U-Inter.. Dean Malenko could do everything, going back to the thread somewhere here about versatile wrestlers like Norman Smiley.
  12. Boo! Nagoya local channel that I don't get.
  13. When and what channel was this?
  14. Oh well. The promoter must have been talking about last year. He said that Joe's contract is for CC and RWTL only.
  15. There is a related TV show called Championship Wrestling from Arizona which is even worse.
  16. Joe is booked for the CC.
  17. It is somewhat of an upgrade from the CS Asahi that runs a hour long World Pro Wrestling program. As you stated, It is not prime time on regular TV. CS Asahi has a nostalgia wrestling show sometimes. Last year they had Abdullah and Chono in a studio talking about and showing Abby matches from New Japan. They both had language and memory problems talking to each other and it was kind of comical. I really enjoyed the Osaka main event today. The stalling after the overkill in the prior two matches plus the blood got me into the match.
  18. I will have seen all 111 episodes of the weekly TNA PPVs after I watch the last five left on my DVR. Fight Network showed them in order and I was crazy enough to record them all. After the last one they started over from number 1 and are running through them for the second time now. The shows were fun as as a weekly free show on cable. Paying for them would be an entirely different thing.
  19. Chigusa and Satomura are running a GAEA Japan show on April 15 at Korakuen Hall. Semifinal is an all GAEA match with Chigusa, Satomura, and Hirota vs. KAORU, Nagashima and Toshie Uematsu. Main is Takumi vs. Hashimoto. Sadly it is announced as a one time memorial show.
  20. Lack of goofballs is proportional to lack of foreigners in Bullet Club/Elite gear in my observation this year. Other people have noted this too.
  21. The dome is booked for The Rice Bowl American Football game on the 3rd every year.
  22. Ribbonmania on 31st. Big Japan on 2nd.
  23. The old timers that would have gotten the pops in the rumble are all in the Liger match this year.
  24. Baron Corbin should be getting over now that he is wearing the mandatory Baron cape. You can't take a Baron seriously without one.
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