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  1. Cody, aiming for Dusty, landing on Ian Rotten.
  2. I agree with this 100%. I’m impressed every time I see Bowens. He’s fun to watch in ring and can really go.
  3. Tim Storm - NWA champ is a recent one that definitely captured my interest. Maybe my favourite title run of the last 5 years in any promotion.
  4. For those of us if a certain vintage that is indeed a blast from the past. So many early EWR Feds built around Vic Capri.
  5. I was in High School 91-97 everyone knew me as the “wrestling dork”. When everything started kicking off again in 96-97 everyone wanted to talk to me about it. To this day most of my friends call me “the wrestling guy”. I’m 41 for freaks sake.
  6. Ridge Holland looked pretty good, I’m not sure how much of that was Cesaro, but it was a fun match. Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss is a dumb but fun gimmick, until you remember that you have to watch them wrestle. The rest of the show was a bit of a nothing much. Woods Black Friday Sale ad was pretty fun. Him lifting the clearly empty box pretending it was full was pretty hilarious. Loved Drew channeling a PG version of Brody with the chain. Man, here we are in 2021 and the 3 of last 4 of a battle Royale is Corbin, Sheamus, Hardy.
  7. I love you Stefanie. Always one of my favourite posters. My username represents my love for Lucha and my (2003) love for Necro Butcher. I’ve used this username on various forums since the early 00’s. If I had to sign up a couple of years later there is every chance my username would have been Ultimo Penta or Ultimo Ultramantis. I still love Lucha and Deathmatches. My wife seen Schneider’s book on my shelf and rolled her eyes. She’s probably right.
  8. I don’t know which arena SD ran last week but it’s the first time in years I’ve watched a (non lockdown era) WWE show and went “oh, that building looks really small for WWE”
  9. It’s content like this that makes me believe RAW would be greatly improved if this board was allowed to run the show. I’d like the Full Taker entrance with Col. Bob Parker as some sort of Undead Poultry Overlord / Paul Bearer. ”oh my Gobbledy-Taker” while holding up the golden egg. Put Azeez, Omos or heck, even Brock in the suit and it would be even scarier. The Gobbledy-Taker, returns every year from Halloween until Thanksgiving and wins at Survivor Series each year ad infinitim
  10. Following the recent Rock in Movies chat, I decided to watch Red Notice. Ryan Reynolds as a wisecracking rogue; the Rock as a government agent. The pitch to the executives was clearly what if we made Hobbs & Deadpool? It was entertaining enough but kind of mindless drivel.
  11. First half of the first episode of Wheel of Time I almost checked out. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t awful. It was just vanilla bland TV. Picked up once the Trollocs show up. Second episode is much better and all around decent fantasy fare. Had a similar feel the His Dark Materials series. All very clean and tidy. Nowhere near the level of LOTR or GOT.
  12. Oh, now I want to see 60+ years Jungle Boy working spot shows in 2060. I have one proviso to that, and that is he should still be called Jungle Boy, even at 60 years old. I never want him to become Jungle Man. The Gunn Club are the perfect marriage of Pat McAfee and Stifler.
  13. My top 10 shows my age and that I’ve not got as weird taste as I thought. 10. Jinsei Shinzaki 9. Undertaker 8. Roddy Piper 7. Steve Austin 6. Brian Pillman 5. Jushin Liger 4. Brett Hart 3. Shawn Michaels 2. Dr. Death 1. Kenta Kobashi
  14. Exactly what I wanted to hear. Good news
  15. A potential side effect of all this is great wrestlers not being able to get enough work and thinking “screw this” and just retiring. Would be heartbreaking to never see some of these girls and guys again. Even if they find enough work on the indies then it might keep a new up and comer off the card. In which case we end up with that weird mid-90’s east coast indies scene where they were populated by ex-tv guys with some youngsters in the opening match. I remember years ago JR or Cornette went on a rant on a podcast about “being a wrestler is not for everyone”. At the time I thought it was just ‘old man yells at cloud’, but they may now be right, breaking into the business is about to get ridiculously tough with the amount of outstanding talent that is floating around in the ether.
  16. Im always super impressed by Anthony Bowens. He’s jacked, he’s quick and is fun to watch. I’d like to see him do more.
  17. For all his flaws I always believed Arnold as his character. His classic run from Conan through T2 is a lot of “big dumb Arnie” roles but he brings subtleties to each, he plays Dutch and John Matrix very differently despite them being very similar characters. The Rock is always fun to watch but I always feel I’m watching “The Rock in a movie” as opposed to a character. Maybe I’m just overly familiar with him, but I feel he plays most of his characters in the same way. He does show good chops from time to time in Ballers. I think I felt the same about Will Smith in the 90’s before Enemy of the State and Ali. After those movies you realised Will could actually act and wasn’t just “Will Smith in a huge budget action comedy”
  18. If I don’t hear a “big muscle tits” chant the next time I see Wardlow on my TV then live crowds aren’t doing their job properly!
  19. “We were happy to cover The Bearcat’s medical bills. We received no medical bills addressed to Mr. Bearcat”
  20. I didn’t think I had any tears left then the last 2 mins of BTE happened and I started again. What a piece of storytelling.
  21. MJF / Darby was my match of the night. It was really great. Probably MJF’s best match in AEW. loved the main event. Super emotional. Dan Lambert rules. JDS stalling suplex then standing moonsault ruled even more. Punk / Eddie had elements of Joe / Necro, which is weird considering Punk / Eddie were on commentary and Bryce was the ref!
  22. I’m so slow on the uptake. Just realised the common link between Andrade & Malakai is Zelina. How have I never thought of that until now!
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