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  1. Wow! I did not know that! I mean they actually go through the trouble of returning the wrong figure in original packaging to the store? I wonder what is the reasoning behind that? Oh, OK! Now I see what you mean. Thanks!
  2. No, I was totally kidding about the intentional part! I was going for the same feel as that "Vince booking mode" (was that in general, or in one of the WWE2K-series) that was like "where EVERY match is Shamus vs Randy Orton"! Just this time every package has Cena in it, no matter who you actually want to buy! But yeah, it's obviously just a funny screw-up!
  3. I plowed through the first season in basically two days and loving it so far! The finale had Johnny in a win-win situation, which would have ended up feeling like lose-lose, no matter what the outcome! Now, anybody would have seen it coming, but goddammit, Kreese! No-one wants you here! Crawl back to whatever sewer you came from! Johnny doesn't not need his bad influence poisoning him at this point! Yeah, season 2 will probably be viewed by next week.
  4. All of this, plus the hypothetical paradigm shift of monthly PPV's already having been a thing since the '80's. That could have already changed the importance of house shows as a revenue generating vehicle at that point. Probably not to a money-losing venture they are now, but their importance could very well have already lessened by then.
  5. Yeah, I did figure the barcode will determine who gets the money, so Finn won't lose out on that one. I did have a flashback to the Jericho-Hogan action figure debacle that was mentioned. This would be the reverse of that situation, however. The packaging is different, but all of them contain a Cena figure, no matter who's face is on the box. That would explain something about their marketing plan if it were intententional.
  6. That's what I heard him say, anyway! Started questioning myself after reading "Overdrive Elbow" , but others heard it too!
  7. Uh-oh! What was that old C&C Music Factory -song called again? Oh yeah, "Things that make you go Hmmm..." That's suspect, right there!
  8. The hell? The industry may watch Finn Balor, but apparently the toy industry doesn't watch what they are packing! I wonder if Balor just sees an empty box here?
  9. Yeah, even a reduced paycheck beats none at all! Let's hope it's going to be good news (or at least not bad) at the doctors!
  10. Yeah, so we can all agree that's definitely a thing! Have you been able to keep the weight and pressure off the other leg thus far?
  11. Man, I'd love to be able to say it will get easier after 40, but I'm afraid I have some bad news for ya! Indestructible until 30 sounds very familiar, but I have been very lucky with injuries (lack thereof) in my life until 30. Also, I only started to work out seriously again when I was about to turn 35, so I've been over the hill since the start! I'll fight mother nature and father time kicking and screaming and so far I'll call it a draw, but every damn year the damn hill gets steeper to climb! Best of luck to you and hopefully you can avoid further injuries and stay healthy!
  12. Yeah, that is the tricky part with my leg days in general. I'm 7,5 miles away from home, so there is no way I can ever go balls out on a leg day or I would end up calling my wife to pick me up somewhere along the way. Unless the bike malfunctions, that hasn't happened yet, so I guess I know my limits.
  13. Woo-hoo! Still able to do the Shawn Michaels nip up (or is it kip-up?) without pulling a hamstring or something!
  14. Oh yeah, there's no question about that one! Absolutely!
  15. This is only a guess, but I have a feeling Kevin Nash would have, at least.
  16. If I were to devote a bunch of my free time to something outside the WWE Network, would you say that Cobra Kai ( at least the first season) would give me more or less bang for my buck than, say AEW Dark or NWA Powerrr? Also, does the level of enjoyment alter drastically if one is sober when watching, or not? For the sake of reference, on Netflix I've gone through Dark, GLOW, Norsemen, Disenchantment and BoJack Horseman with warying level of intoxication ( from sober to "I guess I need to watch that episode again"). Very much into the '80's and 90's in general. Um, yeaah... Nevermind, guys! I watched the first episode, and I'm SO all in on this one, it's not even funny! Fuck to the Yeah!
  17. Off the top of my head, Dynamite's snap suplex, Orndorff's piledriver, just about anything Blue Blazer did, Tully&Arn's Spike Piledriver, any sort of press slam, so I guess high impact and high flying grabbed my attention the most. Also, Thundercats was mentioned, Mumm-Ra made for a good heel against the trio of Prince Adam, basic He-Man and some newer, more gimmicked He-Man. Can't remember who I used for Mumm-Ra's partners, though. Furthermore, at the time, I didn't put as much thought into it, as many of you have, I just had matches, with no rhyme nor reason. In the 90's when I made a Wrestling RPG for myself and a few friends, I ended up putting plenty of thought and time into that one way or another for more than a decade.
  18. Well, that was cleared up very quickly. Now we know! And knowing is half the battle! (the other half is obviously bombing the opposition beyond stone-age!)
  19. Yeah, I had a good number of those too, earlier in fact. Got my He-Man for my 5th birthday. Wrestled with those too, some years later. And those figures were the obvious start to the interest in muscular and ultra-muscular physiques that is obviously still going on today.
  20. I SO hate it when a snappy comeback comes to you, like you said, 30 seconds too late! You'll get it next time, though.
  21. If Warrior still gets shitcanned in '91, I actually see him eating a controversial pin on this one, so maybe he gets to do least in the match because of it. He would take both Powerbomb and Legdrop before staying down, though. Collision with Hogan, Sid rolls him up in confusion, maybe pull the tights or steps on his hair to keep him down.
  22. I gave my G.I.Joes to my little brother along with a whole bunch of vehicles. Bunch of them got lost over the years, until they all perished in a garage fire. I like to think they all died in battle.
  23. If that was the case, then you could also pretty much count on Bret vs Shawn vs Bulldog in 1992, and maybe ( just maybe) Hogan vs Warrior vs Sid in '91 (if the monthly PPV's would have been a thing for a good while at that point).
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