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  1. I got to hold the ropes for him as he climbed into the ring to talk to a group of fans and a few prospective students before APW's KOI in 2001. He was 71 at the time, and still had a tremendous passion for the business, even as he was long past working in it.
  2. My department had to do a mandatory test on some new Google software that my department would use like 20% of, giving us the choice to either spend 12+ hours studying courses we would never use or get in multiple choice guessing hell, where failing meant you couldn't retake the test for 24 hours. I found an answer key for 5 euros online, and sent the .pdf to coworkers I liked.
  3. I don't care how "smart" (or not so) a crowd may be, if you can't get into Ricochet and Lio Rush going full speed with each other then you're not even trying to have fun.
  4. Shelton, Lana, Asuka, and...Andrade? Mexico is as close to South America as the main roster gets.
  5. Settle down, Hollywood DZnetico
  6. If he kneed the chapo guys in the face it'd be even better.
  7. Me five years ago, after Bryan beat up Bray Wyatt in the cage and led the Yes chants on top of it: I could not be any more into a wrestler than I am right now. Me last night, after Bryan went on Vince McMahon's television program and made the case, speaking directly to Vince McMahon, that billionaires were immoral: ❤❤❤❤❤
  8. So tired of motherfuckers in this game who think they're clever headshotting me while I'm fishing. They all ride off and I hunt them down and get like seven to one ratios on them before they leave the session cuz if they were any good they wouldn't be bothering fishers in the first place.
  9. Do we need to post the pic of the McMahons in the Oval Office again to remind you who runs this dumb company?
  10. The "things happen for a reason" follow-up was way harsher.
  11. So instead of Baron Corbin in 15 segments a show, it'll be Steph?
  12. I mean Rock at least has a built-in wrestling-friendly fanbase (i.e. Attitude-era watchers who fell off) that could conceivably be convinced to come back to today's product, (not with the current shit-factory that is Monday Night Raw but that'd be the idea anyway). Rando Trump-fans? Nah.
  13. Leaving aside the nonsense of half of Raw's audience vanishing and literally no one else tuning in for a promoted appearance by the President, (or the idea that the split is 50/50 and not X-left/X-right/Y where Y=people who DGAF) I don't actually see how a Trump appearance helps the WWE outside of popping a single rating, which doesn't really benefit them any in the long run cuz no advertiser's gonna assume that's a real number as far as ratings for WWE go.
  14. Man I like Bernie and I don't want him anywhere the fuck near Raw or WWE.
  15. WWE trying to get me to boo Daniel Bryan by having him go full anticapitalist in his promos is definitely not gonna be working anytime soon.
  16. I think people were under the misapprehension, however reasonable, that WWE Starrcade would in some way shape or form actually resemble Starrcade, especially when it was in Greensboro, as it was last year. It ended up being a house show with a few legends making appearances. This year was basically that, with a few sections edited together into a one hour Network show. So yeah, in 2017, the gripe was that we couldn't see Starrcade. In 2018, the gripe was that they put an hour of house show content on the network and called it Starrcade. Peoples' reactions make perfect sense when you look at them in context. Or you can just not cuz you want to be contrarian.
  17. Which thread is the Lars Sullivan dumpster fire in? EDIT: found it.
  18. WWE needs to implement the following policy. Hire someone with a knowledge of wrestling history that is well above average who has never worked in the business before. That person should have a reasonably normal social life, (i.e. not be a basement dwelling shut-in,) and have friends, family, and/or romantic partners who are not interested in wrestling. This person's only job will be to observe all creative meetings and scripts and tell Vince when some bit of awful comedy he likes will embarrass wrestling fans in front of normal people.
  19. Is smoke a weather? Cuz that definitely sucks.
  20. How to do Black Friday shopping if you are sane: 1) Pre-Black Friday deals are nearly as good as the ones actually on the day. A couple years ago, I got a 40" 1080p TV for $200. On Black Friday, if I'd wanted it for 12 bucks cheaper, I could have subjected myself to massive crowds and lines. Instead, I showed up to Best Buy a couple weeks before, found a clerk, said "I'll take one of those" and got out of there in about 10 minutes. 2) Cyber Monday, aka Black Friday for the internet. Buy shit there, then go make a sandwich.
  21. I highly doubt this is the case, but it would be an interesting (if somewhat Machiavellian) twist if that were part of the test of getting hired: Fighting against red tape incorrectly applied.
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