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  1. Thanks, Benji. It sounds like it's been really hard on you that people on forums everywhere aren't accepting the defense team's story unquestioningly, right up to Martin's dialogue that a villain in a Steven Seagal movie would be ashamed to spout. Would you like a cold drink?
  2. What makes me sad about this thread is that wherever Henry ends up on our collective lists, it'll be lower than he should be because of the injuries he's had, but more importantly the tremendously bad TIMING of those injuries.
  3. MJ will come through like he always did... ...for the Bulls. I can't wait to start watching the NCAA freshman class to start picking out our future Pippen to D-Rose's MJ (or if you want to take the pessimist/asshole/Burgundy view of things, the MJ to Rose's Orlando Woolridge...)
  4. Insofar as anything is actually about the hoodie, it became that way when that idiot Geraldo said that Martin's "gangsta style clothing" was "as much responsible for Trayvon Martin's death as George Zimmerman was".
  5. Pffft. It's all about the Barry Horowitz back-patting.
  6. Mark Henry should be the angry god that the Haka summons.
  7. They/we hate Boozer because he's what we settled for after all of the guys we saved up cap space to try and buy went to Miami together instead.
  8. Which is too bad, cuz I'd have liked the next stop on Jericho's "put the kids over" tour to have been a US title feud with Ambrose.
  9. I want to see a little more of the card first, but Cena/Bryan and Punk/Brock is a hell of a start. Edit: I'm an idiot. Henry/Usos vs The Shield and Sandow/Rhodes are likely as well.
  10. I've always wanted to post in France...
  11. If they were smart, they'd make a "play as Johnny Gat" add-on contingent upon pre-ordering.instead of the usual costume/weapon/vehicle combo.
  12. Future Headline: Alex Rodriguez Found Badly Beaten in Alleyway Bodyguard says "It wasn't my fault!"
  13. Can't believe you didn't mention Reddick's belt that he apparently travels with.
  14. They should never have let him get that hair transplant. It's been downhill ever since.
  15. First time I ever saw Cena wrestle was in a crappy rec center in front of barely a hundred people.
  16. Mind you, I'm pretty comfortable believing that what actually happened was that Zimmerman stalked Martin because he was black, called 911, ignored suggestions from the people he called to stay away, provoked a confrontation, then murdered Martin when that confrontation didn't go well for him. You can quibble with the word "murder" if you want, but this version doesn't contradict or ignore any facts, and fits the scenario, and the people involved, far better than the defense team's story.
  17. Erm, you think they're still feeling out the face/heel dynamic for a guy who has a "family compound", has slack-jawed followers, who refers to "the masses" as "fools", "puppets", and "sheep", and comes out and attacks faces? Jesus, that's about as tweener as the Iron Shiek...
  18. Turns in the last six months that I can think of: Punk Ziggler ADR Ryback Rhodes (possibly) Henry (possibly) Admittedly this isn't counting things like Christian coming back a face when he was a heel before, or the sort-of heel turn it looked like they were giving Bryan that the crowds just weren't having, but it doesn't seem like that many, really.
  19. Well, if you buy all of the defense team's story, (which I don't, but there's no viable witness either way,) it was Martin who was the aggressor in both the initial meeting and the ensuing confrontation.
  20. Jesus. This is their Magnum Opus, isn't it?
  21. Slight correction there in that he was instructed to stay away by the 911 operator, but operators/dispatchers do not have police powers, thus Zimmerman was not violating the law by simply approaching Martin. Whether other aspects of what he did violated the law is unclear, and the lack of evidence for that is ultimately where the reasonable doubt comes into play.
  22. Screw costume. Just plastic-surgery his face into that.
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