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  1. For an admittedly ridiculous scenario: imagine that Brock Lesnar is mugging Stephen Hawking. In that case, as long as he can lift the damn gun in the first place and keep his hand from shaking long enough to pull the trigger, I'd have no problem with Steve busting a cap in Brock's ass. Guns are an equalizer for people who can't otherwise fight back, and they're basically the only weapon that works reliably in any circumstance. But they sure as hell aren't an equalizer for a grownup with martial arts training to "defend himself" against a teenage boy he was stalking and outweighs by at least twenty pounds. Jesus fuck do we need to be giving Vince ideas like this? ...FOR FREE?
  2. And then put a station with a fuckton of One Direction songs on there, just to be dicks.
  3. Personally, I LOVE the "neighborhood watch guy with a working cell phone needs to get out of his car to read a sign to figure out what street he's on in his neighborhood and is then ambushed by the guy he was stalking" theory.
  4. Cause no one cares about the NBA when its not during the playoffs? FTFY
  5. Right. It currently isn't. Hence, they pretend to give precisely as much of a fuck about steroids in their locker room as PR and media relations require them to while doing nothing whatsoever to discourage their use. Can owners eliminate PED use? Of course not, but they can change the culture of baseball far more than individual players can. If the players and coaches replace the "let it stay here" locker room mentality with an awareness that users risk hurting them team, the peer pressure to NOT use will do more to discourage younger players from using then all the player fines and suspensions in the world. I'm pretty much in Fowler's camp of not personally giving a shit about steroids, but if MLB wants to be serious about eliminating their use, then the consequences of that use have to fall on EVERYONE who profits from them. Right now, it's the sporting equivalent of mandatory minimum sentencing: All the posturing of appearing tough on rule-breaking without the cost of actually BEING tough on it.
  6. You misunderstand. Steroids don't upscale 10000% for MLB owners. There's arguably some marginal profit made from more home runs, but really it's negligible. You wouldn't have to make the fines large enough that owning a team would be unprofitable. Just make them large enough to hurt. Do that, and owners will care more (read: at all) about whether their players are doping.
  7. Short-sighted. You can clean up the sport if you make cheating unprofitable for all involved. As long as owners have no skin in the steroids game, they'll continue to make no serious effort to change the doping culture.
  8. Of course there's a "reason". It's the reason racists across the country, including the many in denial about that fact, found the defense team's farcical fantasy so compelling.
  9. I was four when that happened. *smug*
  10. For someone that only counts as 3/5ths of a person, I sure have been working a lot of overtime lately. Wait, hold a sec.. Throw off your chains!
  11. Y'know how most people would say the first date is probably too soon to tell that she's "the one"...?
  12. It's A-Rod. It's not about wreaths and rainbows. It's about the $100M or so he'd leave on the table if he's suspended.
  13. I refuse to judge a wrestler's ability based on how they look when wrestling against Daniel Bryan.
  14. Do I have to be the one to make the "I bet the family were white" joke?
  15. Even the spambot thinks your gripes about the Mandarin are overblown.
  16. Then you're still talking about it why?
  17. Thought that went without saying.
  18. Oh I'm sorry. You were taking Zimmerman's attorneys' claims as gospel, and you seem to think that doing so places the burden of proof for having a different opinion on everyone else, so between the possibilites that you were utterly credulous or actually part of his defense team, I assumed the latter. My apologies.
  19. Your client did a good job of murdering that evidence.
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