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  1. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. It wasn’t because of the reference, but because it came from a mouth that’s never said anything useful or sounded like it wasn’t full of turds.
  2. I couldn’t decide who I was rooting for between the same old annoying Packers fans saying the game was just over after they got a few first downs, and the 49ers who would have been beat the first time without Fraudgers giving it to them. Love is catching hell which is dumb. They were going to have to try something that was slightly against the perfect efficient quarterback rules textbook somewhere in the last minute of that game to win it. I know it didn’t have to be when Love did but that’s armchair to act like the game was just in the bag had he not threw it then. I’m definitely rooting for the Bills later but if they win it’s just going to be sad watching everything else. The Bills, Ravens (the ones without a ring especially Jackson), Bucs (Baker ftw) and Lions all deserve it. I don’t think we will have seen the last of the Bucs of Lions if they lose but sustained success isn’t exactly their thing. Everybody left who doesn’t win the SB could break.
  3. Some were nervous about CMC scoring to early. I say he did the right thing. It was a clutch moment in a Kyle Shanahan coached game where they had the chance to run the ball for a touchdown. Never pass that up lol! Besides Jones was really who was gashing the 49ers, not Love. With him then eliminated you saw the results.
  4. Dang I was wrong. This game is Bears Cardinals 2006. The 49ers offense being on the field is the worst thing for the 49ers.
  5. It finally happened to the 49ers defense. Their spirit broke. They couldn’t stop the Packers for the 1,968th time in the last few years for an overrated offense to maybe get the ball back 1 more time to do their part.
  6. I agreed with the window part 100% after they got destroyed by the Eagles. They’ve dragged so many bad quarterbacks/offenses to wins in 49ers country. I didn’t think they had the spiritual strength to do it again let alone the ability. Of course I didn’t know that Purdy was better than advertised to start with, that he would beat his injury and that CMC would be joining on top of the solid Mason staying. That all eliminated that bad possibility. That still leaves the $$$ part. The 49ers have proved they don’t give a crap about it which means they will try to find a way but it does have to end and it may after this year.
  7. Good season for everybody left no matter what except maybe the 49ers if they were to lose IMO. Had they not gotten smashed by the Ravens then played good but not great against the Commanders I’d even say they still had a good season all things considered. And it still might be a good season if they lose. I said maybe. The Ravens had to win or they would have been facing some major Rodgers Packers/Cowboys stigma. But they did so.
  8. Well this game sure changed from what it was. The Ravens came out in the 2nd half like it was a formality. They took care of business at 24-10. Not 56-10 but not anything less acceptable. Also that trick play was actually amazing from a film room standpoint. Everybody on both sides of the ball did what they were supposed to do then countered what was being done to them. There was no mistake anywhere which is rare on any play let alone a play with that many moving parts.
  9. This game is straight out of Packers all time playoff loss history. The Ravens could lose like the Packers always did in a game with very few points, or very few big plays in a game that doesn’t seem like it had as many points as it did (2007). I will say that the Ravens are playing better than most teams in that situation though. Their opponent simply isn’t giving it to them in return.
  10. That was a false start on the Texans but they’ve let ones that close go all year. The Bills and Chiefs do that every play!
  11. I have no idea who is going to win any of these games wow. You can throw the Packers vs 49ers rivalry history out the window because there are new quarterbacks and few players from the recent rivalry. The Lions are better than the Bucs all around but mere drops were all that the Bucs could have improved on last week. Baker was throwing lazers everywhere which hasn’t exactly been the Bucs game plan to start with let alone any success all year. The Chiefs made it which means their dangerous period, but the Bills have looked like the most dangerous Cinderella team by far. The Ravens look good and Lamar is more sold out to winning a ring than Barkley was to winning an NBA Trophy in 1993 but the Texans aren’t going to give it away and the Ravens have to be playoff ready and not rely on rah rah stuff.
  12. We’ve seen similar collapses. It just doesn’t seem like it in the middle of this shellshock, and this was still an alltime one. They just lost their fire. They did also get their breaks at first this season but all winning teams do so that’s hardly anything that counts in this. I didn’t see every Bucs game or anything but everything I seen was dink and dunk to what looked like a washed Evans and Godwin. They went deep tonight and looked scary. I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about the drops since they were so wide open to start with. I know it was vs a dead team but it’s on now either way.
  13. The Eagles have lost their fire. That’s all I see here and in hindsight. It’s a shame too because some of those players deserved better.
  14. The Bills messed up just before halftime but besides that they were never in danger in spite of a few nerves there as it went on. They did it without running their 2 runners into the ground while Allen didn’t go all bad Favre throwing it.
  15. Say what you will about Ric Flair but a whole crapload of his negative critics are only negative because they wish they could leave their house and be in danger of being ran up to for a quick cameo of any kind, let alone one in the NFL playoffs.
  16. Flacco didn’t play terrible until he started playing terrible, it that makes any sense. He was trying to throw it away and had to throw towards that WR because he was in the pocket or he would have been flagged. Him and the Browns never quit on the season and I respect that. The Texans were just plain better, but I would hit the brakes on crowing Levi. I wonder if the Chiefs have is all fooled and beat at a game of 4D chess here. They’re a top defense and have tried to run the ball which they have, just not quite at the level of Walter Payton. Maybe they chose the exact right time to shift away from Mahomes as the main piece which is all there is to his “bad” season. That’s not uncommon but it’s usually done to late. The Packers are, I can’t believe I’m saying it, just having fun out there. That’s their success in a nutshell. They haven’t been hungry since 2011 then they lost to the Chiefs and quit. The Cowboys have fun when everything’s going their way then they start crying as soon as everything’s not. It might not be a coincidence who the coach is and was of the Packers. The Lions got a playoff win and might not even be finished. They called Reynold’s name about being a former Lion more times than anybody else. And last but not least f^%#ing f@•% Cris Collinsworth. He laughs after every good catch like it’s just so funny and his laugh is as uplifting as being kicked in the gnads. He needs to be tied up and made to watch the John Taylor catch for infinity to the sound of John Taylor laughing.
  17. Holy crap wouldn’t that just be a way for the Bills to lose. Something just always has to happen to make them lose and I guess this year this is it. I hope I’m wrong. I’m glad I was wrong about them back when I said they were done.
  18. This is the least interesting group of storylines and they’re trying so hard to sell them like a big deal. They do seem almost scripted, but not dramatically scripted towards any kind of climax. More like WCW Lethal Lottery 1996 scripted where you could tell they all just sat in a room and wrote down matches where every pair of guys were either feuding or had recently rassled each other and been really really mad during the match. It’s a shame because it’s otherwise going to be great when everything comes out in the wash like always.
  19. Lane Kiffin is the Invader 1 of football. Or Buck Zumhofe. Or Abdullah the Butcher. Or…shit those really aren’t good examples. He’s as dang slimy as they are, but for some reason I don’t want to choke 2 of those guys myself in spite of everything like I do Kiffin. And the 1 that I’d be down to choking to death myself doesn’t have the ability to say he was always somehow mildly relevant through lying and and causing trouble without getting in trouble the way Kiffin has. And he was never really good at what he did, or was supposed to be doing or…Idk. I can’t believe he keeps going around and coming back around somehow. He’s the worst coach ever but every few years he’s in the discussion about being the coach at whatever major school has an opening. And he just looks like a pile of slime. I can’t believe football players take him seriously. I can’t believe we lost Saban, Carroll, and BB in the same few days. That’s like 75% of all of football of the last 20 years. I wonder if Saban is going to the Pats. One of the more wilder, but still repeated by some, conspiracies is that Saban carried Bill in Cleveland.
  20. Does anybody remember Don Lebarba? He was the only guy whose columns I used to make an effort to read every time (I read others, but only when I had nothing better to do). He had one that made people’s heads explode about backyarders. He explained that they all started out innocently, pretending to be wrestlers the same way we pretended to be football players. That was true and ignored especially back then.
  21. Jim Harbaugh is a total jock dunce who doesn’t know what day it is half the time but he’s a dang good coach. Also he deserves it because he was a good player who didn’t get some breaks. I’d go as far as to say that he was the 2nd funnest guy to watch after Favre for those 2 years he was the guaranteed starter.
  22. I completely understand the fun and beauty that you speak of in situations like that, and that’s what made that show and the others great. The most true to life parts were those parts. They were like the Jed Clampett bum from 1 of the best Andy Griffith episodes. He laughed and was beautiful somehow, and you understood him perfectly. I want to use another example citing Robert Clampett but I better not lol!
  23. Those TV reality shows that were on before they were called reality shows were the best tbh. Better than anything that ever came after.
  24. Straight out of Marino vs Kelly. They never gave up on the run, and the quarterbacks sligned it when it didn’t work which was most of the time besides 4th down, but the reason it worked on 4th down was because they were fresh for the clutch play from continuing to keep trying to run it. There were turnovers and the game ended in a turnover because the guy who turned it over was trying to win. That’s how it was back then and that’s why Marino, Kelly, Favre and others are judged to harshly on GOAT lists. There was a special teams play that made a difference. Hitting. Defense. Low scoring but not necessarily low offense. Such a fun game.
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