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  1. The best Kawada post ‘03 match has to be that Fujita 2005 G-1 match. I think I watched that match, and was instantly fooled by the quality of the rest of that tournament. Only the Fujita matches are worth watching from that tournament. It’s the only time the fans respond, and they are almost all under 10 minutes. So it’s just him kneeing peoples heads off.
  2. That actually might have been bullshit in retrospect. I don’t know if he has another year on his contract, but New Japan will have a bitch of a time getting that belt from him.
  3. Rosario Dawson looking upset, gets in the ring to confront super Snoop Dog. All of a sudden… *WHAM*… Spinning back leg crescent kick by Dawson onto Cody! Tony: What is going on here!?! Black: Hello world! Let me introduce you to my BLACK family! *They pose to close the show* Next week we find out Malakai was adopted, and he’s now got a Steve Martin from The Jerk gimmick.
  4. I agree with that criticism. Maybe invest in some screens, or with the lighting, they project the logo onto the black curtain. WCW used the do that on the ceilings, or the large walls that were on the opposite side of an entrance ramp. You’d see them when a dude was on the canvas slapping on a hold for the cameraman on the floor.
  5. I do like Henry better in the role of salivating over main events.
  6. I hope not. I wanna go to a Universal taping, bad.
  7. That part with Statlander & Starks was fun.
  8. So tapings booked angles heading into matches the week they aired. If the Starks match airs next week, then his match with Cage will happen that week. Unless plans have changed. We’ll see… Also, if they aren’t filming Elevation tomorrow, then they will probably use up the rest of the Universal tapings next week on both shows. That means a new set of Universal tapings happening soon.
  9. Some have said they will film the 1st half of Rampage at 7pm, and 2nd half at 10pm. What’s the bell time on people’s tickets? That’ll give you an idea.
  10. Taz: Dammit, I should’ve gotten Wardlow instead of Brian Cage! Excalibur: A lot of buyers remorse with Brian Cage these days. *snickers*
  11. Brian Cage buried again. Taz talking about the ending of Tay Conti’s match: Woah she hit two finishers. …Like Brian Cage. HAHA… I knew I’d pop you(Talking to Excalibur).
  12. Kayla Rossi is really working for Janela. I actually don’t fast forward Joey Janela matches anymore. Mission accomplished, Joey.
  13. You know I enjoy Chaos Projects team spots, but I’m wondering how much better it would be if a more athletically skilled abusive big man, and abused a little man would do with that gimmick.
  14. Welp… Excalibur shot on Brian Cage during Dark. You know you’re done when the face commentator dumps on you.
  15. I had a feeling they would burn through matches. After tonight they’ll be down to 29 matches from Universal Dark. So if they do another similar dump next week, then we might be done the following week.
  16. Now that I think about it, they did not deliver a non-televised Mancow match in Chicago. They should do it in Queens.
  17. It’s a good thing that building has a friggin dome now.
  18. I think the reason you are getting Wight in the wrestler role more than anything is because the potential for the match with Shaq has a real possibility of happening. Do I want to see that match? Not really…
  19. I actually think that extra space for this show might’ve been for the Blood & Guts they had originally booked.
  20. I’m surprised they don’t have backup ads just in case.
  21. I don’t know… She slap that girl right above her lady parts. That’s some heel stuff right there.
  22. Well we all remember what that Ricky Morton feud was all about.
  23. Debates about Chris Masters being better than Owen Hart. Shawn Michaels Vs. Mark Henry
  24. “You’re like a bear! A BEARCAT! BEARCAT LEE!” Edit: Bearcats aren’t big. Why is he a bearcat? He didn’t go to Cincinnati. Why not a Kodiak? Is it because he’s an athletic big man? Kodiak’s are pretty fast.
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