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  1. UFC fighters, and other pro athletes have fake heights. So it’s not just restricted to wrestling.
  2. I think maybe pre-steroid trial Rocker Shawn might’ve been over 200.
  3. They could split the 2-hour NXT into two programs, with the Main Event, and 205 Live bumpers, as well as change the announcers. Would the international partners get upset with that if they tried it?
  4. I was watching WCW Saturday Night from 1997. Those shows had 10 matches on them. I doubt the accumulated time for matches on that show was more than an hour. That program was two hours long(really hour twenty five). So it was padded out with recaps, and interviews, as well as jobber entrances. AEW Dark Elevation had ten matches, but the show was forty seven minutes, without any real extra content. The WWE easily tape a five match show in under an hour on both RAW, and SMACKDOWN, and stuff it full of segments promoting whatever they want to promote to fill two hours on a Tuesday night.
  5. How soon will NXT be filmed in front of a RAW crowd, and basically become an enhancement talent show? They might actually save more money doing it that way.
  6. It’s gotta be in someone’s personal collection. Or maybe he dipped so fast that nobody was able to snag a pic.
  7. Andrade has to be the new wrestler that when you see his name posted next to yours you instantly cower in fear. So this Dark Elevation had roughly 10 matches on it, and it was 47 minutes long. They are getting better at timing this thing out, while having so many matches on it.
  8. I know it’s opinions, and stuff, but you don’t have to play the gimmick of being wrong all the time.
  9. I forget they have a chain of restaurants. I just know their root beer.
  10. When did Andrade decide to become a Samoan savage?
  11. Wut?!? She gave the world the vaccine she won’t take?
  12. Wow, either this is just one tweet, or somebody took my advice, and pushed his act as a multimedia spokesperson.
  13. They feel like a top ten team to me who currently leads their generation. So they are definitely high up the pedestal. But you’ll come around to that eventually when you sit in the corner of a convention with your arms crossed looking at the long line waiting to get autographs, and holovideos from the Bucks at the 2040 Wrestle Reunion on level 340 of the MetaUniverse 3.
  14. Dante is a lengthy guy. He’s the kinda guy who’s got the natural body type to either be a flyer, and a power wrestler if he does the weight training, like Sting did.
  15. I don’t know if anybody has noticed, but Austin Gunn is on an E! Reality show where it’s some sort of competition between a bunch of kids of “famous celebrities” on a farm.
  16. Dante looked like such a star when he came in to fight off Team Taz. He hasn’t proved himself on the mic yet, but I feel like he’s closer to the very top than one of the four pillars.
  17. People talk about Austin pops. Ric Flair’s pops are just as loud. The man was a one pep rally. If your show is dragging a bit, just bring him out for a crazy promo with a mad hatter grin the whole time. He doesn’t have multiple settings like his 80’s version, he’s just one version of Flair, the crazy one.
  18. I kinda want to tell that guy to please don’t do that shit. If you aren’t going to upload the actual original footage, with intact audio, then please don’t bother. Though he has uploaded some stuff like that. But I hate that he’s posting the WWE Networks edits.
  19. Depends… A lot of those channels that post old syndicated squash match shows, don’t really get a lot of views(Somewhere under the thousands), don’t really get noticed, and don’t get popped. But I have noticed a channel like MarkyD, that gets a surprising amount of views, has been popped for using WWE’s licensed footage. So I think a lot of it has to do with visibility.
  20. They really don’t need to add a tag belt to the women’s division. Especially if there aren’t any real teams to support it. I’m just saying that Bunny & Ford work real well as a freak show tag team. There are about four big shows this year. They should look for four different scenarios to get them there within the roster, and outside.
  21. I actually think they should get outsiders, or team somebody up with Nyla, to give Ford & Bunny a brawling heel team so they can turn them face.
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