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  1. I live in New Jersey and have been going to NJ/NYC ROH shows since 2005 so I was there for Nigel’s ROH Title win in Edison and his final match against Bryan. Really glad WWE touched on his ROH days and even more specifically on the Pure Title which I think is a perfect concept for title that needs to be revived. Sad he never got to showcase his greatness in the ring in WWE abut glad they’re giving him this opportunity as an announcer. Who knows, maybe he’s secretly getting the surgery and planning a Shawn Michaels-like return that’ll be even better then his original run on the indies.
  2. Really looking forward to what's in store for ROH in 2019. Villain Enterprises, the signing of Bandido and now Mark Haskins. Looks like ROH is taking there post-Elite era very seriously and that's very refreshing. They just need to hurry up and get a better tv deal!
  3. Kobashi/Okada was a hard pick for me. Okada has been on fire over the last 5 or so years. But Kobashi actually made me cry during one of his matches so he gets my pick. Maybe that’ll change in the next 10 years.
  4. Holy shit I can’t stop laughing at this! Now all we need a Hogan/Booker T feud where Booker finally gets a shot a beats Hogan at Mania and all will be forgiven right? He called him out 21 years ago, the man is due!
  5. Velveteen Dream paying homage to the 96 Scott Hall takeover promo attire was pretty dope tonight. He even threw in the gold chain and fanny pack!
  6. Does anyone else cringe when Rousy throws Fox?? I feel like she’s going to rip her arm off and then throw it in the crowd.
  7. Damn, how is Bret the only surviving Hart Foundation member? All of these guys need to be in the the HOF as a unit and individually (well Anvil with Bret as a tag). Neidhart was the best part of those early Hart Foundation interviews. RIP Anvil, I’m sure he has plenty of people to catch up with.
  8. The best way I can put it is Tanahashi is the John Cena of NJPW and the guy that basically got them out of the dark ages in the mid 2000s. So pretty much 2 generations of NJPW fans have grown up with Tanahashi as the man. And I’d also be irked if he went over Ibushi. Ibushi isn’t as young as he looks (he’s in his mid 30s) and right now is the time take him to the next level.
  9. I agree with you, I’d like to see new talent as well. I was (surprisingly) happy seeing Manu get a shot. It’ll be interesting to see what new talent they have coming in and more importantly, if WWE tries to get in the way.
  10. ROH doesn’t really have to add much to their roster because their making money regardless. So there’s no point in spending money if money is already trickling in. They have been the most consistent North American wrestling promotion other than WWE this century. But if NJPW decides to end their partnership and/or the booking becomes too stale, it’ll be harder for them to get new talent with all of the competition. I think ROH is playing it safe right now and we don’t have to look far at when wrestling promotions try to overspend and ultimately end up out of business. As much as I’d like to see them go out and grab all the top indie talent; slow and steady wins the race.
  11. I think a lot of the guys in recent years that have either left or stayed away from ROH is because they saw an easier route to WWE, especially with Evolve/Gabe having a connection. So instead of signing a contract with ROH, work all over and get hot and get signed by NXT. Sinclair and ROH have been on the slow build trend and it’s working for them. Attendance is up, I’m pretty sure profits are up and as long as they don’t get too big headed (ECW, TNA 2011), they should keep doing what their doing. If they get a national television deal, then I can see them going out and trying to sign other top indie talent.
  12. Someone needs to create a Brazzers photo of that Dream/EC3 segment from last night. It was pretty cheesy but still entertaining.
  13. Yeah, will definitely be interesting where he goes next. I know EVIL confronted him but it would be fun to see Ishii take the title to ride this momentum from the G1.
  14. Do we have any idea on when Jericho will be defending his IC title? I haven’t heard any mention of him on future NJPW cards.
  15. Thanks for sharing! 93 should’ve been a much better year for the WWF wrestling wise if Hogan never decided to come back.
  16. But we can pray it happens at the G1 Supercard ???
  17. Just watched the Bret Hart video from 93. Had a pretty decent match with Lex Luger from around May/June. Would’ve been really interesting if they actually continued their feud from when Lex attacked him before Mania.
  18. If the money is right and they get to spend more time with their families, I don’t see why not. Watching BTE, you really get to see how much their family means to them. At least they’d be traveling within the US (most of the time) and not have to travel abroad as much.
  19. I feel the the WWE roster is pretty bloated and many of their stars (Balor, Roode, Orton, Wyatt, Ambrose, etc.) haven’t been utilized to the best of their abilities (some of these guys for many years). Maybe instead of who’s joining the WWE, we should be thinking about who may be leaving to grow. Cody set the blueprint, it can be done. If ROH can get a solid national television deal, I think we may see that happen a lot more frequently. Plus with IMPACT having new people behind them, MLW catching on, WOS, LU, etc., there’s no better time in wrestling for a wrestler to bet on themselves.
  20. That’s if WWE doesn’t snatch them up first. I think Kenny, Cody and the Bucks contracts are up in January and with all the new money coming in, I’m sure th E will throw big money at them. At the same time, I believe Nakumura’s contract is up around the same time so maybe he goes back to NJPW.
  21. Just got my tickets for the G1 MSG show. $150 for 100 Level seating is a steal at the Garden for a show of this magnitude. Being from Jersey, getting to the Garden is much easier than the Barclays hence ROH over NXT for me Saturday night.
  22. Nice to see Trent back. I’d like to see him in next years G1.
  23. I’ve been going to ROH shows since 05. Roddy definitely kicks ass. Gen next vs Embassy Steel Cage Warfare was my first live show. It’s going to be interesting where these guys end up over the next few years. They all already have lots of mileage on their bodies.
  24. Just to think, 5 years ago all of those guys were prominent players in Ring of Honor.
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