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  1. I normally love South Park but I feel like for almost two years now more than half the episodes have been part of the same storyline or joke. For me atleast the Garrison thing was already getting old last year and this year has made the season unwatchable for me. Hopefully next year it fades away or into the background atleast.
  2. Yeah next week I think is where things break down and we see a lot more exits.
  3. I almost picked Arizona to beat the Rams in the Survivor League but I knew that Fisher would find a way to beat Arizona plus Arizona looks like shit this year anyway.
  4. I'm saving my New England pick for Cleveland/New England but I really want to pick Washington. I think Cleveland pulls it out against Washington so I think I'm leaning towards Arizona/LA with Arizona winning at home even if so far they have looked awful and Fisher plays his division really well and always beats Arizona and Seattle atleast once so it seems like a big risk.
  5. I don't know why I bother watching trailers anymore I feel like I just saw like four or five different cool plot twists spoiled.
  6. Ever since I found out about Cleveland's QB selection I have been both determined to pick them this week and at the same time scared to death. Rookie QB with their backup QB having just six days to learn whatever he can of their playbook. I just know that Cleveland is going to pull it out because thats what football does. I'm surprised so many people are picking Green Bay I don't look at that game as the sure thing that others apparently do. Not after Green Bay struggled against Jacksonsville and got beaten by the Vikings. I know its the Lions but they are at the very least as good as the Vikings.
  7. I haven't read the books and I've never re watched and episode so a lot of these "houses" and people get to be too much for me. When I go three seasons without seeing someone I tend to forget about them. So my question is why is the Red Woman on Arya's list? What would she have done to the Starks? I thought the brothers were too busy fighting each other when all hell broke loose in Kings Landing and the Red Woman has been with Stannis from the start hasn't she? So what would she have done to Arya?
  8. I felt that was much more heavy handed and obvious direction the earlier seasons. It seems thats been no existent atleast for the second season now. Varys spent all last year with the Dragon Queen and didn't do much of anything. For that matter Tyrion has been largely wasted sitting around, drinking wine doing virtually nothing for the second year now. Littlefinger is seemed failed at virtually everything he tried to do last year especially in regards to Sansa Stark. I've never gotten the moral chess game and avatar feel as much as I've always just felt like this is Jon and Sansa's show. I'm glad Sansa is doing something finally. She's spent six seasons running away from virtually everyone. It was pretty damn cool seeing Sansa and Jon embrace since that is as close as we've come to Stark children seeing each other since the first season. I'm glad Arya wasn't in this episode. I really enjoyed her stuff with the Hound, her list, needle, etc the last two seasons have been pretty dull on that front. Also nobody seems to give a shit that they just battled an undead army. Jon's all like "well I'm leaving", the Wildings don't give a shit. I know its kind of the theme of the show that there is this ultimate, undead evil slowly marching its way towards civilization and no matter how many people find out about it they can't seem to stop worrying about war, and politics for even a moment to do anything about it. Still its crazy.
  9. Once I heard it was The Americans with Aliens (well kind of Aliens) my interest depleted rapidly.
  10. I guess Lindsey (sp?) and Edgar are both pretty light hearted. Dorothy as well. I guess really Lindsey is toxic its just she's so damn adorable at it that I don't mind. I stuck with it and it was ok I just didn't laugh at all since her issue came up. Here I was laughing along at these miserable people and then it got super serious in a hurry and it just wasn't fun anymore. The last episode was decentish. Basically everything outside of the two main characters was still pretty good for me atleast.
  11. Its not going to be an Anthology series is pretty shitty. No Crypt Keeper, they aren't doing an episodic anthology series. I would imagine the only reason they are even calling it this is to gain more eyes than if they called it something else entirely.
  12. Started watching You're the Worst at the start of the week. I thought that Jay Baruchel was in this series since I kept seeing commercials for it while watching The League. Nearly done with the second season and I'm pretty sure Man Seeking Woman is the show that Jay is in. This show was really fun and different and pretty light hearted all things considered until about halfway through season 2. Now they've given one of the characters a serious issue and the last few episodes have made me want to stop watching the show it seems to have fallen off so quickly. But I only have like three episodes left so I'll finish the season and then at worst not come back for season 3.
  13. So then Gotham by Midnight and Academy are both good? Batgirl has been one of the best books going back to the new 52 so thats not surprising. Is Grayson 1 self contained or does something else lead into it?
  14. Took a break from reading last spring and decided to finally get caught up on anything good that I missed. Then I read they did away with the New 52. It sounds like they are keeping things from the end of that series but my question does the end of that series completely undo everything from the last four years? I'm pretty irritated DC doesn't seem to have its shit together and seemingly "reboots" their books every half decade. Its like people told them New 52 was shit and they just stubbornly ignored it for a few years so they could pass it off as not a mistake. Anyway there seem to be some fun sounding books I haven't read. Gotham by Miidnight and Earth 2 Society. Is that Landis Superman book any good?
  15. It got rave reviews and I think Syfy struggles to have any shows get good reviews so this makes sense.
  16. Watched Minions with the kids last night. I pretty much hated it. A quick run over to Rotten Tomatoes tells me I'm not exactly alone. It has a 55% on RT yet virtually every review on the front page is positive. I was done with this movie before the first scene was over.
  17. Yeah but I mean to that degree 99.9 percent of people that become successful have no way of knowing its going to be that big. For every guy that thinks "yeah this is going to be huge" and it turns out huge there are millions of others with ideas they think will be huge as well and turn out to be nothing. Luck plays a part in everything. Vince McMahon was at one time regarded as his master promoter and this generations P.T Barnom when virtually everything that happened to him had to break the right way. I'm not sure Lucas set out to change the movie business but did so by having fresh and new ideas for the time. I would imagine thats how almost everything changes for better or worse someone comes along with something they think is cool and then others agree and copy it until its stale and someone new comes along.
  18. 1 billion domestic would be crazy but would be fun to see. Hard to imagine this movie doing another 350 million but ya never know I guess.
  19. Was Cena's character enjoyable? Hes one of the better parts of trainwreck
  20. Better than Trainwreck? Which I feel like went downhill atleast halfway through the movie after the first half was full of laughs.
  21. I felt like this movie was in a lot of places just a remake of ANH. The death star thing is stupid. "its BIGGER" seriously how many death stars get destroyed before they figure out that the entire thing's stability should not hinge on some exposed part. Parts of it were real good. Poe seemed like the best character in that opening scene then he's kind of neutered the rest of the movie. Finn the same way he starts out interesting and slowly becomes bland. Rey and Ren more than held their own. Pretty good maybe a B- or so. Guardians of the Galaxy was a lot better.
  22. Frankly, I'm not sure Stewie is the best Seth McFarlane character, as a strong argument could made for Roger the alien. . . . I haven't watched the show in years but I thought Brian and Stan and Roger were all better than Stewie.
  23. I kind of feel the opposite. I felt this was by far the worst season yet. Kroll wasn't even half the episodes and he's easily my favorite character. I know its not a show ABOUT fantasy football but atleast in prior seasons you'd get a running "update" of who was winning, who wasn't, shit involving the league. This season the league wasn't really mentioned much. My favorite things about the season finale were as you mentioned Larry David and Rafi in his final segment. "Look me in the eyes Brian so I can finish". "One more time baby". I thought the very end was pretty silly and just wasn't funny. Either I've never really noticed how hot Shiva was or she just got way hotter because she was gorgeous in this episode. I think my biggest issue with this show is that they have Pete being this like bulletproof, asshole, playboy through the whole show and it ends with him winning a million dollars and and ignoring his kid for 18 years? I'm a little bit afraid to watch Its Always Sunny the quality of that show has been in rapid decline and I know the commercial spots on FX are just random shit thrown together but the only thing that made me laugh was the Frank gangbang quip.
  24. Are you saying you didn't think it was believable that the police wouldn't react more aggressively if there were reports of a man that controlled minds causing people to commit horrible crimes despite zero evidence he existed outside of these testimonies?
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