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  1. Pre-order is now up!!! http://vrtlpros.bigcartel.com/product/the-crown
  2. HEY HEY HEY its that time of the year again! the new Virtual Pros shirt goes up for pre-order tomorrow at 8pm EST. if you don't know the deal, these usually sell out within the first few hours so if you're into it, act fast. This shirt is our 8th, and since it's the 8th shirt and 8 was the magic number of the J-Crown we decided to pay homage to our favorite J-Crown winner. I'm going to try my hardest to have these out the door and in your hands by mania weekend in case you're going and plan on meeting the man himself. The artist for thi sone is andy conway and you can find more of his mostly wrestling related work at https://www.instagram.com/andyconwaaay/ as always you can pre-order the shit at http://vrtlpros.bigcartel.com !
  3. sorry i didn't give more of an early warning but these are up for sale now vrtlpros.bigcartel.com
  4. Hello everyone. Just wanted to give you a heads up that we will be putting these up for pre-order on 11.27 I'm assuming right around Monday Night Raw time (aka 8pm EST)
  5. Now that I'm done shilling I must say, I'm very FAR from being a wrestling figure guy but man those WWE MUSCLEs are awesome. Hopefully the final version will be monochrome too.
  6. Hey guys just wanted to give yall a little heads up before i forget AGAIN that these go on sale tonight at 8pm EST. Shirts usually sell out between 3-72 hours but given the response these had i'm guessing closer to the 3 hour range but I don't want to jinx it. http://vrtlpros.bigcartel.com
  7. No 100% cotton. heres the full specs: Printed on Next Level 3600 Tees. 100% ring-spun combed cotton, 4.3 ounce jersey. Set-in collar of 1×1 baby rib knit. Fabric laundered for reduced shrinkage. Next Level shirt sizing (in inches): Small - Length: 28 / Chest: 19 Medium - Length: 29 / Chest: 20.5 Large - Length: 30 / Chest: 22 X-Large - Length: 31 / Chest: 24 XX-Large - Length: 32 / Chest: 26 XXX-Large - Length: 33 / Chest: 28
  8. sorry i posted this before i updated the pic with the link but the link is http://vrtlpros.bigcartel.com everything we do sells out rather quickly so we usually just post it when something actually goes on sale.
  9. hey posting this one a bit early so everyone has time to get their money in order. this one will go up for pre-orde rmonday 7/24 at vrtlpros.bigcartel.com
  10. Holy shit is that isaac yankem real? I may buy my first ever WWE wrestling doll. (thats a lie ive bought some in the past but not since those SWEAT figures that everyone hated except me)
  11. Hey everyone. It's been a LONG WHILE since we checked in and a lot has changed. We've officially been signed to the Bloody Disgusting podcast network! We stopped being AS mean but MORE funny! We can't keep shirts up for sale for more than a few hours before we sell out. Everything is GROWING and we want you to be a part of it! Check the show out if you haven't before or if you checked out a while ago Also with the network signing our entire catalog is once again available for download! if you're a first time listener, we don't really suggest those first few very rough not so great episodes. http://vrtlpros.libsyn.com/
  12. Hello everyone. We are putting our new KOTDM 95 homage shirt up for pre-sale on Monday 6/26 8pm EST. We usually end up posting in this thread when it's way too late and the shirt is already sld out by the time people see it, but now you have ample time if you're interested in purchasing! vrtlpros.bigcartel.com Front breast image: Back image:
  13. hey thanks guys! i thought this part of the board was abandoned so apologies for the multiple months late response.
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