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  1. persona 5 is interesting because it gets better but then it makes sure to take a brief moment near the end to have the worst JRPG dungeon ever designed and that soured my entire opinion on the game. Maybe in Royal they fix it! God I fuckin hope so! Anyways. I had an existential crisis a few days ago. I was talking to someone about Dark Souls, a game I'd never beat. I reminisced about how far I got, but something about that felt off so I went and checked my steam achievements. I only had six hours in the game, and I had no achievement pointing that I got anywhere close to where I thought I did. At the same time, Dark Souls is one of my favorite games to watch speedruns and lets plays of. I've watched that game get completed dozens of times. Which means that my mind constructed a memory of a playthrough entirely through other people's playthroughs. These vicarious lives congealed in my head to trick me into thinking I had a lived experience. So I started Dark Souls two days ago and it's going OK. I figure the only way to burn that hideous memorytangle out of my head is to make my own experience beating it. I started Deprived, and I think I'm going to be doing the entire game with the Zweihander and miracles. I also have the Demon's Great Hammer (black firebomb gift) so maybe I'll do that.
  2. Kind Of. There's a match of his where he wrestles as "Jumbo Kiku" (basically doing a Jumbo impression) with Sanshiro Takagi doing a Terry Funk "impression" against Bruiser Minody (misuzu) and (yoshihiro) Takan Hansen. That's halfway to what you're talking about.
  3. as a casual player who has not read a "this week in bungie" in the better part of a year, BOY the gear retirement plan has been a rude surprise. all my shit is masterworked and in September it's all never going to be usable again. what in the fuck have hardcore players been doing with items that have earned me this random asskicking. They've got to start putting that newsletter shit in the game, because to make huge radical changes like that and the only way you'd know is if you check their website all the time? that blows. They got scripts to announce when it's time to buy shit, but not when it's time to change how everyone plays.
  4. Baba/Jumbo Vs. Mil/Dos I haven’t watched a Mil Mascaras match in a minute. The last one was Mil and Dos vs. Hansen & Brody, which is a blast for what I suspect will be a totally different reason than this one will be. Jumbo’s coat is completely fantastic. Someone threw confetti instead of streamers when he got introduced and that’s a new one on me. Dos and Jumbo start and that owns. They’ve got fun chemistry inherently, between Jumbo’s own traditional wrestling training and Dos’s brilliant lucha. It feels like a big style clash that Jumbo is completely down for. A lot of great technical work that ends with Jumbo escalating with the uppercut and the knee before nearly getting pinned anyways. Dos Caras and Jumbo are just so goddamn great, both by themselves and together in this match. Mil and Jumbo is kind of pedestrian and I tuned most of it out. Baba and Mil fascinates me however. It feels like they’re trying to figure out anything they can do together. Baba’s ankle pick is delightful. As is Mil’s block of the double arm suplex when Jumbo tags back in. The stretch is peculiar. The teamwork breaks down- I assume because Mil doesn’t tell Dos what they’re doing for the double team- and so the lucha team start doing quick tags leading to a cross body. When Baba kicks Dos off of Jumbo, Mil runs at him with this like “WHAT’S UP BRO YOU WANNA GO” stance and while they chop at each other, Dos Caras headbutts the turnbuckle and gets pinned? The way that Baba tries to get out of there makes me really curious about how far that just went off the rails because it seems just super bizarre. Fun match, though. Brookes vs. Munny I’m not a great enthusiast of modern wrasslin, and even less of a fan of british wrestling, but I’m not infallible, and I am a good sport. One thing: although youtube is famous for intros that are too long, that intro was WAY too long. Both of these people have get-ups that make me want to see them get beat up. I feel like I’ve seen Chris Brookes somewhere but I have no idea why. I would love for this holds section to not be obligatory, but I don’t think I’ll get what I want. Telling jokes to fake someone into a takedown you have scouted feels like the sequel to a Johnny Saint spot. After that, Chris Brookes does a combo of three straight moves and I am reminded why I have spent so much time watching older stuff. When Munny obliges with some contrived stuff of his own, I adjust my expectations. From here on out I am going to write when I have something positive to say about the match: The commentary saying “we’ve lost the match on our screens” like they’re not sitting on a balcony or something was funny. Munny’s elbows look pretty good, and the load is so subtle that I had to rewind to see it. The octopus hold section felt like an actual contest, with the awkward stretching angles and the struggle over the pin fall was good too. that was it. I'm glad the people in the building liked it, at least!
  5. It's the bi-weekly "Lamp asks for help building a compilation y'all won't actually get to see" post! This time I'm building a bump freaks compilation and I'm coming up short on obvious names. Here's who I have: Sabu Great Sasuke Hayabusa Dolph Ziggler Aero Star Rey Cometa Curt Hennig Shawn Michaels Who am I missing?
  6. I would like to participate in this as well and I already know what I'd put up for mine
  7. I'm trying to find a really specific match and I'm at a loss. I think it's a NOAH match from the 2000s, it might have been in Differ, and I think it was a charity show of some kind? What I remember really clearly are three of the four participants: Ricky Marvin & Shuhei Taniguchi were on one team, and Kotaro Suzuki was on the other. I want to say the other participant was Taue? Also, the match had really specific rules. There was a screen showing the names of several different moves, and you weren't allowed to pin until your team did all the moves. There was one bit where Shuhei Taniguchi kept failing to do a flying cross chop, Marvin gets frustrated and tags in, and gets his whip reversed into an iron claw by Kotaro Suzuki. These are all the things I remember about this match. Cagematch and Profightdb seem to think I'm hallucinating. Any ideas?
  8. ANIMAL CROSSING NEW HORIZONS [3] Instead of a review here's a funny thing that happened to me: I won a contest on twitter that was supposed to send me a switch and a copy of the game. After winning, they basically stonewalled me so I just send them fifteen updates about my black bean burritos. They eventually blocked me, while other people started tweeting at me about how "WE'VE EXPOSED THE SCAM" and I'm like idk man i won a drawing and my prize was annoying this goober about my burritos. I got to have a good time. Anyways I was trying to win the thing for a friend and that's why I have this game anyways, so it's exactly as good as it needs to be. THEM'S FIGHTIN' HERDS [4] "hey lamp i notice that every time you yell about some weird game being your frontrunner for game of the year no one believes you" yes that's true more often than not "and now you feel that strongly about a fighting game that started as a My Little Pony fan game" mhm "are you like... are you trying to make this harder?" I can see your point, inner monologue, but honest to god this game's fucking great. If you can break through the barrier of "Bootleg MLP Aesthetic" everything in it mechanically is pretty ingenious. It's got a great in-depth tutorial, a LOT of different singleplayer content (Story mode, target challenge, combo training), it's got an incredible lobby system and impeccable netcode. This isn't my line (I think it's Sajam's?) but it's still the truth: if you make a checklist for everything you want out of a fighting game, and then play Them's Fightin' Herds, see if you don't check off like 90% of it. The one problem right now is character depth (only 6 characters at launch and no dedicated grapplers) but they're adding more and they wont be charging for them. "ok but how much of saying this is your game of the year is related to you not admitting you've totally lost interest in doom eternal less than halfway through" OOPS GOTTA GO
  9. i'm not out here making new wrestling fans watch shawn michaels, the hell do you take me for
  10. Remember last month when I asked for help putting together a compilation about folklore? Well imagine I posted the once again bernie meme. The compilation I'm putting together right now is on Married Couples. Not literally married couples, but the ideas of matchups that have wrestled each other so many times that they're capable of tighter and more intense matches than irregular opponents. I need help coming up with some more examples of this. Here's what I have now Rey Mysterio & Psicosis Tajiri & Super Crazy Hijo Del Santo & Negro Casas Ric Flair & Ricky Steamboat Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit Finlay & Regal Rock & Roll Express & The Midnight Express The Four Pillars of AJPW Anyone else come to mind? Double points for joshi because I have a big blindspot there I'm trying to fill in.
  11. BREAKING: Luchador being caught by Pirata Morgan looks like a million bucks
  12. lol yeah that came off way more like "NO BODY LOVES ME T__T" than I intended. I've got a good & strong support network, it's just bitter to learn about that so far after the fact because of who his circle became. Nothing to be done, I suppose. Kind of you to say that, though.
  13. One of my best friends from high school passed away. In February. No one told me because the only person in his life that still wanted me around was him. I'm gonna be in shock for quite a while, I suspect.
  14. Similarly, as someone who loathed the first game and is only playing the second on account of a labyrinthine dare process, seeing the spoilers for the laster of us make me extremely excited. That's probably not great news for people who liked the first one.
  15. Alright, this is inspired by the bombcast and then by me changing one of the answers and bringing it to my friends, only to discover I'm the only person I know to feel this way. Fuck Marry Kill: Procedural Generation (roguelikes, minecrafts, dwarf fortress) "The Meta" (includes Team Comp for team multiplayer stuff, tier lists for fighting games) Deck-building (MTG, Slay the Spire, etc)
  16. I'm saving Santo for a seperate mix but I'll look into Martín
  17. So here's a completely unrelated question: I've been putting together like Wrasslin Mixtapes for friends, one per two weeks, and I've been working with themes. I have a good theme now but I'm trying to see if there's people I'm missing. The theme is Folklore Characters, which is to say wrestlers that have more of a specific mystique and niche in wrestling history outside of the norm. The names I came up with are: Cassandro Ox Baker Necro Butcher Survival Tobita Gypsy Joe Mike Quackenbush* Great Sasuke Mecha Mummy Bull Curry Tom Magee Anyone else come to mind? *to explain my reasoning: quack's weird quasi-self-taught parallel universe WOS/lucha is, i think, kind of the apex of what someone can achieve with raw wrestling nerddom and tape study, highlighted by him being able to parlay that into actually great matches with legends in those styles
  18. with all due respect, is there a reason there wasn't a team of Greats? Great Sasuke, Great Antonio, Great Muta, etc
  19. I have a list of like 35 films I'm intending to watch over the next two months, which is maybe more movies than I've seen in one year in my life, but so it goes. Here are some brief reviews of the stuff I've seen so far: The Rover: off a friend's recommendation. Enjoyed it well enough. Robert Pattinson is fantastic in it, and it also is one of the few post-apocalyptic movies that didn't bore me. Dredd: I hate cops. Yet, this is about as good as an American-made action movie about a hero cop can probably be. LOVED the Slo-Mo scenes. Thought it lost steam halfway through, p. much after the chaingun bit. Jonah Hex: I dont know that I recommend that anyone watches this? But man I laughed fucking hard multiple times during this. I love multi-million dollar hubris that fails, and buddy this had it. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil: I don't know what I expected but I thought it was pretty good. It's really hard for me to enjoy comedies (my sense of humor is much more partial to, say, Wonder Showzen than Judd Apatow) but this one worked for me. ok now i have to stop running from finishing The Act of Killing because it's making my head spin once per ten minutes
  20. quick procedural question since this'll be the first one of these I submit a ballot to: are short films allowed?
  21. going through some old shootwrasslin and I rediscovered this, my favorite celebration of a match ever
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