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  1. Bumping this back up to say I'm going to get started on this after November 2nd.
  2. somewhat astounded and disappointed I'm the only #1 on Sorry To Bother You, but so it goes short: for all the movies about The World Today :*( , Sorry To Bother You actually proposes solutions instead of just saying what the bad things are. On top of that, it's fucking hilarious and everyone in that movie is fantastic in it.
  3. the fact that The Nice Guys is #68 is a near miss of cosmic proportions.
  4. A fun story about Annihilation: One of my least favorite things movies do is use cancer as a plot point. I've lost five family members to cancer, and I find most screenwriters just use it as a generic bogeyman and have no actual experience with it. Plus, it reminds me of all that good good trauma. So after this huge breakthrough with anxiety and depression, I go to the theater with a bunch of friends for the first time in what must be seven years. We sit at the very back of the theater. OF COURSE the first line in that movie is Natalie Portman saying "Cancer." I let out a single loud "HAH." we are not the only people in the theater. my friends are very good sports for putting up with me in times like this. as for the movie, it's excellent and seeing it so low makes me genuinely concerned for the placement of my #1. EDIT: Oh speaking of my friends being good sports, since I was the highvote on Beyond The Black Rainbow I should share that story too: we watched it on halloween last year (they were all big into Mandy and so after they saw that we checked that out) and swear to god I was pumping my fists like I was at a concert during the ending of that movie, screaming and hooting and hollering. I liked the rest of it too, the whole aesthetic of the VHS Science Video Compound falling into limbo over one horrible experiment, but I sure felt like a freak for how I responded to the ending. I just love a good anticlimax.
  5. See, this is why I loved Cosmopolis. The clunky dialog totally fits in line with the nature of tech bro adulthood, where every gesture towards maturity and deep thought feels more like two kids stacked up in a trench coat trying to get into an R rated movie. There's ideas inside what they're saying that grasp at reality but it's so far gone and disconnected and disrupted that it can't work. It's philosophy as a broad puddle, vast and shallow, unable to support any weight. I feel Pattinson's degradation during the course of the movie is the result of the character trying to dive into this puddle and just stomping all over it. totally understand why it's not for everyone tho
  6. Ok here's list #3. I went back to 1969, though still with one album per year. Also did some minor reordering. The next move is to put the list on RYM so I can share a link instead of a several hundred entry list every time.
  7. lol there's a little button for it in the top bar between the emotes and the bulleted list buttons. It's a big creepy eyeball. EDIT: I'm gonna take advantage of this post to hype up one of the best discoveries of my life. At one point I got curious about the existence of Chinese Punk Rock, and indeed found some, and eventually found my way to one of the best rock albums I've ever heard, "White Paper" by PK14. Try this, and if you like it, hit the playlist button. It's worth it. The ending is an earth shattering jam.
  8. I think the way I'll participate in this thread for now until enough people take part for there to be some kind of official structure is like an ongoing analysis of my own list. So, to start with, I took that first list I posted and ordered those. The next step is going to go backwards for a few years from 1988 to about 1969 and pick one album a year on the way. Lamp List Vol. 2!
  9. lol holy crap I misread what you were asking. I thought that was like a decade thing. it'll take me a bit longer to put together an All Time list. In the meantime I do have this list I've been keeping of the best albums I've found from every year I've been alive. Worth nothing that some of the 90s choices are more about me not listening to enough albums from a year to know for sure. 88: Talk Talk, "Spirit of Eden" 89: Boredoms, "Soul Discharge" 90: Fugazi, "Repeater" 91: Slint, "Spiderland" 92: Tom Waits, "Bone Machine" 93: Wu-Tang Clan, "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers of Death)" 94: Acid Bath, "When The Kite String Pops" 95: Today Is The Day, "Willpower" 96: Rage Against The Machine, "Evil Empire" 97: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, "f#a#(infinitysymbol)" 98: Boredoms, "Super æ" 99: Neurosis, "Times of Grace" 00: At The Drive In, "Relationship of Command" 01: The Constantines, self-titled LP 02: The Constantines, "Modern Sinner/Nervous Man" EP 03: The Constantines, "Shine A Light" 04: Madvillain, "Madvillainy" 05: PK14, "White Paper" 06: Liars, "Drum's Not Dead" 07: Ungdomskulen, "Cry-baby" 08: Women, self-titled LP 09: Cloud Nothings, "Turning On" 10: Women, "Public Strain" 11: Jenny Hval, "Viscera" 12: B L A C K I E All Caps With Spaces, "Gen" 13: Faux Fur, self-titled 14: milo, "A Toothpaste Suburb" 15: Earl Sweatshirt, "I Don't Like Shit I Don't Go Outside" 16: Thee Oh Sees, "A Weird Exits" 17: King Krule, "The Ooz" 18: US Girls, "In A Poem Unlimited" 19: Quelle Chris, "Guns"
  10. See, this'll be good news for the people who only submit metal albums to this- this was the year that I deliberately sought out a few metal records (LOVED Boris, liked Loathe, mixed on the new Imperial Triumphant), so I appear to be in a good space for that kind of stuff as opposed to usual.
  11. HERE WE GO AGAIN. I'm starting early to give y'all time to look back and make sure, or maybe mess around and hear records you meant to get around to months ago. Rules: First Come, First Serve. If you nominate two, I'll listen to zero. No guarantees that my review will be positive. If someone suggests your album I'll ask the both of you if you have another album you'd rather I review. First Come First Serve still applies. One additional caveat: do not suggest "The Microphones in 2020" by The Microphones. It's one 45 minute song. It's lovely, and it's perfect, but, it's one 45 minute song. That's not going to be an interesting write up. My personal album of the year came out on Valentine's Day, and it's been locked up all year: "What's Tonight To Eternity" by Cindy Lee. Any way I could describe it is undone by how well the blurb for it is written on the bandcamp page, which is why I linked to it. Nothing I've heard this year has hit me the same way this did and still does. That said, it's REALLY not for everyone. You will need to like R&B, classic pop ballads, and raw shrill improvised noise. of course, that Avalanches record isn't out until december and so there's a good chance that'll be my album of the year because it's new Avalanches Now! Proceed at your own pace and show me these records! I'll probably start writing reviews novemberish, and the cutoff date is New Year's Eve.
  12. I could do that, but the last time I floated that the general response I got was "lol no." who knows, times have changed speaking of favorite albums and a decade: Today is the 10th anniversary of my full-stop favorite album, "Public Strain" by Women. It changed my entire trajectory as a listener and a songwriter. Give it a shot if you haven't. Jagjaguwar and Flemish Eye also announced a rarities comp today but I have all of those songs lol i'm still totally buying it
  13. Ok, it's been a while since I've written any game reviews and I cant find my last post on them so I'm gonna dump a whole bunch of game opinions here that may or may not be out of date. I'll try to keep them to ten words each. DOTA Underlords: Duo mode is very fun. No one plays it though. [3] The Last Of Us Part 2: Or, The Have And Eat Cake Of Us Part 2. [1] Hades: First day of 1.0- Made it to Hades. Still rules. [4] Fall Guys: The Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas Line about the Third Reich. [1] Wrestling Revolution on phones: Despite the reputation, it plays way better than I expected. [3] DOOM Eternal: A game about manmade munition famine and gloating over it. [2] Dan Ku Ga: Prototype of sequel to obscure Taito fighting game. Balance =/= Fun. [4] Crystalis: Early on, but for now, my fun bedtime adventure game. [3] Golf On Mars: Desert Golfing, but now with mechanics. Cute. Less fun, though. [2] Golf With Your Friends: It can horrify, infuriate, and tell jokes. [Every Number Simultaneously] Armed Police Batrider: Nightmare shootemup with team mechanics. Might become a shmup idiot. [4] Old World: Early Access. Half Civ, half Crusader Kings. Wonderful and Promising. [4] Blaseball: The commissioner is doing a great job. Go Yellowstone Magic! [4] The Beginner's Guide: Very powerful. Your emotional response will vary. Mine was anger. [4] Honestly I've been really down on this year which has bummed me out. I don't want to hate stuff but I cant lie about liking stuff. There's been very little I've enjoyed. This is fixing to be a big Back Catalog Winter for me, aside from Yakuza Like A Dragon and my social Destiny obligations (*LOUD DEFEATED SIGH*). There's currently 3 games of the year as I see it: If an episodic game that started in 2013 counts, it's Kentucky Route Zero in a walk. If that doesn't, but games that started in Early Access and hit full console release this year count, it's Hades in a similar walk. If neither counts, it's Streets of Rage 4, which has always been a better series than Final Fight*. So there. *Metro City Mayor Mike Haggar is a better character design than anything in Streets of Rage though, so it does have that advantage.
  14. Yeah it'll use the onboard mic. Or it should, at least.
  15. the Vader/Inoki "how his chin hit his solar plexus" suplex is delightful. My personal favorite suplex is also my favorite wrestling move of all time and my defacto "move I give my self-insert create-a-wrassler since forever": Maeda's Capture Suplex. Runner up is Hideki Suzuki's Double Arm Suplex, which looks like utter hell and has all the historical legacy of catch wrestling and Robinson's Double Arm to go along side it. Third place is Doug Williams' Chaos Theory, which still looks supernatural.
  16. I love Control to death (it might be my favorite game of the decade) but you should probably wait for a sale on the DLC. They're, like, neat, but the best way to experience them I figure is to do it in the middle of the campaign because neither of them is particularly good for closure.
  17. I asked this question to specifically make the godly REDLINE eligible and that reads like a Yes to me so go for it
  18. Honestly I'm gonna enjoy this basho no matter what, because I couldn't do the Empty Arena Basho without feeling REAL SAD. I'm hopeful my main man Kotoshogiku gets his first winning record in a year.
  19. I asked that earlier and it was answered here I have a question I asked in the pimping thread but I think it got buried so I'll ask it again here: if a film was shown at festivals in 2009 but theatrically in 2010, is that eligible?
  20. hey, quick procedural question: if a film made its festival debut in 2009 but its theatrical debut in 2010, is that eligible?
  21. I took that advice and thought it was fine and maybe better than I was expecting, and on that note, as I come to the end of making my own ballot (I'll probably submit last week of July just to make sure I feel that way) here's a list of movies I watched for this that I was pleasantly surprised by: Inherent Vice Beyond the Black Rainbow The Rover Jonah Hex Standoff Alita Battle Angel He Never Died X-Men First Class
  22. replying to multiple questions! "______ will die for your sins" is the one I do most consciously, as well as "fuck or fight friday night" and a couple of more specific phrases that are more like references to events on this board that I'll decline to state at this time. I came to the board like two days before the sleaze thread and was told by the person who brought me here to just lurk and not mention how I got here or who referred me. In their defense I was a kid that was MUCH more prone to moodswings. and yeah i was one of the match writers for two different attempts at the DVDVR fed. If anyone wanted to bring the shit back I think doing it via Fire Pro is the move cuz that way you can cut promos and then no one has to write matches, but I advocated for that the last time bringing the fed back came up and got a big fat No, so. EDIT: lmao this is my 2000th post
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