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  1. Bold strategy of the House of Black to send Julia Hart to recruit Miro. I guess they forgot the part that Miro is married to one of the hottest women in CJ Perry. Miro was just awesome saying only one women can touch the Redeemer
  2. The only thing missing from this was Nick Castallanos hitting a home run after that disaster Speaking of the Phillies, apparently Keith Hernandez doesn't want to broadcast Mets games against them because he hates their style of play. Given that they are division rivals that is going to be a tall task
  3. While Makabe didnt call it a retirement tonight after a killer match with Garini; it really sounds like the next time we see him in a while will be close to the last. Apparently he suffered a bad injury months ago
  4. Not a fan of the I guess the new logo but any chance you can get a helmet full of poutine you cant go wrong. Although I would have thought putting pork on it is an Americanized version of it
  5. This weekend is the 2022 SCI Tournament features the best talent around especially the south. First round matches are: Billie Starkz vs Robert Martyr Eli Knight vs Myron Reed Hoodfoot vs Orion Bishop Damyan Tangra vs Daniel Makabe Cole Radrick vs Adam Priest Jaden Newman vs Ashton Starr Manders vs Masha Slamovich Dominic Garrini vs Kevin Ku
  6. Meanwhile Aaron Rodgers is just going nuts on interviews as usual and admitting that he was on mushrooms in the summer.
  7. Okay I am fairly certain the Miz is on the Netflix Woodstock documentary. Granted most white teens in 99 looked like him but still This version is so much better than HBO one. Just explain the situation and leave the opinion about future significance alone. And yes the promoter is still a major asshole
  8. If we are to believe Barstool, SLAMBALL is coming back baby
  9. So it looks like this season of the pre-season version of the Hard Knocks will be the Lions. So if you thought the Rex Ryan version was nuts, Dan Campbell come on down
  10. I assume this is the Showtime version of Woodstock 99 because the Netflix version I think comes out tomorrow will be interesting to see if the Netflix is a little less preachy than the Showtime one. Almost like they were trying to tell us that Woodstock 99 caused Trump in the White House. I assume the promoters avoid this version given how horrible they came off slut shaming the fuck out of everyone
  11. Listen I admire google or Alexa or whoever it is putting really attractive women in their You Tube commercials but god damn maybe $10-$15 is worth it to not hear that Backstreet Boys song hummed about 20 times a day.
  12. So I can't tell are we the Washington Pirates or the Washington Marlins. The Pirates would rather get a life threatening disease than pay $440 million for 3 players much less 1 of them. The Marlins might spend $440 million on a player but then shit themselves when look at the check book and go back into a hole for about 5 years. Either way the end result is that in 5 years the players the Nats pick up will either be average or great pickups and used as trade bait.
  13. Amazing that one of the recommendations from her is that Watson should go to the team massage therapist. I am hoping that the team massage therapist is a man because if not then she is probably screaming GEE THANKS ASSHOLE
  14. It really seems that the 6 games was decided because while it may have been offensive it wasn't "violent". Even though the fact that it may not have been completely consensual makes it mildly violent to begin with
  15. The pot is fucking huge on this one talking about this kettle
  16. Jeff Jarrett. He is smart enough to not have a Conrad doing it
  17. So apparently today is judgement day for Browns fans and Deshaun Watson fans as a decision is supposed to come. the NFLPA already sent out a press release. 6 games according to Schefter. Knowing the NFL it will get appealed down to 3 or 4. Safe to say the Browns and Deshaun got extremely lucky
  18. Well at least Ric Flair didn't die in the ring. Hopefully that doesnt give Conrad any more bright ideas. god was that awful and sad
  19. If the decision about who is the best was based on championships then Russell is the only one better than Jordan and he is almost DOUBLE it. Also the only man in basketball college or pro who can control Wilt.
  20. Wasn't there a ton of other issues with Kylie Rae early AEW run that made her release easier to accept. She was struggling with her issues at the time and I thought there was an urban legend involving Kylie and Brandi Rhodes and bullying.
  21. Only watched a couple episodes of the Derek Jeter Captain series on ESPN and while the details are great Derek is so dry and dull that it is a chore to go through. I cant tell if he is holding back to protect himself or he is just that way. Maybe it will pick up.
  22. Well this is strange and unexpected
  23. You think Gabe Sapolsky is waking up this morning and thanking god that he doesn't have to pretend that there is money in selling NFT now
  24. All hail the return of the Beer Snake to DC
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