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  1. So apparently tailgating is not allowed in their parking lots. Yeah I am sure the fans at Georgia and TCU are more than willing to cooperate with the rules. There better about 20 bars in that area Man hope they don't enforce this rule during Wrestlemania this year. Oh boy the pain that will cause
  2. Somewhere Taylor Heinicke is looking at the Commanders QB situation and like "hey what the fuck did I do"
  3. I guess the thing is that Skip said that "nobody had an issue with the tweet". Well that doesn't sound right because the reason he apologized on Monday was because the Fox exec told him to explain himself better. Now this heat between Shannon and Skip is either legit or an awful angle to tease dissension in a desperate attempt at ratings. Which won't work
  4. So I am confused on Mercedes I guess new finishing move? Was that just a botch or was supposed to kind of look like a arm bar at the end.
  5. Well they do have similar "beliefs" about certain people. I am sure they have been hanging out on "Twitter Files" space sessions with Elon
  6. Sounds like his vitals back to normal according to Jordon Rooney on Twitter and is breathing through a tube. Not sure if that takes him out of critical condition but sounds like great news
  7. Yeah but now we are getting even shitty and lower level media personalities trying to leach some clout to appeal to I guess the "stick to sports" group
  8. Can someone tell me why the fans at the game know about the suspension before apparently ESPN has
  9. They are packing up equipment and apparently players are already took off their uniforms in the locker rooms. So the game has to be off
  10. Supposedly a player in 1970 for the Lions did die on the field during a game. No idea if they knew he died during the game but given how the NFL was back then probably didn't matter anyway So the "5 minutes" thing is an actual thing that happened? If so thank god the coaches had a lick of sense and hopefully these officials never see a game until September 2023
  11. Seriously there has to be something better to show than talking heads say the same things over and over again. Especially when there is no update
  12. So according to report Hamlin has a pulse but it isn't on his own terms for lack of a better term
  13. I would agree they should cancel the game and maybe play tomorrow but depending on what actually happens if that is too soon. I do love the players forming a shield around Hamlin so that the vultures at ESPN and NFL can't show close up of it
  14. I saw the highlight and I don't know if I have ever seen someone stand up after that kind of hit and then immediately fall back. If it is neck how did he even have the strength to bounce up like that. Was it heart related? Shit they administered CPR on Hamlin.
  15. Yeah Tulane has no clue how to handle a passing team as good as USC. This could be an ugly game. Edit: Looks like I underestimated Tulane's passing game as well.
  16. Lost a little in the Packers destroying the Vikings was Justin Jefferson becomes so frustrated that he almost nails a ref in the back of the head with his helmet. Luckily he saw it in coming in the last minute because oh boy that could have been bad https://twitter.com/PFF/status/1609681059418882050 Not sure why I can't get the tweet to embed like usual
  17. Kenny Pickett is far from a top 10 QB but fuck he is clutch when he needs to be. Some great throws in that last drive Every time people think they can finally put a nail on the coffin on Mike Tomlin as a head coach for the Steelers for whatever stupid reason, he pulls off a run to a winning season and hell even a playoff berth. And not one of the 4 teams have to fuck up scenarios either.
  18. I am sure that Geno Smith causing the Jets to be eliminated by beating them was extra sweet. Even if they are out of it as well
  19. Hey not everything today is bad because this week was the debut of this piece of work. Ladies and Gentleman Major Tuddy EDIT: My bad he is a Major not a Mayor
  20. So apparently Rivera had no idea that if the Packers win they are eliminated from the playoffs. It would be sweet irony if the Commanders were eliminated from the playoffs because of the play of Kirk Cousins
  21. It is fascinating how many games and playoff scenarios next week are based on QB that are really hurt. The Eagles need Hurts to play to win the division. The Dolphins probably need Tua to make the playoffs.
  22. We are at the point where we can bench Daniel Jones to protect him and not because he sucks on the field or is injured. As far as I know next weeks game doesn't mean anything to the Giants
  23. If only Washington had a QB with a pension of late game heroics even he was average the first 80% of the game. Oh wait they did and benched him because Wentz makes more money Did all that Russell Wilson needed to be back to normal QB was to be publicly insulted by a cartoon starfish.
  24. Really makes you wonder about the Cowboys defense if this guy was able to move up and down the field against them
  25. Oh sure now Mike Evans scores a TD. Had to deal with his ass dropping wide open bombs for 2 months
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