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  1. I don't get the full details on this but from what I have seen I know two things: 1. Find you a wife or girlfriend that is willing to fall on a sword over and over again like Ian's wife currently is. Now maybe she was more responsible now than in the past because according to her Ian is damn near blind now. But given that the vast vast majority of things claimed are stuff Ian was doing decades ago I don't know 2. Talk about this being the final door on IWA Mid South as a promotion have never paid attention to IWA-MS. There has been at least 2 or 3 times that I can remember when they were considered dead and came back 6-8 months later and ran for many years. I would be stunned if Ian's isn't running a show sometime in 2022. Watching the titles burn makes me wonder if Jim Fannin is still alive because if so then I am sure he is having flashbacks. Also kind of curious what Jimmy Jacobs is thinking knowing that him throwing a title in a garbage can lead to a good 4 months of getting the piss beat out of him.
  2. I guess they were unable to get Cici's
  3. Terry definitely has the Commanders by the shorthairs in this one. You lose him you lose about 70% of your offense and your #1 WR is now a guy who I believe has never played a down for the team in Curtis Samuel. Who is barely a #2 WR
  4. While most of the WWE releases have been just dumb, the WWE really nailed this one unfortunately
  5. Case Hatch is a hell of a name too. Which I 100% guarantee they will change
  6. I believe that Angelos wants to move the team but there are two major things holding them back. The fact that they still have one of the 5 best stadiums in the majors or that the reaction to them moving would make the Colts move in 1984 look like a regular apartment move. Not getting out of there in the middle of the night this time
  7. Tyreek Hill trying to convince people that Tua has better skills than Mahomes is cute. I mean when you only throw it less than 5 yards you better be more accurate I heard that TuAnon was strong but man
  8. The biggest fallout from the Del Rio mess is that now Virginia lawmakers are using it as an excuse to not vote for the stadium deal. I say excuse because I am sure there are a dozen other legit reason why they don't want it
  9. Either Jack Del Dio needs to get off Twitter or get off whatever he is drinking or smoking because man this has a hell of a week to deal with. I mean at least not have a shitty defense when you barrage us with this shit
  10. And Deshaun Watson's Twitter is now private. Although given how much he has fucked up in the last year or two I am surprised he didn't do it cause of Texans fans much less being a pervert
  11. So apparently Apollo Crews has to denounce his Nigerian princehood to go back to NXT. Even pulled a Kofi and lost his accent.
  12. Even if the Browns get a miracle and get out of contract they wont get Baker back as a starter. He wants nothing to do with them. As far as worst ever contract, it is definitely the scummiest but there are probably 2 or 3 Redskin signings that were way worse financially
  13. I will give Mickelson credit for at least being brutally honest of why he is doing it. He is a terrible gambler and he will literally do anything to either feed it or solve it. He isn't playing this bullshit mental gymnastics trying to convince people that the Saudi government isn't that bad or that murdering reporters is "just a mistake"
  14. The biggest and dumbest problem with this angle is that you are removing the person who actually got the pin at Hell in a Cell. If the group lost and Edge was pinned then it would make more sense that they would want a better leader. Why would you want to replace someone with someone that lost to the person you are removing. Yes it is good that we might get more NXT Balor and not smiling/goofy Balor but still dumb
  15. So the only thing that is stopping the inevitable death of the PGA Tour is that Tiger I thought said he wanted nothing to do with the LIV tour. I am sure with more money that will change. Plus I don't know if 2011 Tiger Woods would have the same feelings as 2022 Tiger Woods
  16. At this point the only reason Goddell hasnt announced a suspension is because they expect every day to get worse and worse in order to justify more days. Like if they would just shut up for a good week maybe they can get just 8 games appealed down to 4
  17. Always love the urban legend that the original person planned for the stabbing was New Jack
  18. After that performance last night, if it Cody isn't a world champion in the next 6 months than the WWE is a lost cause. If you can't have Reigns do a job on the RAW title at the very least have him cash in the MITB
  19. I wonder how much of his opinion is also shaped by the fact that if you do anything that is even moderately liberal that your governor will come down on you with great vengeance and undeniable pettiness
  20. Well not sure if they got the title situation right but I know one thing they got right.
  21. I know that the concept of a "homegrown talent" in AEW is probably a waste of time to worry about anymore but I think this is what is needed for this interim title. Unfortunately they haven't booked anyone to be put in that place. I mean it would be nice to strap a rocket to Wardlow but not sure if he is ready for the real upper class of the division yet. After that there is nobody else except putting it back on Adam Page. Jungle Boy? MJF? Eddie Kingston should be a future world champ but not in this situation. A goofy idea I was thinking is maybe Wheeler Yuta. It also hurts that they already apparently booked them against Tanahashi so it has to be a high quality opponent or people will bitch about it. It has probably been asked on here but what is the latest status on Kenny Omega?
  22. Well this is a mess. Punk didnt say he would drop the title. Then Jericho said he must. Then SRS on Twitter said he did. Then Alvarez said he didn't. Now we know that it was dropped I need another drink
  23. So Deshaun Watson lawyer recently is using the "if you get a happy ending during a massage it isn't necessarily illegal" argument I mean he isn't 100% wrong but maybe 95%. I don't know that many legit massage places or "sport therapists" (which he always CLAIMED they were) that are like "sure I jerk off all my customers"
  24. So you are saying that Gabe Kapler wasn't the main reason why the Phillies sucked.
  25. According to Fightful and other places, Melanie Pillman has passed away today.
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