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  1. I wouldn't call the teams below that level great, but very good teams included Milwaukee, Dallas, Atlanta and Houston. San Antonio was good during the Gervin era. Phoenix were decent in the early 80s as well, and Denver was perhaps the ultimate run-and-gun team of all-time.
  2. The 90s was an era of franchise stars. The teams were committed to their star player and built around them. They didn't blow up the team after a few years or trade away their star. With the exception of Barkley and Shaq, the franchise players were loyal to their team and didn't demand trades or form super teams. Most of the teams got a bite at the apple, but the 90s weren't an era of parity. It seems like a deep era, but there was a cap to the teams' success. The 80s had better all-round teams, IMO. When the money started increasing, you couldn't really have teams with rosters like the Celtics or Lakers, and then the league became diluted with expansion teams. You could argue that Jordan held back an entire generation of Hall of Famers, and perhaps he did, but he didn't have to deal with a dynasty when he was winning championships. His team were the dynasty.
  3. The Lakers did their best to make this a series, but the Nuggets couldn't capitalize. Anthony Davis not looking so overrated.
  4. It's the NBA Jam phenomenon. Barkley's Suns could have been a great side, but they choked against the Rockets two years in a row. The title was up for grabs in those years too.
  5. Jordan only went through Detroit in his first Finals run. In '92, Detroit lost to the Knicks. The Jordan comparisons are tiresome. Nobody holds it against Jordan that he kept getting bumped from the playoffs by the Celtics and the Pistons because he had to get over the hump. If LeBron had a team that stood in his way, people would like that more because that's the classic narrative. But if you look a bit closer at what LeBron has accomplished in the playoffs. he has generally gotten payback on the teams that beat him. That includes the Pistons in '07, the Celtics in '09 & '11, the Spurs in '13 and the Warriors in '16. I think LeBron could have won the 2011 title and the 2015 title if the Cavs had been healthy. The fact that he won the 2012 and 2016 titles after those disappointments is a testament to his competitiveness. People love to take LeBron down a notch, but you can't point out the meltdowns and the poor performances in deciding games without also highlighting the resilience. LeBron coming back and beating the Pistons, Celtics, Spurs and Warriors was ever bit as tough as the Bulls finally getting past the Pistons. 2011 was a loss a lot of people took enjoyment in because nobody really wanted the Heat to win. Dirk was phenomenal throughout those playoffs. It was my favorite playoff run since Hakeem. I wouldn't exactly call his teammates nobodies, at least not to regular NBA fans. I mean he had Jason Kidd on his team fro crying out loud. Dallas had been knocking on the door for years. Personally, the Warriors winning in 2015 was more of a surprise. It wasn't like they had been a perennial contender up until that point, and they didn't really explode until after they won the title. The thing that bugs me about the Jordan/LeBron finals record comparison is that Jordan didn't face teams as good as the Spurs or the Warriors. He beat an injured and fading Lakers team (not prime Showtime Lakers) and his run was over before the Shaq/Kobe Lakers were established. We never got to see the Bulls vs. the Rockets in the Finals. For the most part, Jordan got the equivalent of the 2011 Dallas team each time. Maybe deeper rosters on those opponents, but basically Drexler or Barkley playing the role of Dirk. If LeBron had gotten a few more looks at teams like that, he would have more championships.
  6. Metal in '84 was dominated by that group Metallica that the book ignored and another classic Maiden album, but here are a few other tracks that stand out to me:
  7. Hip Hop was still firmly tied to the electro scene in '84. There was some decent stuff, though. 1984 dance music is disappointing, however. Things got a bit too electric without everyone trying to sound like a computer. Best song you didn't know Michael Jackson sang on?
  8. 1984 1984 is considered the greatest year in pop music history, which I guess is why the book chose so many songs from it. I can understand why critics feel the way they do. There were some great albums released in '84, many of which aren't represented on the list like Minutemen and Husker Du. However, for me, '84 represents a shift away from the early 80s music I enjoy (post punk, funk, boogie), so I'm not as high on it as the critics. I thought the book missed a trick by not including a Cyndi Lauper song. You'd think Madonna would have made an appearance by now as well. Aside from When Doves Cry, I would have also included this in the book: As usual, I'll dump the stuff I like here: And one for the wrestling fans:
  9. That was better from Boston. People keep talking about winning four out of five. I think that's the wrong way of looking at it. If Boston win the next won, then both teams need to win two out of three. That's always the way I've seen a decided series heading into a Game 5.
  10. Getting to the Finals 9 times is impressive regardless of conference. To have that level of success over such a lengthy period is something that should be lauded. He couldn't have done it without switching teams, but it's impressive all the same. And he's about to make the Finals from the West as well. His record in the Finals isn't that great. He probably should have won a couple of more championships, but he ran into two dynasties. He still has time to rectify that though. If LeBron and AD win this year, they would have to be favorites to win the next championship as well. I'm not a huge fan of LeBron, but I do kind of hope he wins another ring for his legacy's sake. I just wish it wasn't with the Lakers. My point about KD was that he was one of the guys with the potential to team hop and win multiple championships, not that he'll actually do it.
  11. There's no guarantee KD will win a ring with Brooklyn, and nobody knows how well he'll come back from the injury, but I can easily see him changing teams. I think we're going to see top players changing teams and potentially winning multiple championships with different organizations. I don't really care about the GOAT argument. I think LeBron will solidify himself in the top five, especially now that he's beginning to own so many playoff records. As far as his finals record goes, if he gets to five then I don't think it will matter. If he stays at 3, or maybe even 4, people will have a case for him underachieving.
  12. I actually think LeBron winning a championship with a third team would solidify his place in history. The knock on LeBron has always been his finals record. If the Lakers win this year things start looking a lot better. And they could easily go back-to-back. Five rings would put him level with a bunch of other all-time greats. The difference being that he did it with three different teams. People would start to look at that as something special and unique. And possibly, a sign of the future if Kawhi or KD manage to do it too.
  13. You have to wait until it's 3-1 Lakers to see anything from Denver.
  14. That whole Rattlesnakes album is good stuff. I do agree with you about the lyrics, though. However, the more you listen to Cole, the catchier they get. If I had been a teenager in '84, it would have had me scuttling about trying to find a copy of On The Waterfront. The guitar solo in Purple Rain is one of my all-time favorite solos. The song works even better if you've seen the movie. Funny how it was originally a country song intended for Stevie Nicks. Prince was on top of the music world in '84. The book should have bit the bullet and included When Doves Cry as well.
  15. C'mon, in the bubble Denver came back from 3-1 down twice. The Raptors forced a Game 7 from 2-0 down. OKC forced a Game 7 from 2-0 down.
  16. Harden losing 8 elimination games says it all.
  17. That was unbelievable. And a blowout too. Disgusting.
  18. The Rockets had a lot of success under D'Antoni relative to the rest of the NBA. It's a shame that they didn't have a championship to show for it, but that's how history will judge them. Most people expected the Lakers to beat the Rockets, but you can't tell us that Rockets fans weren't bolshie about their chances. The Rockets had the best defense in the bubble, the best scoring duo since Shaq and Kobe, the best scorer in the league, etc. The euphoria after Game 1 only made things worse. Once the writing was on the wall, suddenly it was a series the Rockets were never meant to win. I'm not even going to argue the difference between a dominant 25 points vs. a pedestrian 29 points. The games weren't close enough to make a comparison. Anyone who watched that series knows how badly LeBron wants another ring. Harden had no fight in him. The Lakers defense wasn't anything he hasn't seen before. He just couldn't fight over the top of it. LeBron doesn't even have that great a team, but he's got them gelling. Westbrook was bad. Much worse than Harden. But I don't think Harden had a great series by any stretch of the imagination. Like Brian said, Harden is a perennial All-Star, a scoring champ and MVP candidate, but he needs to get to that next level. The best way to quiet the doubters is to put that shit to sleep. It's hard to see how the Rockets can retool their team to make a championship run, but now is the perfect opportunity. There's no Warriors dynasty. It's unclear how good the top teams will be during the next season. Maybe Harden needs to do some load management and save himself for the playoffs because the impression everyone gets is that he fades in the post-season.
  19. Did anyone expect a Heat/Celtics ECF? Pretty much anything could happen, especially in the bubble where home court means jack shit. I really like the Celtics' young core, but I'm kind of leaning toward the Heat. Jimmy Butler is the best player in the series, especially in those pressure cooker fourth quarter moments. I really hope the Celtics don't have Tatum handle the ball as much as he did in the Toronto series. Every time he tried to drive, it was an automatic turnover.
  20. The Lakers did a number on the Rockets defensively. They were able to double team Harden then have their wings scramble back to prevent the corner three. Harden played more minutes than the regular season but his numbers were done across the board. I don't see how Harden's numbers were meaningful in any way. Houston's points total dipped in every game. They couldn't match the Lakers' energy. There is no way that Harden matched LeBron's leadership, or his will or drive, or anything else that can't be measured in numbers. It's pretty clear that LeBron is the true MVP of the league, and the Lakers have to be licking their lips at this Clippers situation. Did the Rockets really do better than the Bucks? The Bucks didn't roll over in the overtime game Middleton won for them. Different expectations? According to Rockets fans, the Rockets are a contender every season, so how were expectations any less than the Bucks? Both teams had disappointing ends to their seasons.
  21. The Trailblazers put up more of a fight than this and they were without Lillard and Collins.
  22. One team wants this just a little bit more than the other.
  23. I'll happily take a serving of cheese with Love At First Sting and World Wide Live.
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