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  1. What is the significance of that looming CactusSunKaiju colossus in the background? I have other tapes from this venue and was always curious... - RAF **********nevermind, thank you interWeb: "The Theme Pavilion was built to express the integrated theme of Osaka's Expo '70, "Progress and Harmony for Mankind." This central theme supported the coexistence of the two concepts "progress" and "harmony," which is very difficult to achieve, and numerous exhibits conveying the lofty ideals of human beings were displayed. The Tower of the Sun Museum was considered the core of all elements that embraced the spirits of thematic exhibitions, and served as a glorious symbol for the entire Expo '70 site. Situated almost at the center of the Symbol Zone, where the spirits of the theme were condensed and expressed together, the 70-m-tall Tower of the Sun Museum penetrated through the Big Roof of Festival Plaza and soared high into the sky." https://taiyounotou-expo70.jp/en/about/expo70/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tower_of_the_Sun This was a mystery to me for years, and it is sufficiently oddball enough to be a satisfying answer, and it eventually was interpreted as a giant fighting robot, as all things should be.
  2. Augment your RealDoll - the way you have always wanted! TM - RAF
  3. Wild Red Berry would carry a cell phone; the Missing Link would not. --------------------------------- Uncle Ivan sez: keep your gigger between your cheek and your gum. Neat! ------------------------------------- Many workers die old and alone, blanket spread on arthritic kneecaps. ------------------------------- Moondogs howl. Your bone is the symbol of urban doubt. Moongods howl now. (2005) - RAF
  4. Circa 1989-90. This was one of the top 5 cards I ever saw. Johnny Legend is just that - a freakin' legend. He is behind the scenes for so much Amerikan culture, bridging between the lowbrow/pop and the underground/punk. He's there behind Mexican wrestling movies, psychotronic video, punkabilly, Andy Kaufman, and so much more. I saw him before the show and he recognized me from the East Coast concerts/conventions. I remember he said to look out for the kid in the dark match, Rey Misterio Jr., who looked (physique-wise) to be about 14 (he was). Konan (his second or third U.S. match) brought him over. Mr. Legend was right, but Konan began his decades long streak of failing to impress me. The stand out was the main as two of the best monikered workers ever - Tim Tall Tree "the Twisted Tonto" & Stephan "Kiss My Ass" De Leon - had a bloody brawl, Mr. De Leon gigged an artery and in the ring in the middle of the Club lingerie dancefloor you could see chambara-style arcs of crimson spurt hypnotically from his forehead up into the lights. That separated the grappling fans from the folks who came to see the bands. I learned later (from Johnny Legend) that De Leon made it back stage, faceplanted and got ambulanced right to Southern California Hospital. Post-show, the Fabulous Flame's equally intimidating sister hit on me but I didn't realize it until afterwards. What a maroon I was. Good times. - RAF
  5. I went there once, and it was good. My brotherfromanothermother Bosco went there a couple times, and came back with stories and souvenirs. I have an autographed menu somewhere that Bosco got, as I was proscribed from such antics because I was (allegedly) a worker. One time they were out of T shirts, so Mr. B traded the sweaty greasy one that the cook was wearing for some tour merch and marijuana reefer paraphernalia. The '90s were fun! We forgot our leftovers in the rental car overnight, and in the a.m., the BBQ sauce had eaten thru the styrofoam container. Maybe it was the Hep C. - RAF
  6. Yeah, hold those tiny 2"x3.5" catds up from the cheap seats. That'll show that dastardly Humperdink and really rally thee Rowdy One! Weston wrestling magazines did this a couple times for various feuds. Kids, this was like holding up a cell phone during the Wyatt Family entrance. It's all so Big Brother can find and identify the marks. - RAF
  7. Big thumbs up from me for the Zubazzy shorts and cowboy boot combo, smartly accessorized with a fanny pack and custom "Ribera" poly stadium jacket. Just add a Halliburton briefcase and a Rolex and you too can appear to have been signed by the WWF circa 1985! Suitable for airports, yakuza hostess bars, airplane seats fully reclined and the Stay Out in Chicago. watch for my runway show darlings, RAF
  8. Dammit, Umaga was so fucking good. In his short career he had a run of effective matches that got everyone and everything over like no one else. I was genuinely interested to see how he evolved, and then... Anyway, a classic that is still talked about. I did grow up with it but the W/WWF squashes really got those heels over - Dr Sigmund Ziff where are you, RAF
  9. What a day. What a world. Art is life. Rassling is magick. ---------------------------------------------- Buy some boots and tights, get a tan and hit the weights.. Friggin' backyarders. --------------------------------------------- Yahweh and I went to wrestling. I cheered for the heels; he, the refs. ----------------------------------------------- Lowlife Billy Wolfe controlled the ladies circuit. No like? Go outlaw. ---------------------------------------------- Would Harley Race piss in a cup? It's a paycheck. "Nothing but booze, doc." ------------------------------------------------- A new big guy in the Northeast. The old man names him something Irish. (for DSHEsq) (2006) - RAF
  10. Carved from third gen gneiss, attempts to break from wrestling - just sequels for now. (The Rock) ------------------------------------------- Redneck zeitgeist sends thee Stunning One to the top. His "what" instilled fear. (SCSA) -------------------------------------------- Quick study rises to top, "gets" the work, goal after goal he surpasses. (KAngle) ---------------------------------------- Wildman martyr, his blood on the shower tiles, theirs caked in his beard. (BBrody) ---------------------------------------- Headstrong Brit carries all to five star matches, at cost of his spine. Alas... (Dynamite Kid) (circa 2004) - RAF
  11. From the UIC Pavillion, 05/03/92. Dang it Sting, drink some milk. Y'all know how I like to pull down a poster. WCW @ Chicago, IL - UIC Pavilion - May 3, 1992 (3,000) Michael Hayes pinned Diamond Dallas Page WCW US Tag Team Champion Greg Valentine pinned Marcus Alexander Bagwell Nikita Koloff (sub. for WCW World Champion Sting) defeated Big Van Vader via disqualification when Harley Race interfered Ron Simmons pinned WCW US Tag Team Champion Terry Taylor Johnny B. Badd pinned Tracy Smothers Tom Zenk pinned Mr. Hughes WCW TV Champion Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes defeated Steve Austin & Larry Zbyszko WCW US Champion Rick Rude defeated Ricky Steamboat via disqualification at 22:47 after Steamboat hit Rude with a chair Rick & Scott Steiner defeated WCW Tag Team Champions Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton in a steel cage match to win the titles when Rick pinned Eaton after catching him coming off the top and hitting a belly to belly suplex as Rick was on Anderson's shoulders - RAF
  12. I attended a card and sat next to Buddha. Bleacher satori. --------------------------- Smart fans? Talk to the hombres in Tijuana with the air horn chorus. ----------------------------- Doc Sarpolis needs to sell more ticket - AHA! Shaving kit goldmine. ----------------------------- Bruiser's wife made him a ham sandwich (goes good with beer) - booking sheet time. (2009) - RAF
  13. I remember. Heck, I was at WM1. I think you overestimate his juice. He was a manufactured pop culture phenomenon. He was a star, but of the lowest caliber. Then again, the WWF was no big shakes at that point and time either. - RAF
  14. On the pro wrestling PPE tip, I've been facemasking Sabu House Party-style, and just taping up my lower face every time I leave the house. Helps with the social distancing too. - RAF
  15. Great point, sabremike. It saddens me, tho', that Schultz was used to protect kay fabe (and make a splash) in way that most other workers couldn't/wouldn't. and that same volatility gets hims fired w/o consideration when his "usefulness" was over. RAF = monstrous Dr. D mark & hater of Mr. T in thee beloved pro rasslin. I don't think T sold tix per se, but it was the fact that it was a celebrity teaming with Hogan that legitimized WrestleMania for the regular media to cover it. Mr. T was a goofy actor and not a tough guy (at least to my peers) but maybe he had sway over the young kids. A regular sports personality could have filled his role, but was there someone who would have done it? - RAF
  16. True and true, but Schultz was told by McMahon via Strongbow to "blast 'em", and even if his actions are deemed more heinous, his superiors shouldn't have fired him, if not backed him up. It is obvious that there were more factors involved than a scale of violence or bullying. - RAF p.s. - (namely being Hogan)
  17. Mr.Fuji bows, inscrutably smiling. Salt inside waistband. --------------------------------------- "U.S.A.!" chants give energy to the baby (from Canada - HA!). -------------------------------------- The squared circle is not a place for cowards or mollycoddles' (for Phil Irwin) (2004) ------------------------------------- The dignity of Sailor Art Thomas, the voice of Ladd: fuck the man! ------------------------------------ Ox Baker's false teeth were a better gimmick than DX, for me (true). (2006) - RAF
  18. More "treasures"... Ah, Drew Friedman, you are a scamp with impeccable taste. I don't remember where I picked up this (unmailed) postcard but it rocks. I read of it and I sent for it, thee Cactus' One's side biz starring Mr. & Mrs. Foley. This was atopic I dropped when I met CJack soon after and he bemoaned his lack of return on his investment. I shoulda bought a vest. the ol' pack rat, RAF
  19. Muraco also wrestled on TV chewing gum, and another time wearing sunglasses, and Mr. Monsoon had a conniption fit each time. Muraco is the man, a free thinker who goes his own way w/o a worry about The Man hassling him. stevedore surfer, RAF
  20. Xanta Klaus climbed up his black sleigh and flew Northward. Bags of broken toys. ------------------------------------------------------------- Old wrestling program, winners circled, subs noted. 2 bucks on eBay. -------------------------------------------------------------- Ian Rotten had me glue his cuts shut because I wasn't (as) drunk. (11/06) ------------------------------------------------------------- The order of skull hardness was an archaic construct, so unwoke. (05/20) - RAF
  21. We all know that this is some Twilight Zone cornfield twist shiznit, and the COVID-19s will continue to dominate out lives with no light on the horizon, until Dolfan finishes the total sum of each and every WrestleMania and peace, health and prosperity can be restored. So get to cycling, brother. - RAF
  22. F'n genius. I have never seen this before and it is great. Some thoughts: - the reffing and enforcement of the rules really play up then structure of the British rounds style, and when you get folks who understand that way of working it is fun. - I love when the degeneration of the video tape is like filters and effects, here it's like the glamour and peacockosity of EAStreet is sucking the color out of the audience and making them merely b&w. - Street's boots and hair are magnificent here. Early years Triple HHH pouffy mane is merely a shadow of the EAS crowning glory. - I enjoy when a worker is able to convey the large amount of moves in his/her arsenal, with nthe implication being that the maneuvers used are the best ones for that moment. Street does that, prime Flair could do that, many old lucha and WoS workers do that. I don't like the "my gimmick is I know a lot of moves and I am going to show you a whole bunch"-style of worker (Quackenbush, Zack Sabre Jr. as examples, good workers both). The moves have to serve the psychology and story of the match. - Dave Barrie does a textbook "effective rookie" gimmick here. A great complement to EAS. pip pip, RAF
  23. Twofer, babies! 20/20 was trash but any and all info on rassling was sought and absorbed back then. There was not the riches we have today, my lovelies. Between this and the Snuka Piper's Pit me and my degenerate chums were tickled pink. At the end of many "news magazine" TV shows a complete transcript was offered, so rosy-cheeked Rev had to go to the Post Office for a $5 money order and wait 8-10 weeks for this to arrive, Later on I found out what we all felt: that the Good Doctor was a martyr to Thee Bitch Goddess Kay Fabe, and (as opposed to Hogan v. Belzer) given a direct order (from VKM thru Strongbow) to "blast 'em". Schultz was too real'n'scary'n'Southern for Mr. McMahon and Hogan and kid-friendly WWF. Anyway, I've carted this booklet around with me for 35 years, innumerable moves and apartments, and it still makes me smile. no Dr. D, no SCSA, RAF
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