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  1. When VJM renamed his heel challengers he almost always went with Irish names, go figure. I was thinking that a second generation guy would know his value more and be a savvier negotiator with more leverage, at least at first. We all see what a master of politicking that Mr. Hogan became.... When did Zacko retire? How close to expansion? - RAF
  2. Good points, but Spring '83 is not too far away from December 1983 to imagine a verbal agreement or negotiations to be taking place around then. I can also surmise a Vince McMahon not wanting a second generation worker, one without a cagey vet dad who has been around the office politics (Fritz, Larry). By this reasoning that would "eliminate" Savage as well as Ted DiBiase, another hungry youth (who had WWWF experience). VKM had experience with HHogan - maybe he had the VJM stamp of approval? He did name him... - RAF
  3. Well, let's look at what the requirements were: - young but not green - charismatic, if not handsome - big, tall and muscular - not too Southern - experienced but not too established - preferably some recognition with the general public I think VKM was avoiding an overtly ethnic worker/gimmick. Obviously a heel could be turned, so that's not a factor. The W/WWF never required their champion to be a great ring technician as long as the could work the crowd & had solid psychology. As long as the heel challengers were workhorses, the champ would shine. The chosen one had to take orders willingly (Muraco would be right out, as he would get bored and go back surfing every so often). I really think Hohan was lightning in a bottle. Hogan was the prime choice and easily taken from stingy ol' Gagne. I don't think Mr. McMahon would have started his master plan without Hogan - he would have had to wait The longer he waited, the longer some other territory would see the potential of nationwide cable and later PPV. - RAF
  4. Sid V has never interested me post-Humongous, but I will always resent the fact that he almost successfully manslaughtered Arn Anderson (a worker who has brought me much enjoyment) with a pair of safety scissors. He is large, so I see why Mr. McMahon and many folks here love him. - RAF
  5. I wish I could do a FOIA request for the production and sales of some of this merch. I assume the WWE is practically print on demand, able to get small print runs as they need. What merch did they overorder and get stuck with? What stuff was just prototypes and never really made? Did someone's nephew design that Rollins shirt and they printed a gross to humor them? Is it hip and I am out of touch? Who buys all those Miz bobbleheads? Why are there no Capt. Lou Albano workshirts for me? (I know the answer to that one really) aaargh, RAF
  6. I love and endorse this post. - it's psychedelic pandemonium, daddy, RAF
  7. When Abbie besiegted Baba there was blood everywhere, but when Thee Madman From The Sudan finally wird his ausgezählt it was as if they had slaughtered a goat in there, amiright? - ach, RAF
  8. "I call him Dave Dog." - Capt. Lou Albano I miss you, RAF
  9. Doink was then breaking point for the newsstand magazines and to a lesser extent, the newsletters, on the cartoonishness of the WWF. The "Apter mags" were vociferous in their hatred for this gimmick, a obvious pandering to the kiddie market and a blatant slap to the critics and old school fans who decried the circus atmosphere of McMahon's sports entertainment Goliath. It also didn't help that the WWF was restricting access to the writers and photographers of those magazines, effectively preventing them from competing with the WWF's own house magazine, The newsletters continue their cries about the repackaging of established workers to new simplistic gimmicks with no acknowledgement of their histories or true identities, Well, it worked for VKM, at least in the short term and in hindsight, the Doink gimmicks had legs and was pretty good. Matt Bourne was 80% of the reason for this, it is plain to see now. The right worker can make any gimmick work. It's cool (and unexpected) how much love Doink is getting here lately. I am sure some other message board is mocking thee DVDVR for it right now... - RAF
  10. Both those LA Park matches were festive as heck. With the LP vs. JFatu match (not shown on this episode) that's a good hour+ of solid lucha brutality.. I forgot how much I like Joey Styles solo on commentary. Mance Warner never fails to crack me up on his promos. Man, Jimmy Havok is literally THE LEAST threatening wrestler I have ever witnessed in a full sized ring. - RAF
  11. My insider source confirms that the Norfolk VA school was indeed Lou Thesz' (along with Mark Fleming). What an elitist. - RAF
  12. I always was flummoxed by the absolute living examples that the best workers don't make the best teachers, student quality wise, and the reverse as well. Dory Funk Jr.'s school never turned out a breakout star but Johnny Rodz ' gym was a hit factory. The ono-on-one model is much better for training, in my opinion, than a class of 6-12 goofs. - RAF, big Java Ruuk fan BTW...
  13. I noticed that as well.Believe me, answering the mail and phones back then would have taxed the patience of even the hardest carny, with all the mugglies and feebs trying to get in. I will ask around. I thought it may be Moolah but she was a sweet Carolina belle. - RAF
  14. How did Piper bust that bottle on his own head? He just did, that's all. --------------------------------------------- Wrestlers want burgers, boulder shatters a glass door. Hotel meet-up soon. --------------------------------------------- When did the idea of the Double Goozle strike? Road trip satori. --------------------------------------------- Sailor Art Thomas didn't lose his temper, but all the bastards tried. (2005) - sick of being broken, RAF
  15. Don't get old, kids - I wanted to post regularly but I have been under the weather, very sorry. Here is some more phun stuff--- Big stickers! Like 7"x5" big, probably from a magazine. I like them both: petulant Goto and sexyslim Abbie. As I have stated repeatedly, back then you ordered everything connected to wrestling, and you could since there was less available. WCCW and UWF both started to open schools and more importantly, advertise them. As wrestling went national via cable, the schools weren't just local. However, everything was about 90% kay fabed, meaning if you were "half-smart" you could read betwixt the lines... Hey, Percy Pringle III is letting us pull his coat. Thank you, sir. Jim Ross had a hand in it to, at least as the face of the UWF. I love this page. Did a single person who ever got involved in the business get in with info from this book? I like to think some halfwit redneck hunchback was inspired by his love of rasslin' and armed with $15.95 plus p&h became a wrestling arena food preparation specialist. Thank you again, Mr. Pringle 3. 13 schools - that's it for 1989. Moolah had a camp as well. Johnny Rodz was training as well but I don't know if he had an actual school yet. dream baby dream, RAF
  16. I squinted me eyes and it was John Saxon vs. Klaus Kinski and that made it even better. - RAF
  17. The intersection of folks who will overpay for (collectible?) sneakers and complete sets of expensive wrestling-themed dolls is bigger than you may comprehend and will probably make this quite profitable. Menchildren will buy the craziest things... - RAF
  18. DiNYC, I also like how you commented on your different takes on this match over time & cultural changes, as well as your analysis of the kay fabe logic, Goldust's gimmick and the current "need" for cinematic ,matches. good job, RAF p.s. your legs must be jacked, brah
  19. By thee thorny castle of Lilith, the HBLB is one of my favorite matches. I liked (in small doses) the partially taped/partially live matches that the WWF was doing around then (Boiler Room Brawl, some of the bigger Hardcore championship matches). They were a change of pace, and when done well, were more than just gimmick matches as they really advanced a wrestler's character, especially the ones with the more "out there" gimmicks. The contrast of the brutal stiffness and silly references was great, and I am all for matches where the heel gets stripped down to reveal lingerie/boxers with hearts/dirty chonies. It was a shining point in that otherwise drab (for me) WrestleMania. I watched it in a bar in Milwaukee, I believe, which is always one of my favorite ways to watch a PPV. - RAF
  20. How many times did JJ Dillon scamper nack with only one shoe? ---------------------------------- I saw Sullivan roll his eyes back;; I was so different after that. -------------------------------- A black glove clamps to a bloody forehead. The fans groan in dismay. --------------------------------- "The Anvil Chorus" made for genius videos for Link and Sweetan. (2005-06) - RAF
  21. Wrestling matches are kind of like tattoos - the good ones often blend in together in one's memory, but it's often easier to recall the really bad ones or the most unusual. - RAF
  22. Wrestling matches are kind of like tattoos - the good ones often blend in together in one's memory, but it's often easier to recall the really bad ones or the most unusual. - RAF
  23. Brother, you are axing me something from the LongAgoTime, my spongebrain is very selective about the things that fit into my noodle. I remember that there was this old Slick-lookin' man who was always at ringside called The Meddler (iron-on letters on a tracksuit told us so) that would bring signs & props to constantly harass the heels. Sometimes the props fit the taunts, like a rubber chicken for excessive stalling tactics or a big pair of tighty-whiteys for fat rulebreakers, but sometimes they were very non-sequitur, like a oversize sunglasses or a cardboard pizza. So he was like a post-modern Black Gallagher supermark. Some workers really could work off of him, especially Arn Anderson (Meddler hated the Horsemen, but loved Flair). The cage here stymied any potential interaction, so that's all I got. I am sure the match was genius. Chicago had many colorful regulars at the cards. - RAF
  24. Hey. Lots of punk and punk adjacent bands dig thee REAL Sport of Kings. I dug through some of my 7"s for some rock'n'rasslin connection type stuff. I avoided most singles that just used wrestling imagery and stuck with the true fans. Wrestling pics are shockingly common with the indy and/or bootleg labels. Lotsa of Jim Thirwell releases for example have good grappling photos featured. Maybe because he's big in Japan? Anyway--- Side A Side 2 Of course, most of your Confederacy of Scum bands revel in the pro wrestling. These discs sre full of brilliance. The mighty Antiseen have oodles of squared circle stomps. Rancid Vat (close personal friends of thee RAF) share some three covers and an original raver, produced by no less than Greg Sage who is a mover and shaker in the r&r connection - thee hidden history of rock and roll and pro wrestling is arcane and important, kiddies. Whiskey Rebel, I miss you. More RV platters, an odd interview from the radio with the Grand Wizard (an eBay thang, that's all I know) and (breaking my pro wrestling content intent) a super dope usage of a promo pic of a lovely & young thee Slave Girl (not yet Moolah but always Fabulous) for a hip tune from Down Under.. To be honest, I have never even spun this. I dig the mini stand up, tho'. Oh Roddy, will we ever really know you? Truly, I would prefer some bagpipe jams. - these spinners are all winners, RAF
  25. Late era Bronko Lubich made (WCCW) always made me very sad. If he got down to the mat at all, it was painfully slow. If the pin wasn't at all near the ropes, he just air counted. He was a good manager, tho', nice hair and suit. - RAF
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