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  1. Yeah, it was mostly because of the AWA's association with Dick the Bruiser. Same reason Crusher Blackwell was billed as "Jerry Blackwell" in the AWA - the AWA already had a famous Crusher. Actually, Brody feuded with Dick in the Bruiser in the WWA (Indianapolis) in 1979, with the blow-off to the feud having a stip that the loser had to change his name. Brody won, and Dick changed his name (briefly) to "Dick the Loser". When he met Brody in a rematch, the ring announcer introduced him as "Just Plain Dick" Brody had been billed as "King Kong Brody" prior to his AWA stint - mostly in Central States during the early/mid 70's
  2. Matt Bourne had very good punches. ... ... ... That is who we were talking about, wasn't it?
  3. Really, this is all the movie needs to be. 85 min of a talking racoon shooting anything that moves. And maybe 5 min of Groot. I smell money.
  4. Well, he's been in your employ for eight years. You could do what Vince ultimately did and try to either deal with his drug problem or reign him in. Circumstances beyond our control = what, you expect us to drug test them now? Next, you'll want us to not put Jeff Hardy in the ring when he's hopped up on pills.
  5. The WWE said Show was lazy lazy when he he first came from WCW. I don't think so, He just wasnt expected to go much being a WCW main eventer straight out the gait. Most the top guys half assed their matches every week, so unless you had a ppv match you weren't expected to go all out. He did bust out a missle drop kick during a squash match during his WCW run thoughHe did a missile dropkick at Halloween Havoc '98 too. I remember a thread on WC years ago about Wight's mythical moonsault. Someone was swearing up and down that he did a moonsault on TV, which somehow nobody else remembers. If anyone cares, it's here: http://wrestlingclassics.com/.ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=18;t=034355#000004 A tip for you kids: If you ever want what you say to be taken seriously, do not try to prove your case by saying "I Think Kevin Nash was the one who said Show was able to hit one back in his WCW days." Um, yeah, if Nash said, it must be true. 1'm at least 99% that Show never used a moonsault on Nitro. I've heard the Power Plant rumors many times without any (non-Nash) corroboration. If he had been doing moonsaults at the Power Plant, surely by now a wrestler would have mentioned it or they would be footage or something.
  6. I'm skeptical Walt's selfless enough to think about saving Jesse if everything else has blown up in his face. I've always thought Jesse's relationship was built on need and Walt's pathos and wouldn't stand a test where Walt didn't have something to gain from preserving his status quo with Jesse. My opinion is that Walt is the ultimate "have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too" guy, He wants everything all at once. He wants to be let his Heisenberg personality run wild, but doesn't until an event occurs where he can act out his impulses, but still rationalize it as doing the right thing, given the circumstances. He wants the power & influence being a drug kingpin affords, but still wants the conventional middle class respect: wife, kid, adoring neighbors, etc. As he's gotten deeper into the drug trade, he's found it's not enough just to be rich and powerful. He wants people to know it, to know he's a somebody, while at the same time realizing people can't know. So he takes some unnecessary risks and flaunts his new role in front of people like Hank, using the knowledge that they should know, but don't (because he's too smart for them) as a replacement for the satisfaction of people knowing he's a somebody. Jesse's just a tool to him, but Walt doesn't want to admit that to himself, so he plays at being a real friend to the kid. If it all turns to shit for Walt (which it will), I'd guess he'd cut bait and leave Jesse to fend for himself. Unless he further deludes himself into thinking that something can still be gained from keeping Jesse on his side. I could see him being exposed and destroyed, and making some grand, over-the-top play to "save" Jesse as a way of proving to Skyler and/or Hank that, at his core, he really is Walter White. That Heisenberg really is just a role he plays. The problem with that is it's probably not true. Great character and a great ep.
  7. Why is Onita flipping the bird to one of the Mortal Kombat robots?
  8. Were either of them actually very good at that? I'm not sure where I'd rank the Roadies in the territories they worked, but it wouldn't be at the top. In JCP, they'd be third or fourth at best (behind Arn/Tully and the Midnight, for certain. Most likely behind the R&R). On the other hand, they got over huge, they drew well, and the act was a lot of fun. Whatever the "it" factor is in pro wrestling - presence, charisma - they had it in spades. As far as the idea that the Roadies were more a formula and you could replace them with two similarly roided up, stiff dudes, eh, Powers of Pain, Demolition, Master Blasters and a bunch of other hurty big man teams say otherwise,
  9. The comments section is more interesting - and on point - than his essay. The person who said he was seeing political messages where there aren't any is exactly right. I've never thought the show had an agenda regarding either US policy towards drugs or the health care system. The show has always been squarely focused on Walter. Any lessons may only be applicable to him. If I had to sum up the message of the show, I'd probably go with "Some people find it fairly easy to rationalize evil deeds. Not everyone, but some. The cancer's is Walter's beard. It affords him opportunities and an excuse for what bad behavior that he wouldn't have had otherwise.
  10. Vince supposedly hadn't seen Pirates of the Carribean and didn't get the gimmick.
  11. I guess he couldn't go on TV and say that he was changing his name so he wouldnt be confused with the alleged pedophile Terry Garvin that works for the WWF. He claims that, when he was using the name "Terry Garvin" in Memphis, he was unaware that there wrestler who had used the name "Terry Garvin". Though, since his gimmick is sorta based on the other TG's real life, I've never quite believed that.
  12. I've read way too many tweets and laughed at most of it.
  13. In my defense, I really dig Sweet Daddy Falcone in GWF, so.... yeah, what do I know?
  14. Airing on SyFy right now:: Independence Day-saster Yes, in 2013, someone bothered to make a low budget rip-off of Independence Day. I can't wait until 2019 when they release JIm Carter, War General of Mars er, Pluto.
  15. I'm still sad Cornette didn't turn on them to manage a new team called the Galagas. The Space Invaders was right there. RIGHT THERE. Especially if they came out to the "dun. dun. dun. dun." music. I can see someone making that gimmick work in the territories. Downtown Bruno leads his newest acquisitions to the ring, two masked giants named Atari and Vector (loved that game), They beat up two jobbers, then Bruno cuts a promo. One of the jobbers has to be George South. It's not southern wrestling unless someone beats up George South at least once. Back on topic, this GWF marathon reminds me how little Eric Embry's babyface act works for me. Not that I dislike Embry, exactly. He always struck me as perfect for a chickenshit heel role. Instead, he's wrestling Akbar as babyface hero. Ugh.
  16. I'm still sad Cornette didn't turn on them to manage a new team called the Galagas.
  17. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess the movie ends with Thor saving the world. Not too excited for Thor II. It looks ok, but the first one was really average(-ish) and didn't do much to develop the characters.
  18. Maybe Disco killed him and started the rumor of own his death yesterday to throw suspicion off himself. He finally realized that Boogie Knights reunion wasn't going to happen. I'll go with the Disco Inferno in the parlor with a candlestick. Or Berlyn's cane. Whichever. (I'm assuming that Wikipedia entry is wrong and Wright is still alive, btw. Otherwise, this post is in really terrible taste.)
  19. Wrestling is publicity photos (sic) that are not homoerotic. Definitely not homoerotic. Clearly not homoerotic. No sir. Not even a tiny bit homoerotic.
  20. I've really enjoyed the past few episodes. Wish I had watched the show before this. I kinda know who the characters are & what the relationships are, but not enough to really appreciate the backstories.
  21. Now... If they can recast the writing staff.....
  22. if you click on a member's username, you go to his/her profile page. Above the profile info, there's a button "Send me a message." Was I was too subtle? Yeah. I didn't reread the rest of the thread to get what you were hinting at. Honestly, until I looked, I had no idea if you could send PM's or how.
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