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  1. Reality TV star, Wrestlemania headliner, husband of Maryse, SAG member. That monkey's paw is just about done making a fist.
  2. Brock has no moral compass. He's like a film noir character. "Walk down the right alley in Suplex City and you can find anything."
  3. Holy shit, Miscavige is really short. The secret to rising in Scientology is clearly to make Tom Cruise feel like he's average height.
  4. Any invading Samoan army storyline would require Cousin Butch on commentary.
  5. The funny thing with Orton is that he was a natural at fundamental stuff while Cena was really sloppy at the beginning of their careers, but Cena grew by leaps and bounds and Orton took much longer to get really good. He also should have developed the Legend Killer/Evolution iteration of his character instead of The Viper stuff. It's a shame that at the peak of his push he was a bloated, resthold-heavy void of charisma since it's colored everyone's perception of him permanently. That dropkick though, ***.
  6. I think the tweets are setting up a program between Big E and Random 80s Superstar.
  7. As far as a "charismatic guy that can kick the shit out of Reigns not named Brock," Harper is it for sure.
  8. Nobody wants to admit that Taker stole Sunkist out of the soda fountain at the airport food court.
  9. I'm assuming HHH wants to put Reigns over some time this year, so that would probably be his justification for beating Sting. It was weird because it was sort of like his normal epics, but it was also the best comedy match they've done since WeeLC. The whole thing was hysterical, intentional or not. Plus, everything that happened in it sort of took place in a seperate reality from the actual promotion and build. It was like a comic book crossover outside of normal continuity.
  10. Chuck also has to realize on some level that he's mentally ill, and Jimmy being the screwup brother comforts him. If Jimmy was successful at the firm and Chuck relapses it would destroy his idea of their dynamic, even though Jimmy has essentially already become his caregiver.
  11. On the bright side, at least now Axel has something for his merch table at indy shows that he'll make some money with when he's released.
  12. With Fury Road coming out, they should take advantage of Sheamus's new look and have him form a Wasteland stable with the Ascension. Call up Big Cass with Hornswoggle strapped to him to be the heater, maybe have Heath Slater introduce Sheamus as The Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla (built-in Jericho feud.)
  13. The stuff with Hamlin is awesome because he really is a decent guy that Jimmy just abjectly hates. Even when he tried to be a prick to Kim to cover for Chuck he couldn't do it. McKean has been king-sized. That finale looks DARK.
  14. I hope I look that good in my 70s. But I'm no Street Fighter.
  15. Hall of Fame class of 2016: The Psycho Twins!
  16. Jericho Bagwell sounds like a developmental name.
  17. The context of that Sting picture? HHH: (Pointing cell phone) We just need this to go viral as a last minute sell that this isn't going to be an old man match. Vince: More baby oil dammit!
  18. Their only saving grace during the guest host era was that Smackdown was incredibly good.
  19. Watched A Million Ways to Die in the West last night. Not as terrible as I'd been led to believe, but it has some serious lulls and needed about 30 minutes chopped off of the run time. Charlize Theron is the MVP here because she's so damn likable. They do a shit joke with Neil Patrick Harris that starts out unpromisingly but ends up being the funniest thing in the movie because of his interaction with an extra. It's the epitome of a, "watch it if it's on until you lose interest," movie.
  20. Kevin said either on FOB or Babble On a few months ago that he had agreed to do it when his schedule allowed.
  21. That's not weird. It's the third nipple that does it.
  22. I think Ralph Garman might play ex con Shannon instead of Affleck. He agreed to be on Fatman on Batman though, so if that happens soon maybe Kevin will talk him into it.
  23. "That Roman Reigns's ring work wasn't half bad." "No, it was all bad!"
  24. I didn't care for Skyfall, but that trailer got me excited. I hope there's no lame twist and Waltz is exactly who we think he is. Plus, Bond in the Alps!
  25. It wasn't exactly launching an angle, but Hogan walking out of 9 with the strap. "Politics, brother," was the MITB case of its time.
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