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  1. Styles vs Minoru Suzuki was a pretty great match for two guys I was pretty lukewarm to going in. I like Ricochet a lot, but AJ has completely won me over since leaving TNA. If that's not a case for a killer year, I don't know what is.
  2. I feel like HHH was a top guy by default. Yes, he has X amount of main events under his belt but a lot of people, including me, don't think he got there by by sheer talent. When Trips isn't around do people chant for him or hope he returns soon? No. And I get that he's predominantly been a heel so maybe those reactions won't come naturally, but Flair was a heel and people still wanted him back.
  3. At a WWE house show and a kid just yelled "I LIKE SIN CARA SO MUCH OH MY GAWD!" and that's what wrestling is all about.
  4. Not gonna lie, Owens vs Regal would be a dream match. But I don't know how good Regal is to go anymore.
  5. I would like Axelmania a lot more if he was sneaking out wins to build his false confidence rather than always losing.
  6. From what I've heard about Kendrick, he might only last until his next piss test. But I hope not. I like him and London and think they'd be a good fit.
  7. I agree with most guys you said were missed opportunities, especially Shelton Benjamin who I feel was almost hurt by his ability to do ridiculous spots with ladders so they only remembered he existed when they needed one of those. But I've never seen the appeal Carlito. He really stunk.
  8. Did he? Good for him! Too bad he can't wear his mask in Mexico though. Wait, can he even still wrestle? They changed the rules slightly when Silver King decided to mask himself again. A luchador can re-mask after 5 years. Ah, good. His aging boy face always weirded me out. Like those kids in Akira.
  9. Did he? Good for him! Too bad he can't wear his mask in Mexico though. Wait, can he even still wrestle?
  10. I think the criticism of Reigns and the misuse of Bryan are two separate issues that happened to clash at the worst possible time. Which is the kind of thing a forward thinking company would've realized and booked around.
  11. Oh yeah, no argument there. I'm just saying it's not like the roster is filled with many real big men like when Taker and Diesel and Mabel and Yoko were all in the mix.
  12. I enjoyed the show quite a bit, more than Fastlane for sure. The Usos vs Cat Fancy rematch was dope and I guess it's all heading to a 6- person at Mania and I'm into that. Liked the main too and I confess that the Orton booking does confuse me but the reasons stated in this thread I guess make sense. I'm interested to see how things play out with Bryan. There doesn't seem like any plan for him right now.
  13. I've been thinking about this too and maybe it's just that WWE just isn't the big man company it once was. Even Rusev and Reigns aren't all that big but are presented like their monsters.
  14. The Big Reds vs Ascension: Main event in any arena across the country!
  15. Is anybody going to pick up Shawn Michaels' new book? He's been doing the podcast rounds promoting it so my curiosity is piqued but as not a religious man I'm not sure it'd be for me. And is his first book worth a read?
  16. Just now watching the main event and when Neville hits that first German I thought to myself, "Huh, that wasn't as impressive as the comments in this thread led me to believe." And then he hits that second, real deadlift one and I fell out.
  17. Cheers for this. I haven't watched Dragon Gate in a while but I'm totally going to give it another shot now.
  18. He's just trolling at this point.
  19. Steen doesn't really look all that fat to me. He looks to be in the best shape I have seen him. Yeah, Adam Cole said on JR's podcast that Owens was learning about nutrition and losing weight a bit at a time. I can definitely see he's slimmer than before he was signed.
  20. She usually does. http://youtu.be/sqirMXsa6tE I guess that's what I get for being new to NXT. I should've known someone as good as Sash would be way ahead of me.
  21. Loved the show! The only note I had was that if Sasha Banks is going to use the Crossface as a finisher I hope she starts working in a bunch of cool transitions into it like Taka Michinoku does.
  22. He may not be the best in the ring, but I'm digging Bray Wyatt's run as a dominant heel. Seems like it's been a while since they gave someone such a consistent no BS push, even if it's just so he gets fed to Taker. Edit: Haha, did I just call going 50/50 with Ambrose and a couple of wins a consistent push? How short my memory has become...
  23. Always wondered how successful he would've been if he kept this physique.
  24. PDF version for me if there is one. And I echo that I'd gladly pay for it if that was an option.
  25. He'll reclaim it eventually, I think. I mean, people started using the Crippler Crossface again and that has a way worse association. Or maybe he could evolve and get a new finish. I'm not sure he could use the GtS well on the main roster.
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