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  1. I look forward to the day Murphy turns on Blake because he's jealous Blake and Bliss are a couple and the ensuing failed singles careers.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks the Vaudevillains are fine for NXT, but would never work on the main roster? I like both guys, I like the gimmick, but I can't see them doing very well opposite, say, the PTP or the Usos.
  3. Yeah, Dijak suffers from Billy Gunn syndrome. He's big in person but on tv it somehow doesn't translate. Also I'd like to say I'm a big fan of Silas Young the character but not Silas Young the performer. I just want him to go full Rick Rude. He's the kind of guy who could get a neck breaker over as a finisher through sheer shit talking.
  4. Finally finished watching RAW and I actually quite enjoyed Reigns/Wyatt. Reigns' selling and his dynamic with Ambrose are great. I love that Reigns' gimmick has become dude who loves to fight and has a crazy best friend. They've made the main event scene interesting again. Not sure how long it'll last, but for now it's a good ride.
  5. That Owens/Cena promo-off was amazing. I can understand why you might object to working in the child battling cancer, it seems opportunistic and not very classy. But good lord, the rest of that segment was gold. This is maybe the first time I'm interested in Cena the character as opposed to Cena the performer, and I give a lot that credit to Owens as a foil.
  6. And the ladies fighting show "Oh No She Dint!"
  7. There's no way Owens leaves NXT before getting his comeuppance from Sami Zayn, right? Unless they just shift the whole feud onto the main roster as someone here suggested. I'd be into that too, I suppose, but I'd also like a little closure on their NXT run too.
  8. Yeah, when I say obnoxious chanting I mean more "We are awesome" or whatever it was being chanted at the Divas at the RAW after Mania. If the chant comes from a genuine reaction to the wrestling then I'm all for it. NXT crowds never seemed too bad but sometimes I have to watch ROH on mute.
  9. I have a question for anyone on the board who's been a part of the business at some point: what's the general attitude amongst wrestlers (or any performer) towards the increasingly chant-heavy crowds? I personally find most of the chants obnoxious and I know if I was in the ring I'd have a hard time not rolling my eyes at the crowd sometimes.
  10. Also, I think a big part of what helped the final segment was that the announcers just, as JR says, laid out. They shut up and let the emotion of the moment carry the program. It was glorious.
  11. As a Canadian Beardo, I'm glad to see our kind represented in such a high profile match. That being said, Sasha and Becky put on a match so good it would've been almost impossible to follow it. I look forward to Zayn/Owens 3 and Banks/Lynch infinity until the end of time.
  12. Guys, I'm just watching RAW now. Why did no one warn me about Steph's pantsuit?
  13. Yeah, in this scenario I imagined there would be a lot of WWE Divas putting in some time in NXT. Outside of the Bellas/Naomi and Tamina deal, I haven't seen much of them in a while. The occasional match on Main Event is all.
  14. Trips said there were no plans to run all ladies special which got me thinking. I'm not saying they should, but could NXT support two one hour shows, one for each gender? I know NXT: Dudes would be fine but is the roster deep enough for an NXT: Chicks?
  15. The last NXT guy who debuted against Cena blew his shoulder out just gesturing at the crowd. Giving an awkward promo is the least of Owen's worries. Also, is John Cena cursed? Discuss.
  16. I really like the mutual respect Taz and JR have for each other. And Taz talking about his MSG debut was fun. I have to admit I had similar thoughts at the time.
  17. As a man who spent some of his formative years in Greece, I can tell you that there are some crazy attractive women in even the tiniest towns. The village I lived in had maybe had maybe 15,000 people but an amazing amount of stunners. Including one that had an Australian accent? I never figured that out.
  18. I'll be doubly excited if they shell out to keep the Godzilla Theme sample at the beginning of his entrance music.
  19. I was going to say the same about Liger/Dalton Castle. So much fun. I wasn't all that into Nakamura/Strong though even though it's the match I came for. It had been a long and drunken night by that point. I'm gonna rewatch it when I can.
  20. Two things: 1) I love that they refer to him as "GFW Legend" Scott Hall and 2) what exactly will Hall be doing? I don't think DDP Yoga has got him anywhere close to ring shape. Would he be good as an announcer? Or maybe he'll just be part of creative. Enough people on podcasts have said he'd be great at it.
  21. Fucking Michael Hayes, still rocking the fanny pack, even at an important board meeting. You gotta respect that.
  22. Breeze has a lot of great instincts in the ring. From grabbing Balor's hand away from tagging to the DON'T TOUCH ME at the ref a few seconds later, he definitely knows what he's doing. If he were bigger, I'd see him less Shawn and more Rick Rude or Narccisist era Luger, but as he is I worry he'll get a little more Rick Martel than I would hope. Good, but under utilized.
  23. The Rockers and Ultimate Warrior were the early draws, but when Bret Hart moved into World Title contention it was all him. (Obviously I'm Canadian.)
  24. I've been a fan of both Jericho and Billy Corgan since the mid-90s, and with both guys I've questioned some of their more recent career choices. However, after listening to the two of them talk, I can still call myself a fan. Yeah, Chris gets defensive sometimes. Yeah, Billy can sometimes come off as too pretentious. But shit, man, if people were picking my every move apart as much as them I'd probably go a little nuts too. I'm excited to see what Corgan does in TNA. He seems all in.
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