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  1. Ali/Gulak is must-see this week.
  2. I almost forgot what natural chemistry Charlotte and Becky have in the ring. There was some stuff in that match that was just on another level wrestling wise than what we've been seeing in WWE and it was all executed flawlessly.
  3. It more annoys me because if you've got that in your bag of tricks, why wouldn't you save it for when you're winning? It's not like Kota Ibushi is never going to win a big match. ZSJ has been better post-CWC when he started kinda embracing that a lot of people hate him and using it to his advantage.
  4. That Elias/Finn match was really good. Looking forward to the No DQ match even though it'll probably just be Bray interfering to set up a horrific Bray/Finn feud. What's gotten into The Drifter on the main roster? I thought his work kinda sucked in NXT but I've really liked him on the main roster. Maybe someone like Finlay or Arn pulled him aside and gave him some good advice? Roman/Joe wasn't quite as good as their last match but it was still a very good heavyweight slugfest.
  5. Adding in my love for the Nation show. Wish it could have gone longer because there was much more stuff for them to go over. They never really got into the transition from the original NOD to The Nation, Ahmed briefly joining, and Owen joining. The one great point made by Ron was that everyone went on to have successful careers after splitting up. Never really thought about that until he said it.
  6. The time is now to get mileage out of Shayna. No sense in waiting around. I could see her winning and going right to the main roster. Kairi doesn't really need the tournament win. I'd build to Shayna vs Charlotte at Survivor Series and then do the real big angle there.
  7. The AJ/Cena stuff sure seemed to come out of nowhere. Might just be to try to throw people off from their real plans. Or PLANS CHANGED with the RAW side and they had nothing for Cena so the next biggest match is AJ? Can we please get a Becky or Charlotte win in the fucking ten millionth 5 way and just do a straight up 15-20 minute singles title match with Naomi at SummerSlam? PLEASE?
  8. It's Big 4 PPV time so I bet they're building to the usual multi-woman get everyone on the show match.
  9. Heyman put over Joe so strong by basically begging for Brock to face Roman instead. I loved Brock talking for himself for a change and Joe being ready to hurl insults at both Roman and Brock. It felt less scripted and more organic than "your turn / my turn / your turn."
  10. The Miz is going to turn Bo Dallas into a star. Curtis Axel? Not so much.
  11. or people just like different things than you?
  12. Brock vs Joe was fucking awesome. A second F5 would have made it more definitive to me. Brock caught him in one and got the pin but it didn't feel like he fully put Joe down. He beat him but he got his ass whipped. Roman vs Strowman was a great brawl. Roman trying to kill Braun was a bit much because the announcers didn't really play it up enough that Braun tried to kill Roman a few months ago. They didn't sell it as payback. They sold it like they couldn't understand why Roman was upset. Alexa vs Sasha was by far Alexa's strongest match. Sasha kept it pretty simple for her and kinda did stuff around her which was smart. The ending was like a RAW finish. The rest of the show was pretty damn boring.
  13. Nakamura beats him, beats Jinder at SummerSlam for the title, Corbin cashes in on him and people go, "I hate Baron but he's better than Jinder."
  14. It should have been something like "Nobody cared about you until they found out you were related to Roman."
  15. Seems like the other matches will be Baron Corbin vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, Sami Zayn vs. Mike Kanellis, and a couple women's matches. Probably Becky vs. Carmella with Ellsworth suspended and Naomi vs. Charlotte for the title.
  16. A nothing show because of the holiday but fun enough.
  17. George Hill and Zach Randolph to the Kings. Oh and Gordon Hayward has apparently chosen the Celtics. That sucks for the Jazz but it's the right move for him with all the talent going out west.
  18. Bo Dallas' new look was great. Give them three months in this gimmick and they'll be a solidly over tag team. All because The Miz associated himself with them. My body is ready for Joe vs. Lesnar. It shouldn't be more than 10 minutes of pure chaos. Reigns and Strowman will probably be pretty wild too. The whole card looks really strong actually.
  19. I think Zack might win it based on how strong they put him over Juice Robinson. The fact that he works the US a ton might be what they want. He can carry the belt with him everywhere.
  20. Perfectly good show to just kick back and watch. Yeah, JR didn't do well but that's on New Japan for putting him there. He's an old man who has been through a lot. Hopefully they learn for next time. I'd have to go with Naito/Ishii has my favorite match followed by Omega/Elgin and Cody/Okada. I actually thought Cody did pretty well all things considered. I wonder if he winds up costing Omega the US Title and we get a big breakup angle on tomorrow's show?
  21. Yeah, maybe, he's not exactly the most eloquent speaker. Someone there has a clue, though. Maybe Linden is finally getting the hang of things?
  22. Looks like the Canucks are doing some smart quality bargain basement shopping to fill out the roster during this rebuild. Sam Gagner, Michael Del Zotto, Anders Nilsson and possibly Alexander Burmistrov as a reclamation project. The sudden shift towards doing the right things really makes me think that a lot of the previous moves were ownership driven.
  23. Paul George to OKC. Oladipo and Sabonis the other way so far.
  24. I think it just depends on if he's going to be doing comedy or serious wrestling. Or whatever the promotion picks. The Trent? thing is mainly from PWG.
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