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  1. The Adventure Zone is very fun and has helped me figure out more rules and general guidelines of D&D by following their game than when I tried to go through the player's handbook page by page. I am still going to read it but the context I've gained from listening to Adventure Zone will help me sort things out immensely.
  2. Sure, but now we get Chuck vs Trent with a one minute time limit!
  3. I mean I was wishing for something more gameplay based and modular but this is very cool. I assume that there wasn't a rough timeline given. Did they perhaps learn from their mistakes? Edit: whoa whoa whoa... Whoa. What's this about Matsumoto saying the final thing they'll do is release a move editor?! And they'll be providing parts and moves for Jay White, Henare, Yujiro, and Shingo. They also added la campana. This is all great.
  4. There is not. I think we'll live without this but that's just me. They lost me as a fan when they tore apart Omega's old Cobra look.
  5. Jordan Devlin from the recent Chapter 86 PROGRESS show. I mean, I guess? That's some core strength there, wow. It's also strange seeing El Phantasmo working PROGRESS main events and signing with NJPW when he was working the local scene just a year or so ago before his move to the UK. He had some incredible spotfests with Brian Cage for ECCW.
  6. "If". He's slowed down quite a bit already and then there's his bumping. Will be interesting to see how he handles being shuffled down the card. It shouldn't happen quickly but the gradual de-emphasis has already begun. Hopefully we get Taichi-gun soon.
  7. I read your last sentence as if I were reading a Juvenile lyric. Was that what you were going for?
  8. My God, the complete offensive package. What a player.
  9. That game perfected the balance between anguish and joy in video games. And yeah, the artwork is next level. What a fucking game. Excited for the dlc!
  10. The actual video. Great ending (both the hint and Takagi's reaction).
  11. Chuck Taylor is at the Murray St. game and having a grand ol time. They are my team this year and I can see why the hype around Ja Morant is so strong.
  12. Hezonja's reaction to that block is amazing.
  13. The belt is going to be as big as the Mid-South North American title! And Dave Millican is designing it! MANLY!
  14. I'm not really hyped for a 4 horsemen unit in AEW for the reasons @Playa Shunna Ver 3.0 mentioned. Now, Bash at the Beach and Battlebowl I'm there for. I mean, if you could get The Revival and two bigger single stars that would fit in both in terms of character and in-ring quality, fine. Even then it would come off as them being fanboys/nerds rather than them doing their own thing. Just re-release the damn sweatshirt if Cody gets the copyright tho, plz.
  15. I don't want to speak for everybody else but I'm okay with fewer mindless "fuck *insert noun*" posts.
  16. There's no way this isn't a good showcase for Starr. You really think that ROH is going to punish a Jew in Israel after cutting that promo? That would make them look so fucking terrible and the backlash would be way strong.
  17. Oyaji

    Feeling Poptimistic

    This one is low key awesome: "Uh huhuh uh huhuh... YOU MUST DIIIIEEEE!"
  18. I was the guy constantly joking about WCW sets in the many failed AEW threads. My heart is so full right now and I love life. MAKE IT SO. I will fly to a god damn lake in Colorado if it means attending BASH AT THE MOTHERFUCKING BEACH.
  19. Sadie Gibbs has signed with AEW. That's a lot of flips. She's an impressive athlete. So much for aggressively targeting Americans tho.
  20. Orange Cassidy: Man, Myth, or Legend? Funny interviews with Chuck, Dan Barry, and Bryce Remsburg including this beaut' from Barry on how he first meet OC: “It was Beyond wrestling. I saw this adorable man sitting in a chair. I walked over to introduce myself. I went to shake his hand and he didn’t move. He just sat there. I waved in front of his face, said hello, but nothing. So I said, “he must be sleeping” so I took his sunglasses off. His eyes were wide open. He had been staring at me the entire time.” — Dan Barry, one half of Team Tremendous and the pride of OTT.
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