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  1. The Bucks veered into that territory a lot (and their detractors still hated them because they were either too hammy in their selling or one trick ponies) an awful lot the past few years in NJPW.
  2. While the smoke effect was cheese, it also fit the narrative of Cody wanting to kill the attitude era.
  3. Evans was very fun. Angelico looked really off.
  4. As the tv is weekly, there's no way they'll have nothing but hardcore fans week in, week out.
  5. Definitely would help his case. Although Ryback is still out there clotheslining overweight women into pools somewhere and possibly looking for work once he gets sued for killing somebody with one of his tainted supplements. Just throw the SSB in there with the Bucks and they'll get over. Put them in a ladder match with the Bucks and Lucha Bros and they'll be stars. That match with the Bucks and Future Shock is still my favourite PWG match.
  6. I don't think Punk will wrestle for AEW and even if he were he best not come with that uninspired shit he was bringing the last year or so of his WWE run. But Punk strikes me as a guy who doesn't really do things just for money, has enough for what he needs, and will never work with Vince McMahon or Triple H again. They could go 8 digits and I don't think he does it.
  7. For reference, as Cody mentioned this is what they were going for.
  8. That Rhodes match was one of my favourite North American matches this decade. Un-fucking-real. Had me in tears with those Dustin facial reactions. Worth the price of admission alone. You guys wanted blood and... My friend who was following along on twitter came at me with that "double blade job." Naw dawg. All Natural. Opener was fire and Tony's attempt at recreating the Mpro Barely Legal match. First women's match wasn't good and while everybody, myself included, lost their shit for Kong, she was throwing some weak shit out there. They need to tighten their shit up and hopefully they get some of the Japanese women in with the North Americans because that was pretty bad. I watched a Britt/Kylie match that's on YT last night and it was significantly better than this. Thankfully the Japanese women brought it and I was so anxious about the crowd just taking it off but they were super into it and it warmed my heart. Those women worked their asses off to establish each character as unique while keeping the pace up the entire match. Fucking great stuff! Bucks went full on flashback to movez with not enough spacing or thought put into them. And what of the new finish they were hinting at? Was that the long list of ode to moves? Anyway, I really think they're tremendous but this wasn't their best effort and the kind of stuff that got them vilified in the first place. Penta and Fenix are wonderful and all but they are just as guilty of excess so it was four guys playing off each others' worst tendencies. Main event was going along nicely and at the "really darn good" level (not near their NJPW match level but that's okay) up until the botch. Thankfully none of that shit matters because that Moxley debut was unbelievable/perfection and will get the headlines and attention the company wants coming out of their debut. I do wonder if they'll get sued for very likely producing the Moxley video that was released right after his WWE contract expired. Production was pretty weak besides My Man Excalibur (looking sharp in the suit!) and the big ass chips (WCW!). The tunnels are way too TNA for my liking even if I thought they looked cool before TNA TNA'd themselves into TNA oblivion. So many missed camera shots, botches, JR forgetting where he was, etc. I get it, it's their first show as a crew and it will take time so I'll be forgiving but they need to improve with the next three shows before the TNT deal starts. JR in colour commentary role is actually far less offensive than I thought and he did an admirable job compared to what he's been churning out the last 3 or whatever years. Even Hebner was inoffensive. The MJEFF, Page, belt segment was fantastic too. His sell job on the Havoc punch with his eyes bulging out of his head as he spun around was fucking comedic gold, as was his promo. Instant star. Belt looks gorgeous. Big yes to that. All In 2 featuring Page/Jericho with Jericho winning to start off as the big top guy while they get going on TNT makes sense even if he's way too ambitious for what his body can do. Omega/Mox will tear the house down. They brought it in that post-match brawl and that bump was gnarly. No shitty plywood box with cables and padding on that one though of course that part of the stage would've been gimmicked to some extent. Pre-show battle royal was fun but had too much going on and set the tone for the production miscues. Still, it did the job and was enjoyable. Janela tweeted out that he's alive. For how much longer tho? I think Sammy Guevara is pretty darn good and could be great given time but that was the Just A Matchiest of all JAMs. That other dude can do his little appeal right across the Atlantic. So bad.
  9. If this were the rockets, we'd be hearing about some bullshit calls near the end but the Bucks had them too many times to make any excuse hold water. Bucks in 7?
  10. Page winning the battle royal definitely seems like the obvious choice now.
  11. Right. Supporting cast wasn't there to hit their open looks and it allowed the Raps to focus mostly on Giannis. They'll make those shots at home.
  12. Nurkic was that guy the whole season. Their real chance of winning went out the window with his gnarly injury.
  13. He and Penta have had quite a few cancellations that may or may not been dodgy, have they not?
  14. I appreciate what they're doing and I've found it to be incredibly effective. I just hope that they don't go overboard to the point it's blatantly exploiting real emotions and financial constraints like a trashy game show. I thought they handled the PAC/Page stuff as well as possible beyond a clear apology that they wouldn't be delivering the match the way they promised. So, yeah, if they're in full on denial/protectionist mode, this was the way to do it other than just tacking the match on to the end of the episode. Love Page's running gag of technology magic. I wonder how much a VCR drawer would've run for in the '90s. edit: AND ANOTHER THING!... ... Uh... I don't like Kenny Omega with the shorter hair. I'm guessing it and the silver fits in with whatever entrance costume he has planned but I'd take the trashy extensions and braid over this shit. And, yes, it matters! OH AND ANOTHER ANOTHER THING. Why no Shaq footage?! Hangman attending the fucking TNT presser with the Space Jam water bottle was hilarious tho.
  15. Yup, those are really fun. And the AJW fire pro is neat pretty much only because of the sheer amount of specific moves they added for the roster.
  16. In a game full of bad shooting, it is a lot of fun regardless. And it speaks volumes that Giannis can have one of his worst performances of the year and it's in 2OT.
  17. Yano was run-ins IIRC. It's a misplaced narrative tho.
  18. Dave was regurgitating the company line that the show will now be better without this match. They are building themselves up for failure with that kind of talk unless they have something considerable like Moxley waiting in the wings.
  19. Two of my favourites going right now and it lived up to the hype. Classic Teddy at the end.
  20. Agreed. There is no good that comes from this directly. If they can get in a big name replacement like Moxley, then fine. But this is still anus.
  21. Sad. Dame was heck of inconsistent after the Thunder series and The Shot.
  22. That was one of the most disgusting one punch KOs I've ever seen. Bring on Fury or Joshua.
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