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  1. How great was that Caprice shutdown a minute into the main event? "Have you noticed everybody else is using their inside voices?" True. Think Jericho could be pretty great on commentary if he took it down a few notches, which he seemed to do after that. He was way better.
  2. That crowd was dead tired after Dynamite. Felt like the opener held back as a result but it still had some wild stuff like the tope counter cutter and the finish. Gotta rewatch the main event w/o commercials but it was a good, solid hard hitting affair from what I saw but I was making dinner.
  3. It has but it was still her best match and an interesting approach with Athena pouring it on right away. I liked it despite Cargill plateauing. She's still so new to the game it's not always going to be great progress.
  4. I'm afraid Chimaev will control Holland for 25 minutes. Here's to a wild brawl instead.
  5. Saw somebody on twitter post something a little over the top along the lines of "if they lose Punk, they lose their top draw. If they lose the Elite, they lose their identity." Sure, their name is in the brand name and all but li'l dramatic. When AEW was announced, it was basically my dream scenario. My favourite active wrestler heading a big promotion with a mainstream tv deal with the best tag team of the last ten years and it's funded by a DVDVR poster. Cody still didn't have the tattoo and in many ways he was the MVP of year one. If the Elite leave, I'll have a hard time following with the same passion I originally did. I mean, it was always inevitable they'd leave eventually, but just how soon it was possible jumped way up, especially after Cody's departure. The roster is so deep that they'll be fine in the long run regardless of what happens and who leaves. They have guys like Miro, Andrade, Pac, and others that have largely been peripheral to the main event scene that could finally really move up with the likes of Danielson and Moxley. Khan's attention to investing in young wrestlers will pay off for years and allows him to survive something like Cody, Punk, and The Elite leaving potentially in the span of a year. But my investment will drop massively. Just anywhere but WWE as a landing spot, man. Please. I beg.
  6. No, they need to be needled at by shithouse Jim Gray about judging or their next fight!
  7. Sting, Darby, and Muta vs. The Wingmen!
  8. I'm going to spontaneously combust if Omega leaves next year. My spirit will cease if he signs with WWE.
  9. With the idea being they are trying to sell out a 20k seater for the show and lost their biggest draw and 3 of their bigger draws, I don't see how it isn't Moxley vs. Danielson, allowing Bryan to avenge losses to Page, Jericho, and Moxley on the way to transition champion status. Sammy or Darby vs. Danielson would be cool for a normal Dynamite, and I hope we see both of those matches, particularly the Darby match, but they aren't selling 20k tickets.
  10. What. The. Fuck. I had never heard of this as a kid somehow. That whole story is madness. So long as you have money you can truly get away with anything in certain systems. Horseplay, lmao.
  11. PFL picking up some beauties that could thrive in less crowded divisions lately.
  12. Do you think it's that long away? Path to it happening at Full Gear seems straight forward to me. They lose to The Acclaimed in NYC after some slight miscommunication or disagreement over tactics, Swerve fully commits to heeldom by attacking Lee, and they're off to the races. Wish we'd see Lee be a li'l meaner and go heel for a while tbh, but the above is the seemingly obvious path forward they've established and should be great too.
  13. When is Rashomon 2: Brawl Out dropping on Bleacher Report app? The latest: Parekh being a witness is key and a good thing. Hopefully the investigation doesn't last long and they can begin to move on. Best case scenario is the one talent's take. Get over it, make money, elevate youngsters. I still think it's unlikely we see Punk again though. Maybe 6-8 months will help if he's still employed.
  14. I liked Meltzer's point in finding medium in listening to older generations in that some of the stuff they say will be outdated and not applicable, but some will be valuable and should be taken on. It's why the Regal line about not interacting with Page was interesting. If you can't find even something small to take away from Regal, you aren't the bright mind you think yourself to be.
  15. Why does Tony Khan always make it painfully obvious who is winning his tournaments with angles at the start of them?
  16. Kingston or bust. Have him win a battle royal. Arthur Ashe would be just as hot for that as they were for Omega and Danielson.
  17. Fuck. That sucks. Whole scoop from Fightful.
  18. I am really worried the match is spoiled by weird crowd atmosphere.
  19. Other bright side, for those of us who didn't love the aew game cover we could get a new one.
  20. After the initial bump, it didn't seem like Punk or Danielson made a huge impact on the TV ratings. He's a familiar face though and helped move tickets.
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