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  1. Austin losing to The Fly because of outside interference from "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka was awesome. He's entertaining to listen to just sitting there and shooting the shit about any topic.
  2. There's only 12 teams in the Gold Cup, so you have to really suck to miss the final eight. Like Canada.
  3. I am currently going through the USWA/SMW feud on youtube. "Smoky Mountain's hot, USWA is NOT!!!!" is my new favorite catchphrase. Heel, cheating Rock and Roll Express is fun as shit to watch too.
  4. I thought you renamed yourself after an Italian soccer team and a horce racing track (Lazlo looks a lot like Lazio with the Home Jersey Skin).
  5. "Wrestling only" songs Badstreet USA Jive Soul Bro Vader's WWE song We're Not the Mounties Actual songs used as wrestling entrance music Natural Born Killers Enter Sandman Cult of Personality N'Trance's version of Staying Alive
  6. Your new name sucks, but so did the old one. That's a push. Oyaij (or however you spell it) turning into the MOTHER FUCKING SWAYZE EXPRESS is the only name change improvement around here.
  7. Buy Me a Burrito is better than Steal Me a Taco. Both suck with great force when compared to "Lon Chaney's Lover".
  8. Comic books? I will do no such thing. It was bad enough when I thought it was a shitty American Dragon tribute.
  9. NinersFan only let us know where he lives, that's fine. I don't remember what Newb82's name was before, it could have really sucked, so Newb is an improvement.
  10. Sean Salisbury is a Winnipeg Blue Bomber "legend", and host of Battlebots. His opinion clearly means more than that jabroni McNabb.
  11. Lon Chaney's Lover becoming "Buy Me a Burrito"? Fucking terrible. Change that man's name back now. El Daniel becoming El Dragon? What the fuck can be worse than El Daniel? That's right, fucking El Dragon. Make that motherfucker Novacain again. And why the fuck isn't Reggie known as Lebron's Fat Fucking Forehead yet? (or whatever the bet was). At least FSW and Faithless Shitbum/Charlie M had the balls to go through with name changes after losing name bets. Rant over. Everyone else's names changes don't seem to suck too much.
  12. Beautiful day to golf and drink with friends. Home in time to watch the Bombers hopefully beat the Tiger Cats!
  13. Are we allowed to use actual songs (ie. Cult of Personality, Enter Sandman) for this, or just wrestler tunes?
  14. Phoenix and Home Jersey are the best two right now. Manly Red Green needs you to highlight a post to read anything right now.
  15. Milt Stegall, four catches, 234 yards, four touchdowns on Thanksgiving Day 2005 for the Blue Bombers against the BC Sucks Lions. And he dropped a fifth touchdown pass that would have put him close to 300 yards. Most dominating performance I have ever seen.
  16. Good lord, they all burn my eyes. The full red one is amazing.
  17. Birdman is still the ugliest fucker alive. Canada's men's soccer team still sucks with great force. Blue Jays still in last place. Not much has changed since the board went kaboom.
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