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  1. Thursday, September 5 Denver Sunday, September 8 Tampa Bay Pittsburgh t New Orleans New England Seattle Chicago Kansas City Detroit Indianapolis Miami San Francisco St. Louis NY Giants Monday, September 9 t Washington Houston Tiebreaker #1: Geno Smith total turnovers (fumbles lost + interceptions) 4 Tiebreaker #2: Colin Kaepernick total yards (rushing + passing) 278 Tiebreaker #3: Calvin Johnson receiving yards 78
  2. Personally I'd like to see Bryan beat The shield, HHH, Vince, Steph and Orton in a match on Smackdown like John cena and Orton used to do to the Raw roster. I mean they had the Shield's first loss on SD, why not Daniel Bryan's comeback?
  3. Sami Zayn and Curt Hawkins had a good 10+ minute match on the last taping. Curt got a lot more offfense in than I thought he would. The last match of the night with Breeze/Ascension/Kruger vs Woods/Parker/Neville/Graves was alright but after seeing those guys multiple times, it got tiring. The finish was good. I also liked Paige/Sasha Banks and Emma/Summer. I thought Summer would be done with NXT but I guess not since she's coming with Fandango on the 12th along with RVD.
  4. I just got back from the NXT tapings and they had a Swagger vs Zayn match that was outstanding. I haven't seen Zayn/Cesaro yet but It will have to do a lot to top Swagger/Zayn for me. Best Swagger match since the Christian series. Also Tyler Breeze is way over the the crowd. Almost Emma like with his reactions. I also had to sit through 3 Ascension matches and 4 Sylverster Lefort or whatever his names is appearances. It was hell but it was worth it to see Swagger/Zayn in person. Oh and there was a Sami Zayn/Bo Dallas/Zeb Coulter interview segment that should air in 2 weeks that was great.
  5. Hopefully a GIF is made of Naomi's attempt at a springboard clothesline. I wasn't expecting that. Khali/Swagger was the best part of the show. Between Cesaro's selling of the chop and Zeb's promo before the match.
  6. Nice to see Kassius Ohno debut as the fat heckler for Punk. OK show thanks to the Shield matches and that Primetime Players match. That spear Roman gave Dolph Ziggler was right up there with the ones Kaitlyn gives AJ.
  7. So when is War Machine gonna join Bad Influence and Roode? Maybe Eddie Alvarez can join the reunited LAX? Way too much talking on this show that supposed to be a free PPV. I liked the women's match and the tables match though. Mickie James is the best character by far. I kinda want to see her vs AJ Lee when her contract is up.
  8. Best: Probably HBK vs Flair at Mania 24. Honorable mention to Paige/Emma that aired on last weeks NXT or Tyson Kidd vs Michael Mcgillicutty from NXT last year. Oh and Bryan Danielson vs Generico from some Orlando ROH show. Forgot the name of it but it was real good. Worst: Anya the Russian Giant vs Audrey Marie from a NXT house show last year. Anya was only around for a couple months when she had the match and for some reason, the bookers had her lead the match. Audrey wasn't the worst wrestler but man I felt bad for her here. Anya managed to botch walking in the ring and a big boot in the corner.
  9. Speaking of wrestlers bodies, I saw Ricardo Rodriguez and Del Rio's brother at the gym today. Ricardo is much bigger than I remember. Must be the roids he got suspended for. Cool dude though.
  10. The crowd was hot? They were pretty dead for the X division matches I thought. Nice to see Trent get a chance though.
  11. It seems like TNA is doing some overhaul of the roster these days. It was reported today that they released Tara and didn't renew DOC's contract. Hopefully this means Gallows might head back to WWE to replace Rowan in the Wyatt family. I'm guessing this won't be the final people that are released? Also, Jigsaw is headed back to Impact for Destination X. That's a plus for the X division.
  12. Even though I shouldn't, I enjoyed the RVD/Jericho match. It was straight out of 2003 with all the botches and kicks. Good show tonight. Legit can't wait for Mark Henry vs Shield. Oh and Dolph Ziggler has a death wish. That bump he took over the top rope to the floor was just so stupid.
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