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  1. I went to the FIP show in Orlando tonight. Not a very good show when the best match was a Bravado match. Lots of bad finishes including the main with Rodrick Strong getting Dq'd for hitting Trent? with a title belt. That match was just so lifeless. I also really liked the Mia Yim vs ivelisse match till the bad finish with the Savages getting involved and beating up both women. I'm really surprised neither woman is in the two big leagues these days. Both are better than most of the knockouts at least. Trevor Lee for CWF Mid Atlantic and Tim Donst were also on the show. Trevor is a really good heel and has potential. Donst looked way bigger than I thought he would. Too bad they were booked in a clusterufck 4 way elimination tag match. Highlight of the night was Maxwell Chicago though. He's not for everyone but he's easily my favorite indie guy these days along with Mike Cruz.
  2. Is that Jannetty or Leif Cassidy vs. Mr. Aguila? I think it's Super Crazy dressed like Jerry Estrada.
  3. Finally after over 16 years, we get a new Nation. I should have known TNA would be the ones that would do it.
  4. Tonight's show was vintage TNA Impact Zone crowd killing the show dead. Gunner/Storm was ok but just depressing. They are killing themselves and all the crowd could do was chant boring and AJ Styles. Rest of the show was boring and I guess the opener was fine. The lack of heat for the women's match might have been worse than at Mania.
  5. I haven't watched the show tonight but I"m guessing they announced Paige was stripped of the title. At tonight's tapings, they started a tournament to crown the new champ. The finals will take place at the next live NXT show on the network on May 29th. Tonight's tapings was the best one since Arrival as it had some pretty good matches and new people debuted. Also no Corey Graves which is a major plus.
  6. Rey Jr pissed off at getting booed because of Bryan as a member of Evolution would be good for at least a month. Of course, you could always put Torito in the Wyatts as Rowans pet bull.
  7. Emma is still good but she'll be better once she's away from Santino. Nothing beats last Friday when Santino killed her arm so she couldn't dance. The show peaked with Hornswoggle/Torito 2. I want a hair vs mask match between those two. Rusev looked better tonight since the match he had with Dolph on NXT months ago. I want to see Bray destroy Cena at Extreme Rules and then move on to Bryan so Bryan can get his win back. I know that's not happening though.
  8. I've been watching some more USWA 1994 and up to mid June 1994. A lot of guys have left like Eddie Gilbert, Rotten Brothers and the Spiders. The Spiders lost a loser leaves town match vs the Eliminators when Bert Prentice turned heel. Bert is now managing the Eliminators and Spellbinder. Spellbinder doing magic as a heel looks bad ass. The main feud continues to be Brian Christopher vs Doug Gilbert. Lawler was feuding with PIper around this time so he wasn't in Memphis much. He faced Bam Bam Bigelow in a few matches. Doug Gilbert has formed a stable with Dream Machine and the returning Tommy Rich. They are managed by heel ref turned manager Scott Bowden. Scott got burned by Lawler so he wears a mask. PG-13 has returned as babyfaces and are feuding with the Eliminators. It started out with Wolfie D returning by himself and teaming with Spike Huber. Spike no showed at MSC show and Wolfie replaced him with JC Ice. USWA was in a holding pattern around the time it seemed. One of the best moments was Lance Russell taking a bump. Doug Gilbert was doing a interview and Brian comes out and just flies into Doug. Doug falls and hits Lance who falls back. Lance had to be in his 60s around this time.
  9. Has Brittany even won a match since debuting in TNA? Way to make a new knockout look credible.
  10. Watched this tonight and it wasn't awful. I can't get over the finish of the first match being a second rope piledriver. Roadie must have learned it from Eric Embry. Jarrett was the mvp of the show though. Loved the musical performance and his match with HBK was outstanding. Rest of the show was pretty flat with a shitty main event and not so good tag matches.
  11. This is pretty great and as southern as you can get.
  12. I think most of the Mojo section is his family. It used to be a handful but has grown over time. He really is over for the most part at Full Sail. I'm looking forward to him being a Heyman guy in about 2 years. Bret looked stoned out of his mind but I guess that was the pain pills?
  13. I watched this tonight and it brought back a lot of memories. The opening 6 person tag was fun as hell. Wasn't that Trish's first match? She was already better than Aksana is now with years under her belt. Saturn/Eddie and the tag title match were good too. It's insane how small Eddie was in 2000 compared to like 2004. Also Bradshaw was huge and his promo rules. I also loved Val Venis techno remix of his theme. I remember liking the cage match it doesn't hold up very well. Jericho/HHH and Rock/Benoit hold up very well though. I can't believe they bleeped out Shane calling himself a pussy? Fun show with almost everything meaning something and a hot crowd.
  14. Because NXT is on the Network and has more than 12 of Jim Cornette's friends watching each week. OVW was just low rent enough that they could send an embarrassing looking superstar there, get him on the gas, and bring him back 6-12 months later without anyone noticing. He's already back in NXT doing house shows and was at the last tapings.
  15. Good show tonight with the main event angle really selling the HHH/Bryan match for me. My favorite thing of the night though was Pirata Naomi. She should keep that look as it really makes her stand out from the rest. Well that and her outfit.
  16. Went to the NXT tapings tonight as they taped 4 more episodes that will last till about the end of April. Not a very good bunch of shows especially compared to the beginning of last year..
  17. Kendall Skye. She used to be the ring announcer but Brandi Rhodes took her place.
  18. I watched Wrestle War 89 as the first ppv since i got the network working on My PS3. It played great with no buffering at all. The show was good with Flair/Steamboat of course being the best match. I thought I had seen all the Flair/Steamboat matches but I guess not. The chops were just brutal and I liked the judges angle. Also the thud when Terry Funk piledrives Flair on the table is sickening. I also liked the SST/Dynamic Dudes matches. The Bullrope match was disappointing but had a good finish. Why wasn't Flair/Steamboat the main event? Seemed like most of the crowd left after that match and didn't stick around for the Oak Ridge Boys. Good ppv overall. Too bad Muta/JYD didn't happen.
  19. Cause he doesn't have the rights to the Mistico name. He'd have to make a new name or go like LA Park and change the spelling.
  20. Davey actually sold his injury for a while. It's a Christmas miracle in March. So I guess Alpha Female is done now that they are out of the UK?
  21. I'm more angry at WWE for the constant disrespect they show Mark Henry. Why they got to always feed him to Brock? That's not cool. Also, Where was Bad News Barrett? Barrett in Heyman's place would have been even more epic. Good show otherwise. Loved the rematch of the 2013 match of the year even though it was short.
  22. Well the guy that booked NXT when it was really good early last year is now booking Smackdown isn't he? NXT had another show at Full Sail tonight. Not a bad show but very long and 3 Corey Graves matches is almost as bad as 3 Ascension matches. Also Solomon Crowe debuted.
  23. I went to the show tonight and it wasn't a great time but it turned out alright. They sold too many tickets so about 200 people that bought tickets weren't allowed in. That lead to some angry people and cops had to be called. At first they weren't going to give refunds but eventually they did. Besides a refund, I also got a comp for two future shows and a shirt. They also showed the show on the big screen outside which was cool. Whatever the case, someone's getting fired over this. I hope it's the guy that replaced Naylor. From what I saw, the show was really good. Hopefully this doesn't happen tomorrow night.
  24. Daniel Bryan can win the title at the real biggest show of the year, the Raw after Mania. I'm fine with Bryan/HHH as it's better than Bryan vs Kane being on the big show. Wyatt/Reigns was just sad. It reminded me of the Corey Graves vs Adrian Neville matches on NXT. Just booked really shitty to expose guys. I'm guessing they did it to see how they would perform when booked to have a bad match? Cesaro vs Big E was the best thing that happened tonight. Cesaro looked like the biggest star in the company. Even over Bryan.
  25. My first attempt at making a GIF. It's Doomsday(Kane) going through a wall after losing the USWA title to Steven Dunn in 1997.
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