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  1. I remember him and Slash Venom as a Tag team in Puerto Rico having a good brawl with some team that I'm forgetting now. I wanna say it was Glamour Boy Shane and Ricky Banderas.
  2. CJ Parker. Not enough love for the great Bo Dallas retrospective video. That topped the Breeze video and I loved the Breeze video.
  3. Seven posts in and no Marcela vs Amapola? SMH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLpFw9G4P4U
  4. Best thing about the show was Alicia dropping Nikki Bella like a bad habit and Aksana going all Rush over her. That or #Sparx in the Rose Party. I"ll give the Rollins turn a chance I guess. Hope he stops doing the dives that got him over and shave his head.
  5. It seemed like they were writing off Summer from NXT and have Sasha as the heel and Charlotte as the babyface. Of course, I thought Paige was gone after forfeiting the title but there she was last night. I guess both Charlotte and Sasha could stay heel since NXT is really lacking in heel divas.
  6. Tonight's NXT tapings was better than Takeover overall I thought. Three good Neville matches vs Gabriel, Kidd and even RVD. Plus all the returns and debuts were pretty good, especially my boy I like Neville but it's amazing how more over the divas are than him. Especially Paige who got a superstar reaction. Oh and Big Dave Batista is gonna be in the house on June 12th. That's gonna be a hell of a birthday present for me.
  7. I can't remember the last time someone came out with the American flag and didn't get a pop. Zach Ryder managed to do that. He probably would have gotten a pop if he did a Wild eyed southern boy Tracy Smothers cosplay though. I liked the Bo debut, Alicia being awesome and the Shield/Evolution stuff. Everything else was pretty dull. I can't beileve how much Cesaro has fallen. The biggest mistake WWE did was not turning him face at the post Mania raw.
  8. For the past couple weeks, I've been watching ECW tv on the network. I have gotten to July 1994 which is around the Funks vs Public Enemy feud time. It seems some of these episodes have been edited as some are 40+ minutes long and others are barely 30 minutes long. I'm loving the Sandman vs Tommy Cairo feud. PAY ME TOMMY that Sandman keeps saying on interviews is funny. The guy that replaced Joey Styles for a couple months is awful though. Was that Jay Sully doing a bad impersonation of Joey? Tonight I picked a random show and it turned up No Mercy 2006. Going in I didn't remember much of this show but it turned out to be really good. Started out with a good Matt Hardy vs Gregory Helms match. It took place in North Carolina so Hardy was over. I enjoyed the London Kendrick vs KC James and Idol Stevens match. I can't believe that Idol Stevens is the same guy as Damien Sandow. This show also had nude William Regal and Miz getting a lap dance from both Layla and Big Dick Johnson. The only two bad matches were Rey Jr/Chavo and MVP's debut vs Cham Pain. JBL saved that match by just bashing MVP merciless. The three big matches were very good. Taker/Kennedy surprised me at how good it was. I used to be a big Kennedy fan but didn't remember him being a competent wrestler. He held his own vs taker. Regal/Benoit was just as brutal as I remember. Benoit chopping Regal in his open sore was just wow. The fatal 4 way between Batista/Lashley/Finlay/KING BOOKAH was better than I thought it would be. God I loved the King Bookah gimmick. The entrance, the turning into Booker T and back again and the pouting. Good PPV overall.
  9. Adbullah the Butcher, Dick Slater and Buck Robley vs Bruiser Brody, Tommy Rich and Eddie Gilbert from Jerry Blackwell's promotion in Georgia 1988
  10. Kenny King reminds me of Jack Swagger in the way he just overacts as a heel. I can't take him seriously at all with his goofy faces and waving his arms. MVP was in HHH 2003 mode with appearing in almost all the segments tonight. All the babyfaces looked like geeks.
  11. A rarity, Lance Russell takes a bump for an angle in 1994.
  12. I just want Jarrett to bring back Don West on commentary. Oh and bring over Aerostar from AAA and make him the new Rey Jr.
  13. Still trying to figure out how to make GIFs. This is from the Super Astro/Black Magic/Ringo Mendoza vs Maskare/MS1/Jerry Estrada match.
  14. Bushwackers and Jeff Jarrett vs The Moondogs and The King Killer from Memphis in 1992.
  15. Headhunters and Porky vs Markus, Steele(Val Venis) and Cien Caras. Now that's a fatboy trio team if I've ever seen one. Sadly very little of the never ending Markus vs Pierroth Jr. feud from 2002 isn't on the net.
  16. Because TNA doesn't deserve it? For every positive step TNA takes, the booking just kills it in the long run. I'm liking the Eric Young angle but I know at the end of the day, it won't mean anything.
  17. The show was pretty dull outside of Alicia Fox and the Sheamus/Ryback match. Loved Ryback saying "Big guy out". When Bryan comes back, he really needs to stop doing the headbutt and probably the dive outside. I guess he could save the dive for special occasions. If that was Alicia's exit, that's a hell of a way to go out. JBL played a shitty Jay Z though.
  18. I'm gonna go with Vudu from Monterrey. A near 400 pounder doing dives and head scissors. Sadly not a lot of his matches make tape including his feud with Konan Big. Honorable mention to Mr. Maldito and the Platino from Tijuana:
  19. Neville won my bad. Breeze doing a 450 would be great though. The thing about those guys in bunny suits is they only showed up just before the main event. After the show they were trying to get fans to give them a ride home.It was weird.
  20. Went to the NXT house show in Orlando tonight. Nothing much of note except it was a standing room only crowd. The only time I remember that happening at the armory was when Kelly Kelly was in town for a signing years ago at a FCW show. I saw Drake Younger in his refs outfit at the start of the show but he didn't do any matches. Yoshi Tatsu was the ring announcer which was interesting. The crowd really likes him and and he tries hard I"ll give him that. Lot of new people I haven't seen wrestled. Garrett Dylan(Kris Kristofferson's son) wrestled Travis Tyler who is doing a Rick Martel gimmick. I think Garrett was the guy that was under the mask who lost to Camacho this week on NXT? Simon Gotch teamed with Aiden English vs the Ascension. Simon's gimmick of old time wrestler is great. Finally got to see Becky Lynch team with Bayley vs the BFF's. That was match of the night till the main event. Becky is very good and I hope she becomes Bayley's best friend. They did the Irish Jig after the win. Main event was Tyler Breeze vs Adrian Neville.I think it was the best match either guy has had in months. Breeze showed me a lot as he just brought it in terms of moves. He hit this DDT that caused Billy Gunn to mark out. Breeze won with the 450. Best thing of the night was how not over Mojo Rawley is with the casuals and two guy dressed up as bunnies getting kicked out by security. At first I thought it was indie guys trying to get attention but it turned out to be two drunks.
  21. I missed most of the first hour but watched the second hour. I just can't get into Bully Ray as Stone Cole Steve Austin. After he spent all that time being the best heel in the business now he's a good guy that likes to put people through tables? It seemed like he just did this same thing about a month ago. Spud rules as always though. He should be the head of wrestling operations, not MVP. I really enjoyed the Menagerie. I thought it would be a Rose Party/Wyatt Family rip off but it was different. Rebel looks familiar but she has a great entrance. That last segment was just sad. Dead crowd and then they add the awful piped in crowd noise. It was even worse than the stuff WWE uses for Smackdown. I loved how insincere Mike Tenay sounded. He even called it the Authority.
  22. Zeb made that Adam Rose segment for me. Him trying to get away while the party was dancing around him was great. I figured the Rose segment would bomb on the main stage but Zeb can save it. Pretty boring show overall. The Horror stuff with Daniel/Kane is just so tacky.
  23. She's in Rose's party. She also has been teaming with Bayley vs the BFF's on the NXT house show circuit. Most of the other models aren't ready.
  24. A mask vs hair vs hair vs mask match from Monterrey in February 2004 between Konan Big vs Latin Heart vs Jerry Estrada(in one of his final matches) and SPIDERMAN. Features lots of cage climbing and crying kids.
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