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  1. Evolve was a fun show thanks to the last three matches. Especially hero vs gulak which was just a crazy war. The title match was really bad and I like Thatcher. He needs to drop the strap and soon. Best moment of the night was Darby's aerostar dive. The most nutty thing I've ever seen live. That guy is gonna be a cult hero and soon if he gets more exposure. By the way Edwin, I think I was sitting by you at the show. Glad you enjoyed it.
  2. So After tonight's tapings, the takeover card looks to be:
  3. Evolve shows are usually about 3 hours long. I think it starts at 8 and will probably be over after 11. It depends on if the feed goes down and they have to have a long intermission. I've been to shows that went almost 5 hours because of that.
  4. She works all the time at the Team Vision Dojo in Orlando so I figure she got in thanks to Santana Garrett.
  5. I'm a big fan of the New Day and even I am a little angry that the club lost. It just makes Gallows and Anderson look like the Ascension. I guess the next New Day feud is with the Shining stars. Women's match was just bad. Charlotte is unwatchable these days to me and sadly Sasha isn't much better. I can't believe Vince thinks Dana Brooke is the next big women's babyface when Bayley is right there. I guess Bayley's big win will be at Mania which is cool but Sasha should have taken the pin. Cesaro/Sheamus was good but the finish just makes the past 6 matches totally useless. That dive by Cesaro was just scary. Maybe guys like him shouldn't do those? So is Seth a babyface now? He should be. Hell he should have been when he first came back but whatever. Main was alright but the overbooked finish was just bad. The storyline of the night.
  6. Cedric Alexander made his NXT house show debut in Cocca beach vs Andrade Cien Almas. I guess it makes sense with so much of the tv talent in the midwest this weekend. I hope Gallagher starts working the Florida loop.
  7. Ibushi/TJP was amazing to watch live. The Full sail crowd HATED TJP to begin the night and were booing every mention of him before the show like he was roman reigns. The finish was awesome as they went nuts when Ibushi lost. TJP won them back after the Metalik match. I don't mind TJP winning as I guess he was the only one that could show up on Raw Monday. Watching Sasha mark out for the tag match at ringside makes me like her even more. She's such a mark.
  8. Gargano announced it on NXT last week during a backstage promo with Ciampa.
  9. Yes. Then they go to Iowa on Friday. I'm wondering what the tapings will be like. I'm guessing lots of Florida regulars.
  10. They changed the time to Doors open at 7:30 and the show starts at 8 so I guess that was a typo. I'm guessing they will have one or two dark matches.
  11. All this talk about random tag teams reminds me of the Great Hacksaw Jim Duggan/Super crazy tag team from I think 2008 on Sunday Night Heat. They might have had a Raw match that I don't remember. Speaking of Heat, when it became internet exclusive just before it got cancelled, it had some random matches. Like Rob Conway's feud with WWE legends and having matches with guys like Greg Valentine and Koko B Ware.
  12. Lashley was awesome and I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do with EC3. The press conference was hokey with the fan in front of the camera doing with EC3 taunt but I liked the brawl. Also liked the women's match. Mainly because Maria wasn't involved. Grand Prix matches were pretty dull. I don't get why companies keep trying to do concepts like this. They never pan out past the first month or so.
  13. Dennis Knight doing a heel chef gimmick on Florida indies feuding with Headbanger Mosh. I think this was around 2002. The promotion used to air on Sunshine Network. Speaking of Sunshine Network, I remember when they used to run a late Friday night wrestling block of MLW and WEW. You had Joey Styles doing commentary in a Hawaiian shirt on Nosawa and Vampiro matches. WEW had such gems like GI Ho and Tai Killer Weed. GI Ho once teamed with Norman Smiley vs Francine and Michael Shane, HBK's nephew.
  14. Did they ever get the Roku app working? That's what I was waiting for cause I don't like watching streaming on my computer. However, Bruce has put up a lot of gems so I might take a look at it.
  15. I like his anti indie gimmick he's been doing on the live events along with Patrick Clark. He's alright but it's going to be rough for him to get over unless they go all the way heel with him.
  16. Has Ibushi worked in a promotion with a 10 count besides WWE? That was really awkward live and they probably won't keep it in but I hope they do cause it was hilarious. Metalik/Tozawa and Dar/Sabre were so good. Metalik should win it all but I think it will be TJP.
  17. Roode's new finisher is like Edge's old DDT finisher.
  18. So Billy Corgan has replaced the Miracle as the guy that appears on TV way too much? He's so hokey as a character and Dixie being with him is just funny. Didn't he turn on her a couple months back and join Maria and Bennett? Just never change TNA. Just way too much talking on this show. Main event was fine but man I am over this Broken Matt stuff. It was fun at first but as usual, TNA does it way too much. I'm dreading the Broken Matt vs Decay feud.
  19. Probably a 2 ring battle royal. The muscled up guy is hilarious in the match and even the announcers call him out on how shitty he is.
  20. Terry Taylor can be JJ. The Drifter is Pretty Paul.
  21. NXT losing Bayley is going to hurt probably more than anyone including Finn and Sami. She is the true heart and soul of the brand. Especially the live events. However, She has to go up after Takeover. There isn't much else for her to do and NXT really needs the new blood like Ember and Liv. I think they can hold up the babyface brand of the NXT women with Asuka, Billie and Peyton/Mandy Rose as the heels. As for Bayley on the main roster, I really hope she goes to Smackdown and is as far away from Stephanie Mcmahon and Charlotte as possible. Bayley vs Alexa could work. If she ends up on Raw and Charlotte/Dana start doing like they did to Becky, it's over.
  22. So after tonight's NXT tapings, the takeover card looks to be
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