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  1. WSX is kinda fun. The episodes are so short nothing overstays its welcome
  2. https://comicbook.com/wwe/news/wwe-dark-side-of-the-ring-why-make-a-plane-ride-from-hell-episode-ric-flair-tommy-dreamer-husney-eisener/?fbclid=IwAR2YslywTUOB8DMSKxpdFwEcUszleW-4oa_VcRwm_UvbHYdHZyRYE_F5XWU
  3. Flair issues a second denial https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2021/09/ric-flair-issues-follow-up-statement/
  4. One little thing I loved was Tay rolling her eyes at John Silver doing his triceps flexes
  5. John Silver weighing in in an over coat and he's also suddenly over 6 feet tall
  6. Should do a Brodie Lee Memorial Big Rig tournament all super heavyweights, 205lbs minimum make a big deal about the weight ins The middle aged Boy wonder Brock Anderson
  7. To quote someone from this board "Flair is the clown that doesn't know when to take the makeup off"
  8. There's definably a difference between doing your vice of choice and trying to get someone blacked out to take advantage of them. Unfortunatly too many people seem not to make that distinction
  9. The stuff about the "H-Bombs" reminds me of that deposition video of Bill Cosby talking about giving women Quaaludes. Like they don't see the difference between alcohol/coke/pot vs giving someone something that knocks you completely out. Flair doing this stuff in his 50's is way past the age of should know better. Its not like this is a 15 year old high schooler pullling his dick out as a joke
  10. Guys like Kenny Khaos missed out on being either in ECW of the WCW cruiserweight division and missed out on WWE being open to smaller talents.
  11. this all reminds me of this article from The HardTimes https://thehardtimes.net/culture/heavily-tattooed-band-tired-of-being-asked-if-they-are-chefs/
  12. A while back there was a board discussion of wrestlers who where better versions of previous wrestlers (I.E. Flair over Buddy Rogers, Benoit over Dynamite Kid) I'm not sure who was better Cage or Kanyon. But Kanyon was kinda the original Mr. GMSI As for 2nd gen wrestlers its probably a damned if you do damned if you don't thing. David Sammintino probably would have had a better chance if he wasn't constantly in his dad's shadow
  13. I wonder how much they (all parties involved) care about the live number. Due to OnDemand viewing and DVR people watch when it convenient for them. Its not like you have to set the VCR anymore
  14. I think its a valid point that AEW could do a better job introducing people whether its a new character or someone coming in from NJPW for a night. You don't need extensive video packages because thats what you have announcers for. How ever announcing has kinda been AEW weakest point, even the usually solid Excalibur somewhat botched Malakai Blacks intro. Malakai Black, Tommy End! as a fan who are either of those people and why in particular should I care? Too often we get the TNA Special "OH WE KNOW WHO THAT IS!"
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