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  1. Stuff like flat earth sounds like a joke but it ends with people wanting to disregard/not believe in science which can lead to things like measles making a comback thanks to anti-vaxers
  2. If you wrestled in the Rock 'n' Wrestling ear or the Attitude ear its like playing for the steelers in the 70's. Your going in
  3. "Bill Gold" lost a dark match to Hugh Morris at Nitro. The next week he comes back and wins on TV as Bill Goldberg to start the streak.
  4. yhea, but I think it was more for travel than backstage in the arena. Jericho was unhappy and asked how they where supposed to be "rockstars" if everyone had to dress alike. Cena had an exception as long as he dressed "in character" (this is when he was still a rapper) and Foley had an exception that got revoked after a disagreement with vince, this was years ago so i don't know how strict they are or arn't on it currently
  5. Well the Boogey man reportedly ate worms backstage off camera so I doubt he'd have a problem
  6. As to the make up thing. I remember hearing that Vince expects everyone back stage to be camera ready and in ring gear backstage before the show. I wouldn't be surprised if this applies to all on air talent if the need someone to do a pre tape or something
  7. IN a number of years that girl is gonna be dating. Imagine being the kid who goes to pick up his girlfriend only to find her dad is the undertaker
  8. What did you think of the WW3 us title match against DDP? I liked that one. Bishoff say on I think 83 weeks that yes he (Bishoff) should have had a better Idea for bringing in Bret and that Owen's death really did cause Bret lose his to passion for wrestling
  9. Ricochet is kinda like Bret Hart where the in-ring work is so good he doesn't need to be a great promo. How ever him and Konnan were a great combo in Lucha Underground so I feel like he's a victim of Vince "no managers" edict
  10. Canada does a better job of Raking the forest than California
  11. I wonder if they would have done a one off on a B PPV for Hogan-Flair considering it didn't draw well. Do they just do it to do it and move on or just cancel the program
  12. Probably the Flair - Bret title change as well
  13. I remember when Christian had his feud with Cena and was getting over with his "peeps". It seemed like the fans really wanted him to be a top guy so he gets cut off at the knees. So TNA for once did the smart thing by bringing him in and treating him like top guy (similar to TNA bringing in Rhino who was always over even when he was wrestling on Heat). Miro feels like this, a chance for a guy who should be a top guy to be on top. Not just some random WWE cast off
  14. I was gonna say the delayed vertical suplex, used to see them all the time now not so much. More big guys should use them to show off their strength
  15. this is the story that I've heard. He changed his name to "Warrior" at some point he had to fill out a legal document and wrote Warrior in both spaces that asked first and last names. I guess someone saw this or it got leaked online and thats where the Warrior Warrior stuff came from
  16. I believe he personally licensed The Hulk name from Marvel comics about 15 years ago. But my point was more about guys using gimmick names in setting that actors wouldn't
  17. this is on of the really unique things about wrestling. Kinda goes back to Hulk Hogans Gawker lawsuit (with Terry Bollea appearing on the Howard Stern show as Hulk Hogan). Sylvester Stallone doesn't do appearances or press as Rocky Balboa or John Rambo but Hulk Hogan or in this case Big E usually appear in public in character
  18. One think that Pat was known for was being the 'finish" guy. I remember about the time he retired the seemingly didn't have a good finish for the Taker Mark Henry Casket match so thats another area that got hit
  19. Apparently he used to book long term WM to WM, which is insane to think about considering all the last minute rewrites we have currently
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