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  1. I believe he got the pin in the final match on The Brodie Tribute show. But this would probably he his biggest singles match
  2. She was apparently tired of doing angles that involved her father. I mean Flair's last angle was him turning on her and getting whats her name pregnant
  3. which is probably somewhat responsible for the fan backlash, you push anyone that hard (also see Jarrett in TNA, HHH, the never ending NWO in WCW, Hulkamainia in 93) fans get tired of superman eventually
  4. I think someone in the AEW thread said that Bryan gave Dustin too much. But the comparison of Dustin to Jordan on the Wizards is spot on and why I feel thats false. I feel that AEW has been pretty consistent as presenting Dustin as sort of a "just over the hill top guy" he's probably not going to beat the top guys anymore but hes gonna make them dig deep and take them to his limit
  5. Wasn't there a multi-man match in AEW where a member of The Dark Order go knock completely out?
  6. Cody agrees with you! On a serious note, people don't just quite jobs but they quite bosses and toxic work environments, and this seems to be happening quite a bit in WWE. On the otherside the attitude of "Hey bring your wife bring your friends" in AEW probably promotes a healthier work environment. Hell Ashley Fliehr getting out of WWE might do wonders for her mental health
  7. I liked how Bret worked the SS92 finish into a call back in his IYH match against Bulldog
  8. I was somewhat joking saying that Cody was gonna come back under a hood as Mr. American Nightmare or something...
  9. For the time being. Be interesting to see how long the fallout from that lasts. I wonder what name Charlotte would try to use outside of WWE. I assume they own "Charlotte Flair", I wonder if she would try to use Ashley Flair?
  10. I'd be interested in seeing Orton (along with Big E, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bailey, Cena) outside of the WWE ecosystem just because he's been in it for his total wrestling career. Not that I'd necessarily want him in AEW but it would be cool to see him pull a Cody and travel the world I'm not a huge fan but when Orton is on he's on plenty of people around the globe he could have excellent matches with (if properly motivated). I wasn't interested in Adam Cole but I've enjoyed how he's been used so you never know. I liked the idea of Charlotte coming in to manage Andrade as sort of the only person who can be the boss of the boss is his wife. Plus you can always use a good hand in the women's division. I previously said that I didn't think there was a Hogan to WCW type move to be made but I feel that Byran and Punk was their Hogan/Savage/Luger jumping
  11. I'm actually hoping this is where its going for Shida, slow heel turn. Lost to Deeb on what was supposed to be a celebration of her getting 50 wins, lost to Brit in her first title defense with fans. He attacking people should be her eventually being crazy Bob backlund For what its worth Ogogo had to have another eye surgery, so who knows if they would have had plans for him.
  12. So did WWE do better ratings but AEW won the Demo?
  13. I can kinda see the idea that Page could make those matches work...I could see Flair doing it (he was involved with Kevin Greene) but Goldberg or Sting it probably would have been a mess. Pages scripting out his matches probably was something good for parttimers as well
  14. More than a few years. Played 8 seasons in a league that averages 3, plus now he works as a sport broadcaster he really doesn't need wrestling unless he really had and itch for it.
  15. The one comparison between Jarrett and Cody is this I feel. With TNA the fans would get excited for Rhino or Raven to get the big title win and of course they would pivot right back to Jarrett. Now Cody has not been in the world title picture (I almost wrote main event but I feel that he believes that his programs are sort of an alternate main event that have existed unto their own until the last two week) but it seems that him beating Black feels like one of the TNA pivots back to Jarrett. If not for the title then for the focus. Also both men feel the need to surround themselves giant entourages
  16. https://www.instagram.com/p/CVUpbfkFtfp/ Looks like Keta Rush is back
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