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  1. I had not seen this performance. WowWowWow
  2. The screaming prairie dog really makes the video. Great song and great video.
  3. Why have I been sleeping on Dua Lipa all this time? (er, that sounds ruder than it was meant to be)
  4. Sean Penn pissed me off with MILK. Harvey Milk's story is so interesting, iconic, and important. And they made a friggin boring movie out of it - but it won him an Oscar, IIRC. I still have yet to see Button, Frost, or Reader.
  5. I have got to quit hanging out at the audiophile forum. I just spent about $70 this weekend on early CD pressings on discogs. It's not like I even have the proper equipment to appreciate the differences. (not true - I can recognize it when I am able to compare, but still) All of them were $11 or less - apart from a rare-ish 1980's Star Wars soundtrack, which was $28 after shipping. It usually goes for 2x that or more, so I am hoping this one is in decent enough condition.
  6. I have been listening to Sweetener and Thank You, Next all weekend, but this one is in my head this morning.
  7. That's just how she wants it. She needs to blend in. . .
  8. At the risk of going a little OT: To go along with what @Brian Fowlersaid, check out this video to get a taste of her natural voice and a bunch of her hits. Even if you don't like the more dancey ones, scroll to 12:35 for "A Million Reasons".
  9. Sandra Bullock should have stolen it.
  10. I didn’t even think about Endgame or Captain Marvel. I suppose he’ll show up in both of those, and it will be difficult.
  11. How does the pitch clock work, then? It sounds like what you’re saying is the batters are avoiding having to step in and take a pitch. Would that not penalize the pitcher?
  12. That’s good to hear, anyway. I’m just a bit of a purist about baseball not having clocks. I understand that they probably feel the need to do it in order to speed up the TV a little bit and keep people from changing channels. And it makes me sad that that’s a necessity.
  13. Didn’t the Jays have Jack Morris and that pitcher who crashed his airplane?
  14. Watching Mariners versus A’s game on MLB.com right now. The news crawl mentions a 20 second pitch timer being tested throughout spring training. Fuck that.
  15. I finally saw the Spider-verse film recently (it was fantastic). The Stan Lee cameo almost made me burst into tears. What a lovely way to say goodbye. “I’m gonna miss him.”
  16. I am listening to Tesla's FIVE MAN ACOUSTICAL JAM for the first time in, I don't know, 15 years? Maybe longer. So. Much. Nostalgia. Feelings. Apparently, I can still even sing along with some of the guitar parts.
  17. Says the guy who publishes all his flagship books twice a month and still charges full price for them.
  18. Encouraging, then. And there's always Conan - and now Savage Sword.
  19. Wow, so Dark Horse lost both Conan and Buffy? That's gotta hurt their pocketbook.
  20. As usual, knowing Marvel is about to do yet another ginormous crossover has made me nervous about diving into their new titles - many of which look interesting.
  21. Surely there will be a Pedro Morales dump before long?
  22. Captain Kronos

    Hair Metal

    Skid Row - I Remember You Live in Kawasaki, Japan 1989 Those Japanese kids do a good job singing along with the chorus.
  23. Could "never had time for a wife" be the same thing as "confirmed bachelor" and other euphemisms for closeted gay?
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