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  1. Settle down Hollywood Coronetico. Some of us are coming here to escape this kind of stuff.
  2. Wish we could get “Gangsta Taker” after he had his midlife crisis and became a rap fan. Could ride a crotch rocket to the ring with his bitch on the back and spout greatness like “This is my yard dawg” and throw up the Peace sign when he tells ppl to R.I.P. License to print money.
  3. This another one of those things that I get a name out of based on my initials or something? Seriously though I’m sure their was no homophobia present at this show with “The Gay One” on the card. Probably just there to send everyone home happy.
  4. Sooner the better this bullshit is like the corona virus of the board spreading wherever Patient 0 posts(LoneWolf).
  5. DZ hasn’t posted any creeper pics since Rippa’s edict. He’s moved on to gifs now.
  6. Pretty sure your confusing the term trolls with an idiot and a dick.
  7. “The world champion’s ex-boyfriend just showed up in the impact zone!?”
  8. I haven’t seen the Gypsy Joe thing since it happened but I don’t remember any barb wire. This sticks out as I specifically remember feeling like I was watching the end of casino play out in a wrestling arena with what felt like the never ending sound of aluminum on skull over and over. According to New Jack the crowd calling him the N word set him off.
  9. They would sacrifice him for a retired Stone Cold to make a 3:16 reference to get a pop then job him out to Moses at Mania.
  10. So he’s 1-1 drunk counting Blue Meanie. Didn't Blackman KO him in an airport once?
  11. Well Roman does wear the vest but no way he is hiding that much blubber underneath. Jello doesn’t jiggle as much as Bray’s belly does when Goldberg let’s go of the pin in that gif.
  12. I’m not going to defend Tampa but considering WrestleMania is attended by ALOT of people not from the city it is taking place in I think their may be other factors. Perhaps all these people who go for the spectacle from out of town are still going but the die hards who actually pay attention to the shows are turned off by the shitty booking and lack of direction leading up to this particular WrestleMania.
  13. Tom Cruise? More like Ben Shapiro’s long lost brother.
  14. I was pretty let down by Foul King. The one good laugh I got out of the whole movie is when they mix up a gimmick fork with a real one before a match and the ensuing accidental stabbing.
  15. They also bet on how many stars Dave Meltzer will give a match. The betting on wins and losses though actually kind of controls the outcome of certain matches now which is all kinds of terrible.
  16. They do it in Japan. Justified everyone move on.
  17. If we could go back in time and get “He’s gonna puke” Vince this would be great. Otherwise I doubt Vince would remember anything too detailed about any show that’s not a recent Wrestlemania or an angle he was involved in. If he did the company as a whole would have shown at some point to learn from it’s mistakes which it never has. Not everyone has a Bret Hart level memory of things.
  18. Which was the TNA title early on...
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