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  1. He’s got the damn thing on backwards so their is that.
  2. I got that. I just was amazed at how he attempted to explain that Punk didn’t work or wrestle for Ian when he clearly did both. Weren’t him and Hero doing broadways on some of the shows or is my memory fucked? Or did SK’s sarcasm fly right over my head? I’m starting to worry WWE’s revisionist ways will bleed over to fans and we will have people on here saying someone never wrestled for a company because they got paid in hot dogs.
  3. Could you at least limit yourself to one simp gif a page?
  4. Could you not figure out a way to get the corona on a pole Mr. Russo?
  5. Fuck biker Taker I still want Gangsta Taker. He could have gotten his buddy Post Malone to do a remixed intro of Better Now just for Mania that goes “You probably think that you are deader now, deader now” while riding on the back of a ninja motorcycle Taker is using to get to the ring.
  6. Not advertising anywhere so I hope this is ok but the geniuses over at Bethesda released the PC version of Doom Eternal without the DRM...
  7. After this quarantine is over you need to be the first person outside doing other shit besides posting on here.
  8. He was a tomato can for Bean sure but otherwise he was the best fighter in Brawl For All. Williams may have been a legit tough guy and suffering from injury but he couldn’t box for shit either way.
  9. The people who do those Truvago commercials have some new HIV preventive drug they’re pushing and in the commercial it says at light speed “This drug has not been tested on individuals who were identified as female at birth.” Such a sleazy way to try and not say “We have not tested this on women.”
  10. How was Bart Gunn a tomato can?
  11. Nancy’s sister hit the nail on the head at the end when she said this was a combination of Drinking, pills and CTE. Also Jericho connecting her and his son gave me a new respect for him.
  12. Yes. It’s not necessarily a bad show just long with like 45 matches.
  13. It’s when you get to IV you will realize the error of your ways.
  14. It’s ugly but so is most wrestler ink.
  15. They need Meltzer to show them all how to go scorched earth on people.
  16. It was a perfectly fine match till the shitty NWO is Sting’s back-up started. They could have sent agents Arn, Malenko and Fit out there and it would make more sense.
  17. Dude wash those big black rings around your emo eyes off, put your hardy boy ripped sleeves on and go watch the show.
  18. Satin is a TMZ guy that use to try and call hospitals wrestlers had wound up in for scoopz. Fuck him.
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