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  1. "I know your a little unhinged and unwashed" Great line from Miz.
  2. The owl is clearly foreshadowing a Tenay return.
  3. Someone please post the Austin Aries gif reacting to JJ's last return.
  4. Iron Monkey(HK version not crappy USA cut) Once Upon a Time in China 2 In the Line of Duty 4 Avoid Yen's self directed and Taiwanese films he made during his banishment from HK movies unless you want to see the most sped up kungfu ever filmed.
  5. Stark contrast from watching dr death and hawk backstage coked out of their minds.
  6. Dolph: the early years. Guy seriously came out looking like a roadie for Winger tonight so the tie in is now complete. SD is good but the main event scene desperately needs a couple new baby faces besides Ambrose and Ziggler.
  7. Vince Russo giving his opinion on what killed WCW...It's like that subway shooter who defended himself in court and questioned witnesses about the shooter as if it were not him.
  8. I feel like people are jumping the gun on this comparison. Though im not gonna lie it's 99% because people are comparing Chris Candido who was awesome to ADR.
  9. Still don't like the bedazzled element that they can't seem to stop doing to world titles ever since the spinner belt. They don't need "bling" anymore the center just looks like a watch without the time piece. They should be big and gold and look like they could knock someone out.
  10. I'm suprised his finish or some variation of it isn't something we see done on the indies 27 times a match nowadays. Gotta love the way he just does it like a belly flop with such grace.
  11. Maybe they didn't have to listen to his commentary first to discover what an annoying pervert he is.
  12. Pope sucks too. The only person in pro wrestling who might use the word daddy more then Bill Alfonso.
  13. Were you the guy from the eyada WOL days that called in and busted Bischoff's balls about logic for like 20 minutes. That call was great but your looking at this way to deep.
  14. The match layout was Brock's idea motivated by the one thing that motivates him, money. At least Goldberg has some sort of passion for wrestling and isn't just collecting a paycheck like an emotionless robot.
  15. Fitting since I remember him on one of those network specials about tag teams saying Bart Gunn wound up in Japan because you don't need charisma or promo skills to make it there.
  16. Sid "Were live" tied with "Half the brain" Luger "And your shirts are too tight" Zandig "Jeeeeeeeeeeezus" Jake "You wanna play 21? I got 22" Nash "This is where the big boys play huh" Shane Douglas throwing down the Nwa title promo.
  17. Watching Kickboxer 4 last night swore I was going to have a Tong Po nightmare given the make-up/mask he was wearing that made him look like a tanned Muay Thai Michael Myers. Once you saw his eyeballs moving around in the mask you just couldn't look away. Then I noticed Albert Pyun as director and realized maybe he was suppose to be some alien super fighter for this movie.
  18. Most over not Canadian wrestler on the show was AJ styles the top heel for his brand. Most hated wrestler on the show is arguably the top babyface for his brand Roman Reigns, Let's go Smackdown chants when he's left as the last guy for his team put in the underdog spot versus the whole Wyatt family. But yea the part timers fighting each other is the reason these guys can't get over.
  19. Seriously he's on Smackdown. The Headbangers and Spirit Squad are members of the roster. Nuff said.
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