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  1. Based on her back story and the way she's drawn in the comics, I pegged the comics version of Widow at somewhere between 36-45. Scarlett Johannson strikes me as being too young to play the character. I'd prefer her played by an actress closer to RDJ's age. That's the nature of the business, though. Realistically, Widow probably should be at least 50, but Marvel's not going to write and draw her that way and she's not going to be portrayed as middle age in the movies. Aside from the age thing, they've kept her background fairly close to the comics version.
  2. Loder is 72. I find that hard to believe. He looked ancient back when I was watching MTV in the 80's (early 90's?). From my recollection, he could have passed for late 50's/60 back in 1990. No wonder they say "live fast, die young". If you live the rock n' roll lifestyle, you look like the crypt keeper when you get old. Still not good, but.... Kurt Loder = Jerry Lawler, basically.
  3. Personally, I'd rate a number of the stories near the bottom of that list over a lot of the top 12. I don't have a problem with Dark Knight and Year One being at the top of the list, but I think I admire them as quality stories more than I enjoy them. If I was a critic, I'd love them both a lot more. As a fan, I've never found either to be a fun read. Same goes for Killing Joke. Great artistic achievement and I understand why people regard it so highly, but I didn't enjoy it much. Actually, when they came out, I thought the Batgirl one shot ("The Last Batgirl Story") done by Barbara Kesel and Barry Kitson was the better read. Objectively, Killing Joke is the higher quality and more ambitious work, but I've never had any desire to reread it.
  4. Even if he survives, I imagine a bullet to the face will make it harder to scowl or look smug. Will Chilton have any facial expressions left? Showrunners need to take note. The best plot twist this season might be Will calmly showing up at Hannibal's door and announcing that he's ready to resume his therapy. Really unexpected and exciting. Much more effective than the couple dozen fake deaths and disasters we'll see next month during May sweeps (ugh. Even sitcoms do season-ending cliffhangers now. Why?) I've not been as huge a fan of the show as a lot of people, but it's slowly grown on me. It's going to be extremely satisfying watching Will and Jack reveal Hannibal (and hopefully take him down. I could see Hannibal escaping from Jack and going on the run next season, but that seems to take Mikkelsen out of the show somewhat). Especially for Jack, whose contribution to the show thus far has largely been misreading people and screwing the pooch. Terrible threat assessment from Jack. I'm even really interested in seeing where they go with Miriam Lass.
  5. Yet more evidence that Brie Bella is the best girlfriend ever. Because she let Bryan wear jeans, or because she didn't force him to shave and get a haircut? The funny thing is the wedding has gotten some coverage from mainstream media and they keep mentioning that Bryan and the groomsmen wore jeans.
  6. For some reason, Regal reminds me of a (young) David Bowie in that pic.
  7. Yeah, that's the sort of thing I expect them to do eventually. For what it's worth, ComiXology’s CEO's issued a statement assuring that the site would remain as is while existing as a subsidary of Amazon. Of course, he didn't actually clarify what he meant like that. I gather that Comixology offers some sort of incentive program to comic shops to get them to encourage customers to purchase digital comics through the lcs Apparently, no one really expects that to continue. (why an lcs would do this, I don't know. It seems unlikely the percentage the comic shop receives on the sale would come close to their net on selling a physical copy of the same comic. But I don't know much about the program, so it's hard to fairly judge). My feeling is this ultimately won't quite be good news for comic buyers. Although, personally, I'm all for anything which encourages readers away from digital. I read a book or so a week (mostly non-fiction, sports or business) and maintain a pull list at the local lcs, but I've never purchased an e-book and only used Comixology twice (both times, I was reading a complete run and couldn't locate a copy of one particular issue, so I downloaded it. Didn't enjoy reading comics on the laptop). .
  8. Amazon has purchased Comixology. Supposedly, they are mostly interested in the self-publishing aspect of the site, so it might be great for indy creators looking to get their work before a larger audience. I'd expect this is bad news for Apple users, though, at the very least. Amazon hasn't released much info about how they'll utilize the site, so it remains to be seen how many changes users will actually notice.
  9. I would have preferred less of the predictable, cliched Shield/Hydra stuff, for starters. You kinda guess Redford's character is a traitor from his first appearance - not because of anything in the scene, but just because that's how these movies tend to be written. From there, a lot of the movie is paint-by-numbers (6 people taking down an entire organization/military force, the guy who faked his death being able to run a sophisticated op from his secret hi-tech cave, Cap activating his chip at the last possible second, etc.).
  10. I continue to be surprised at how inept Jack is at his job. This week, he probably helped get an innocent man killed and let a traumatized woman take his gun and shoot (presumably kill) a prisoner in his custody. I'm wanting Fishburne to stay with the show, but, at some point, the fallout from all of this has to cost Jack his job, doesn't it?
  11. Years later and the IWC is still dreaming about Vince and his hobo army. The company's actual gimmicks should enjoy such longevity, Do you think it was going to lead to world champion Mr. Kennedy? If so, how could that be incorporated into a great angle? Yeah, that's the part that makes me think the angle would have fizzled. Supposedly, the plan was to reveal Kennedy as Vince's son, turn Kennedy and Vince face when Vince returned from the dead, and build to a feud with Kennedy vs. the McMahon's handpicked "champion" . Wasn't Orton rumored to be the opponent for Kennedy in that feud?
  12. Really wanting to see which direction they'll go with Miriam Lass. As said above, her first words out of the hole probably will not be "Hannibal did it!" So...
  13. of Captain America : The Winter Soldier and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D then I would suggest reading Jonathan Hickman's Secret Warriors as well. I enjoyed Secret Warriors a lot.. Liked but didn't love the SHIELD mini. Really didn't care for the Shield/Hydra stuff in Winter Soldier. Cap #49, 50, 600, 601, Reborn + some non-Brubaker stuff. Reborn seems to be a good point to head for and reevaluate if i want to finish the run. Hoping Reborn reads better than it sounds cause the way they brought Rogers back sounds absurd even by comic book death standards.
  14. What's a good point to stop reading Ed Brubaker's Captain America books? The movie has got me interested in reading at least the first few years of Bru's run. Weird, since the movie doesn't really follow Brubaker's books aside from the Winter Soldier/Bucky concept, and I didn't really dig the movie all that much. Anyway, looking over the trades. it looks almost everything in the first series is must read. The 2011 reboot..... not so much. When does Steve Rodgers return from the dead? Issue 50 of the 2005 series? Bucky was under the mask through at least issue the 40's. I've heard that Bru eventually ran out of steam. The 2011 book at least looks skippable unless you're a huge Brubaker fan How far should I go with this? I'm basically looking to stay with the book at least through Steve Rogers return (whenever that was). Thanks.
  15. Well, since leaping from a great height and landing on concrete (or, in the case of Sam Wilson, metal) doesn't seem to hurt anyone's legs, much less break bones,..... I'd say no, blocking a punch from a bionic arm doesn't hurt. Besides, that was a cool little sequence.
  16. I really liked the nu-52 "I, Vampire" series. (I assume that's what you're asking about, not the original DeMatteis stories from the 70's). I didn't try the book until after it was canceled, unfortunately.
  17. What does the rest of the team do while Chuck saves the hostages and beats up drug lords? Knit? Come up with snazzy names for the team? Drink beer and watch the rotors on their seaplane turn? If I didn't know better, I'd think you were implying Chuck Norris needed a team to take on Colombian drug lords. That's just crazy talk.
  18. This is the first thing I think of when I hear the name:
  19. Yeah, that sums up my feelings pretty well. Never occurred to me that character might still be alive.
  20. Apparently, they're doing an animated GI Joe episode tomorrow. I loathe this show (my wife loves the show, so I've seen most of the episodes. Don't recall ever having a genuine laugh), but I'm actually looking forward to this.
  21. I was fine with the way things ended up. They never built Tracy/the Mother much as a character, so I was never really invested in her and Ted. And the scene at the train station was cute. Also fine with them devoting an entire season to Robin/Barney's wedding, then quicky-divorcing them. If the lead-in and the finale had been solidly written, I'd be fine with the twist. That said, I didn't find much to like in the finale. Writing seemed pretty flat, and was anyone really clamoring to find out how the group fell apart? It was kind of a downer running through a series of scenes that show the group dynamic unwinding - with Robin as the main culprit. It was only two episodes ago that older Ted delivered his voiceover at the end about appreciating people in your life and not losing track of them. My main issue was the writing - it didn't seem sharp, funny, or insightful. If the writing was solid, I'd probably have been fine with however they chose to end things. Also, older Ted is kinda of an ass. I get that he was telling the story as a way of achieving closure and asking his kids for permission to move on, but..... Even if was true, I can't imagine telling my kids that I met their mother at the wedding of the love of my life, whose marriage to another guy was so painful I almost moved across the country and whom I never quite got over. Oh, and that I didn't marry their mother until they were all several years old. Oh, and that I still talk a lot about that former lover and not much about their mom. Seriously, mom gone or not, I can't imagine my kids want to hear that much about the one who got away. He basically told his kids that their mother was his rebound relationship. Weird.
  22. I suddenly have the urge to put on some 80's ZZ Top. Maybe it's the beards.
  23. What do people think of Blue Exorcist? I'm looking for something new to watch and a few people have mentioned BE. I've watched the first several eps on Adult Swim, and while i'm not completely turned off, I'm not sure I want to invest more time in it unless it picks up. Setup/characters/writing seem cribbed from everything from Bleach to Kekkaishi and so far it seems rather oddly paced. The series only went 25 eps and not much has happened after the premise was established in the first two eps. Episode 6 mostly involved cooking. I'm not a big fan of out and out shounen series, though I did enjoy Bleach and Kekkaishi (and find InuYasha kinda addictive despite not really feeling it's very good).
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