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  1. Is the dude on the right (mask, blue/red jacket) wearing his ring attire, or did he find zubaz pants that match his mask? 'Cause if it's the latter, that's awesome.
  2. I had no idea Johnny Bosch was in Power Rangers (never seen more than a minute or two while channel surfing).
  3. The backdoor pilot for CSI: Cyber might have been my least favorite hour of tv this season. It was pretty bad. Impossible to tell what the series will be like. They really only introduced one character. Maggie Q might be the least likely "cop" ever. I doubt it will be anything exceptional, but NCIS: New Orleans kinda interests me.
  4. You have it right. They used Brian Lee's car.
  5. Yea for season 3. The capsule description in my local paper for tonight's ep says something along the lines of "the truth about Freddie Lounds. If she isn't dead and Will is simply gaslighting Hannibal, I hope they have a decent reason Will would smash her window and drag her out of the car by her hair. I thought that scene went a little far unless Will really was considering killing her. Surely Hannibal had no way to be observing Will, so there would be no reason to be that brutal. Jack and Will could surely fake up the crime scene later, Unless Will really is becoming more unbalanced (doubtful, imo), it's going to end up one of those scenes staged for the audience, where the characters act illogically to misdirect the audience.
  6. What was the first? Almost Human. Growing Up Fisher was also cancelled today after it was reported it would likelty be back. I liked Fisher, if only for the bizarre casting. Dad was played by 58 year old JK Simmons. Mom was played by Jenna Elfman (42), Son was supposed to be 11, daughter was probably supposed to be around 16 or 17, at most. In the pilot, Elfman alludes to having given birth to the daughter very young and never gotten to enjoy her adolescence. I think we were also supposed to think Simmons and Elfman's characters were roughly the same age.
  7. I've never heard this. Someone (Whedon) wanted to do a Spike/Faith spin-off? At the time, I would have been all over that. Doesn't sound that interesting now, but my Buffy fandom has waned considerably over the years. It hasn't held up for me. The middle seasons of Angel have aged considerably better, imo. Following writers from project to project tends to be a dubious investment unless it's a Sorkin type who is hands-on every day and doing most of the writing himself. I'd have to look, but I'd be willing to be that most every writer/showrunner I'd want to follow has gone on to create a bomb of some sort. Case in point: I was a big fan of Rome. Creator went on to create the Mentalist, which was a fairly average (at best) show.
  8. You mean, Pelant? The computer genius who framed the main characters several times over and once - lol - coded a computer virus onto the bones of a skeletal corpse? Yeah, he was awful. Every recurring/ongoing opponent Bones has had turned out terribly. I still enjoy how bad the cannibal killer wound up. That was the season cut short by the writers strike. The writers had a plan to lay the seeds for Zach - the socially backward, gently childlike genius lab assistant - to start acting out of character. It would then be revealed that Zach was helping the cannibal killer, but that he was really suffering from PTSD. Decent idea, but the writer's strike wiped out the episodes that would have laid the groundwork for Zach's heel turn. So the writers hotshotted the angle and, with no build whatsoever, revealed that Zach was a dicsciple of the killer and had in fact killed and eaten someone. With no build, it went over about as well as Barney the Dinosaur eating a kid at day camp. (They later retconned the story to "Zach was helping the killer, but never himself killed or ate anyone). Despite all of this, I've enjoyed Bones. Not an outstanding show, but fun enough and there were several seasons where it was one of the best procedurals going. Just sort of treading water the past year or two, though. And they didn't really need to get picked up for season 10.
  9. Possible, yes, but supposedly it does not do well overseas.
  10. People bag on NBC, but it's gotta be work to greenlight this many shows that probably won't find a wide audience. Yeah, trying to tie kiddy versions of various Bat characters together is almost a deal breaker for me. It requires several million-to-one coincidences to put these characters in the same orbit, something that's never even be hinted at before.in comics or movies. Like, the guy that will grow up to be Batman just happened to meet the kid who will one day become the Joker. And they just happened to meet the guy who would become the Riddler. And Catwoman. And... on and on and on. I realize it requires suspension of disbelief, but come on. It's kinda like when Law and Order: Criminal Intent jumped the shark. One day, the main character - Goren - just happened to encounter a serial killer who became interested in him and kept showing up to match wits with him. Ok, i can buy that. Then, the daughter of Goren's mentor was revelead to be an insane killer and tried to kill Eames. Uh, ok. Later, Goren's mentor was found to be an unbalanced murderer. The odds of knowing three killers are a little unlikely. Then, they retconned Goren's parentage and revealed that his father might have been (probably was) an infamous murderer. At which point, I wondered how many serial killers one man could credibly know in his life and stopped watching. Gotham's kinda like that. There is suspension of disbelief and... whatever this is.
  11. Who got bullied off the Power Ranger show? I'm amazed any of the US actors would have been so valuable to have that sort of clout.
  12. Someone in NXT needs to be renamed Eusebio. I wonder if that can get over?
  13. How crippled is the Hulkster? I"m thinking he's crippled enough that he might be vulnerable. If nothing else, I'll try to knock him onto his back and run away walk slowly to safety while Hulkster thrashes about like a turtle on his back. If I've underestimated Hogan and he does manage to get back to his feet, I'll attempt to lull him into a false sense of security by letting him murder me. Then I strike... I mean, my heirs strike. In court. They'll get a nice payday out of the wrongful death suit.
  14. I'd recommend As the Crow Flies and Broken City.
  15. Dudleys vs. the Shield doesn't excite me much. Dudleys vs. Harper/Rowan in a tables match would probably be insane. Cena vs. New Jack would have amazing build - until the go home show, when Jack tries to legit stab Cena and Vince has to fire him.
  16. Well, the obvious guess is: That said, I'm skeptical that the show is going to use Will to off that particular character - either directly or indirectly.
  17. Yeah, it becomes a very different series (and a much less interesting one) after episode 7 or 8. Once Jeri Ryan and the faceless Big Bad Corporation arrive, the show shifts gears and never bothers to go back to the things that worked for it in the beginning. All the questions regarding the vectors, the evolutionary nature of the disease, and the main character's brother not only never get answered, they're basically brushed aside as being moot. I loved the first eight eps. By ep 13, I was wondering if I'll even bother watching season 2.
  18. Would the fans boo Van Dam, though? Have you seen him work a match lately? Getting the crowd to boo him after he works another match in slow-mo should be easy.
  19. Paige's fisherman ddt looks brutal - almost as deadly as a glancing blow from Robert Roode's boot (which, based on the reaction, I'm assuming is either loaded with bullets or xtra strength pepper spray).
  20. I kinda liked Maven. Though I apparently paid so little attention to him that I didn't know he won (?) Tough Enough. And I thought Willow spelled backwards was "bong". Or maybe "felony possession".
  21. My only guess is that it cost too much to make and they weren't making enough in ad revenue to off set that? Yeah. Supposedly, Fox was willing to renew the show contingent on the production company agreeing to fairly severe budget cuts. I'm assuming the about face from a few weeks ago (when it was reported the show would be renewed). meant that they couldn't agree on the numbers, when push came to shove. I'm kinda surprised it seems to have developed such a following.
  22. Seriously? Already? Knux's new gimmick sounds awful.
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