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  1. One my favorite moments was Saxton FINALLY standing up for himself, and telling Graves to shut up so he could speak...which was followed by...silence.
  2. Perhaps, someone should tweet that to the Miz so he could learn how to make his SCF look credible.
  3. I'm imagining that they're laughing hysterically at a drunk bar patron telling them that rasslers ain't so tough, and how he was All-County linebacker when he was in high school. Then Wahoo got up...
  4. I think it's been established that he was a worker, do it still seemed unnecessary, considering multiple people use the CB.
  5. I was pissed at the stupid stretcher job Callis did though. I understand they were trying to get the angle over, but being carried out over a codebreaker was stoopid.
  6. I wasn't a fan of Anderson and Gallows until yesterday's podcast. The drunker them and Austin got, the funnier it was. Austin: "You fuckin' mark!" Can't wait until part 2.
  7. I always thought the Spanish Fly was a dumb move...until Cedric unleashed that standing one on Mustafa Ali. Goddamn, that was beautiful.
  8. "Beef Stew" Lou Marconi The Real Thing The Tulip
  9. Out was said she was better in every conceivable way. Riot is all personality and look, but she is...not very good on the ring from what I've seen on NXT. That's the only reason I'm contesting this statement.
  10. Huzzah. Just what the public was clamoring for.
  11. Shelton! Benjamin! God, I'm loving the Uso's right now.
  12. I fell asleep right at the beginning of Balor/Styles(because I am old), but the two things I remember were that I am loving heel Enzo and I'm sorry I keep beating this dead horse, but Enzo us a much better heel than the Miz. Also, I spent what time I saw of the ppv fixated on Booker's annunciation. He reminds me of Mike Myers doing on if his stodgy English Man impersonations.
  13. I wish I was eloquent enough to explain the difference between Enzo and Miz's mic work is, but bottom line is, Enzo came off as organic while Miz is a cookie cutter corporate heel.
  14. All hail Enzo, the best heel on RAW!!! Seriously, he found his lane.
  15. I look forward to the Bludgeon Brothers vs Authors of Pain in the future.
  16. Copied from fb: Account of it that I heard, "Santinio goes up to him in the hallway and offers to shake his hand. Cornette shakes his hand. Then Santino tells Cornette to apologize to him. Cornette tells him to fuck off. Santino blocks his way and Cornette starts freaking out. Then Cobo hall security runs in and a riot nearly starts."
  17. Apparently, it was Santino being the aggressor: https://m.facebook.com/iamqball/posts/10155592478455851
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