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  1. The Bills first trip to the Super Bowl against the Giants. The Bills were the best team in the league that year and managed to fuck it up and lose the Super Bowl.
  2. New Orleans Buffalo Minnesota Cincinnati Green Bay Houston Kansas City Tampa Bay Dallas Denver Arizona Washington Jacksonville Philadelphia Pittsburgh New England tie breaker #1: 2 tiebreaker #2: 85 tiebreaker #3: 48
  3. FUCK. I tried to say that is fucking hilarious Odessa. I tried posting your answer and my response but fuck it up. I'm new at this if somebody can tell me how to delete a post or post someone's comment it would be appreciated. thanks.
  4. that is fucking hilarious. I am literally laughing my ass off.
  5. Charlie Strong will end up at FSU or Arkansas. He should stay at South Florida and not try playing against the adults. His time at Texas should show he isn't great but somebody will take a chance and deal with mediocrity for the next few years.
  6. What is the funniest wrestling name you have ever heard? The funniest I have heard is the angry Amish chicken pluckers from back during the ECW days. Bullet Bob Armstrong used to wrestle as the Georgia jaw jacker from time to time which was comical.
  7. Auburn Vs Penn st would be a great matchup in one of the bowls.
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