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  1. Why? He'd do a far better job of whoever is doing it at present. 1989 WCW was awesome.
  2. I was mildly disappointed with the Hansen book. I kind of knew what I was getting after watching his shoot interview though.
  3. Anyone read "Drawing Heat"? Not the Larry Matsik book, but the one by Jim Freedman?
  4. Only anomaly on it is that I don't think Owen and Zeus were ever in the promotion at the same time.
  5. What was the last (original) ECW card in Philadelphia but not at the ECW arena? During the PPV era did they ever consider running a larger arena in the city? Is there anything there in size between the arena and the Spectrum or First Union centre? Seems weird that after their first PPV they never ran another one in their home town.
  6. I read both Bruno Lauer's and JJ Dillon's books recently, both very good, A- or high end second tier, depending on how you rate things, I'd put off getting Dillon's for ages due to finding him boring on shoot interviews etc but I really enjoyed his book, particularly the stuff about working in the WWE office in the late 80s/early-mid 90s. Lauer's is a really good read, talk about someone coming up from the absolute bottom. I didn't realise he started in the early 80s. The stories about Sid are pretty terrifying. Oh I also read Booker T's which is free on kindle at the moment for some reason. Can't complain about it at that price but it really hardly touches on his wrestling career.
  7. Who's the guy between Savage and Windham? And is that Dino Bravo between Valentine and DiBiase? Looks nothing like him but he's got blond hair and pale blue trunks so I assume it is.
  8. I think Sean Waltman said they got a bonus for WMX, but it wasn't what it would have been if they had had the match. He talked about it on his Timeline 1994.
  9. How about Dusty rotating HIMSELF out?!? It wasn't the Horsemen that were the problem, they never stopped being over.
  10. Wow I forgot how young Shane looked back then.
  11. I don't think NJPW does pay anything like the same as WWE pays their top guys. But for Devitt, he's a fairly top guy in NJPW, and he has to have serious doubts about how he'd be pushed in WWE. He should stay put unless WWE are offering him a decent downside guarantee.
  12. Oh dear God. Mom charged with homicide after giving birth in sports bar bathroom, dumping baby in toilet before returning to watch wrestling match.
  13. Cardiff City 3, Manchester City 1. Wow.
  14. Greg Gagne was in the match so it really had to be AWA.
  15. Why does Dave have so many computer problems? And at the end, he means the former, not the latter.
  16. When doesn't Valentine look completely miserable?
  17. The vid is from Memphis. It got used in Mid-South as well. The credits are for the TV show. They often used to play music videos to close the PPW show.
  18. How often do they have free audio shows nowadays? Hasn't been one yet this month.
  19. Who were Troy Montour and Danny "Bull" Johnson, the Canadian team at Starrcade 1990? I've never heard of them before or since.
  20. Jim Cornette looking skinny for the first time since 1983:
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