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  1. I'd be seriously pissed off if I'd bought tickets for UFC in Manchester. That was a one match card, now it's a no match card. Cheapest seats £97? Forget it.
  2. Here's another link between Husker Du and Pro Wrestling:
  3. That's cos he's French so we go by the way they say it. Dr Wagner is Mexican. Robert Wagner is American. Richard Wagner was German so we use the V sound.
  4. I've always said Wagner with a W. He's Mexican and they speak Spanish, not German. Even in English it's a W sound, the actor is Robert Wagner not Robert Vahgner.
  5. Yeah I second that. It's definitely one of the better books out there, not in the top tier of Jericho's first, Bret's and Foley's first, but in the next tier down along with the best of the rest.
  6. What were WCW's plans for Paul Roma had Tully Blanchard agreed to return at Slamboree '93?
  7. Yeah I got it from Amazon, I got "Long Days and Short Pays" at the same time. For any UKers that interested, it was quite a bit cheaper ordering them from amazon.com than it would have been ordering them from Crowbar Press. Postage was less than $8 combined compared with $20+ from Crowbar.
  8. If it's Drawing Heat by Larry Matysik, I have. I hated it. It was 90% him complaining about modern wrestling, mostly. Consequently, I'm currently reading the E's version of The Rise And Fall of ECW. Now I am by no means an ECW expert or a fan when it was around, but it seems like there's a lot of inaccuracies in it. For example, they claimed that Shane Douglas won the WWF TV Title in 1992. Also, some of the photos identify the wrong wrestlers. It's not Matysik's book, it's another book by Jim Freedman. Originally published in 1989 but recently republished by Scott Teal and Crowbar Press.
  9. WWE should have used that picture when Adnan was managing Slaughter.
  10. I got "Drawing Heat" and "Long Days and Short Pays" today. Anyone else read them?
  11. How can EVOLVE draw such poor crowds? Do they actually advertise their shows in the towns etc?
  12. WTF is going on with international football tournaments? If Qatar can't host the World Cup in it's usual June-July slot then they should never have been given the tournament in the first place. Did they state this when they bid for it? The world cup in winter is a completely fucking stupid idea. And don't even get me started on Euro 2020 being held in thirteen cities in thirteen countries. Another fucking idiotic idea.
  13. I'm not sure that Brodus is as big as the giants of the 80s and early 90s were. He looks huge because there's fewer big guys around these days.
  14. Regarding fat guys, would the likes of Akeem, Big Bossman, Jerry Blackwell, King Kong Bundy pass wellness tests these days? Not regarding drugs, regarding cardiovascular fitness?
  15. Would WWE ever release a Sgt Slaughter DVD set? It's be pretty great if they did, the feud and matches with Patterson from early 80s WWF, the feud with he and Kernodle vs Steamboat and Youngblood from JCP, back to WWF and his feud with Iron Sheik and the whole patriotic gimmick, GI Joe tie in, his run in AWA, then his heel turn and world title run in WWF. I see him as one of the few classic guys they have left who they could produce a marketable DVD of. Duggan would be another one.
  16. Why? He'd do a far better job of whoever is doing it at present. 1989 WCW was awesome.
  17. I was mildly disappointed with the Hansen book. I kind of knew what I was getting after watching his shoot interview though.
  18. Anyone read "Drawing Heat"? Not the Larry Matsik book, but the one by Jim Freedman?
  19. Only anomaly on it is that I don't think Owen and Zeus were ever in the promotion at the same time.
  20. What was the last (original) ECW card in Philadelphia but not at the ECW arena? During the PPV era did they ever consider running a larger arena in the city? Is there anything there in size between the arena and the Spectrum or First Union centre? Seems weird that after their first PPV they never ran another one in their home town.
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