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  1. That was a fun match. Penelope didn't want to let Lana down. Great running knee for the win.
  2. For some reason Ch. 10/55 here in NYC ran Charles Stanley's show 15 minutes over so I have to watch the last 15 on youtube when it goes up. I liked the Bully Busters vs. Chainsaw and Voodoo. You have to love the dedication to her gimmick to get a full leg length tattoo of a chainsaw. I was surprised to see Disciplinarian lose. Figured she would win. Spars vs. Gianni wasnt bad. Just got to find that main event to see what I missed.
  3. D.C. as the referee feels like when Shamrock was the ref for Bret vs Austin. This is a good thing.
  4. I just watched it because I forgot I had it on my dvr. It was all right. Same amount of Dave's campy ness. I liked Miami Sweet. They had a nifty tandem finisher. Glitch the Gamer has to be the most modern gimmick ever for David McClane. Reina should prove to be a good feud for Beast.
  5. Good show tonight. I liked the opening segment with that JAS. Loved that Garcia finally snapped and went sports entertainment crazy. Poor Luigi though. He just wanted to make a pizza. It led to a fun little Bryan vs. Daddy Magic match. I do love Daddy Magic and his I'm gonna burst an aneurism promo style. Bryan is just so much fun when he's just beating people up. The Saraya promo wasnt that bad. At least in my view. It's a given anyone coming from the WWE has to do the "oh I'm free from such an evil boss" promo. I just want to know is she supposed to wrestle or what. I would assume if she can wrestle, a Sting schedule of a match every now and then would be best. Though I don't think she'll be jumping off bleachers and stuff like crazy old man Sting. But yeah, I didn't think it was bad as others. It led to a good Toni Storm/Serena Deeb match. I guess on the fly it became a lumberjack match. I'd like to see Storm and Deeb feud some more. That second rope piledriver was sick. Mox vs. Juice was all right. Standard Moxley match at this point. I liked the prematch hype video that made Juice at least seem like a threat. I laughed at The Acclaimed promo backstage. There's gonna be a lot of confiscated scissors next week at the metal detectors to get into the building. Loved Wheeler showing up at MJF's box and pummeling him. I agree with him being like Piper in 81 right now. I can't imagine him ever seeing the light and turning face though. If he did it would put the Ole Anderson heel turn to shame because you know it would be a giant trick on his part. Bandido vs. Jericho was an amazing match. Jericho in his Ring of Honor mode is going to be so fun with him wrestling mostly honorable only to cheat at the end. Bandido is very good though. That stalling suplex was awesome along with that moonsalt fall away slam. But like I said, Jericho cheats to win. Can't wait to see what other former ROH Champions they can get.
  6. Yeah we were out of the building and I think almost at the ramp to the train when we heard another match was going on. I like Ricky Starks and Hobbs, but it was all ready late as hell when that battle royal started.
  7. I'm surprised if it was only 12,000 fans. It seemed like more. But there were huge sections of the nosebleeds that were empty.
  8. I was at the show last night and it was amazing. I was super shocked Jericho won and then Moxley won later in the night. The Acclamied are super over. That was a great match. There were so many people wearing that scissor me daddy shirt they are selling. The pop Saraya got was deafening. Another shocker there. But yeah overall a fun show. This doesn't even count rampage which I will not spoil.
  9. I just finished watching it on the dvr a little while ago. I thought it was the usual McLane campiness. Coach Champinelli seems to be an early heel who is a crowd favorite. I liked her quick backstage promo where she said Kandi Krush would never knock anyone out with her noodle arms. The show wasn't bad. Like I said it was campy. AJ remains the best though and I hope maybe she'll get into the ring with them. But Tessa Blanchard coming back is probably more likely. There's supposed to be a Heavy Metal faction of some sort so I hope RIOT turns back up in WOW at some point with them.
  10. I watched it over the weekend. I thought it was all right. A bit chaotic at times, but I expect that from a Taika Waititi movie. I loved Russel Crowe as Zeus, but for the life of me I couldn't understand why he chose to do an Italian accent...at least it sounded like one to me. Christian Bale was great as Gorr.
  11. This was a good show tonight. Had some really good matches. I kinda was hoping Sammy would some how swindle a win tonight just to see the nuclear heat would get next week in Queens. The match with Mox was good though. I didn't mind the women coming out for the interference since I knew it had to happen. It was amusing to see Renee sniping at Tay on Twitter over the low blow. Regal had some line about a defense for low blows that had me cracking up. The Firm looked pretty good. I'm sure other names could have been used, but I liked Stoakley's explanation about why they are all together. LUIGI PRIMO!!! That was random even for AEW. Swerve/Glory vs. Lucha Bros was good. Didn't expect it to be that good though. Keith Lee shouldn't be taking Destroyers. There's a lot of things Keith Lee shouldn't do but he does them. The women's tag match was good. I was surprised that Toni took the loss, but it set up a 4 way for next week. Bryan vs. Jericho was really good. I'm gonna say Bryan is really good at selling cause I thought he messed up his ankle too. I'm surprised they're going with Bryan vs. Mox. New York City is going to be split down the middle. Bryan always comes out the heel tunnel, so maybe that will be a hint to how that match goes down. Overall a good show. Can't wait for next week especially since I'm supposed to be going.
  12. Tonight was so so with a couple of good matches mixed into the show. Balor/Riddle was good until the ending which was seen coming a mile away. I sure hope Riddle gets one back in all of this cause he's been losing left and right. Gargano vs. Gable was possibly my MOTW...but we have a long week to go. But it was a really good match. If Chad Gable were a few inches taller, he would have been seen as the new Kurt Angle that Vince was always looking for. Hopefully under Triple H's new regime he gets to shine like this. I was sad that Raquel and Aliyah lost the tag titles. I mean I know they had to, but I wish they didn't. Bianca's open challenge seemed like a dud. There was no one on RAW they could give that shot to? Dana Brooke is right there. Edge vs. Dom was all right. Dominik did seem out of his element but he held up his end. Only thing I thought was it's clear the kid doesn't have the gas to go 20 plus minutes...neither does Edge at this point. The schmoz at the end was expected, but at least Dom did some Eddie spots which was nice.
  13. I listened to the new Ozzy album on spotify on Friday night and I thought it was pretty good. The standout tracks are the ones with Tony Iommi and Eric Clapton. Clapton apparently thought people would find the "I don't wanna believe in Jesus today" line to be controversial.
  14. The old UWF and ROH belts look similar so it works out. Speaking of belts, does anyone know why they went back to the simple looking ROH Title belts instead of using the more fancy and ornate ones they had up until the sale?
  15. Sadly they can't since the WWE brought it back for NXT Halloween Havoc. But a random match generator or something could work. I want to see two unlikely people thrown into a barbwire match.
  16. This was a pretty good show tonight. The start of the show could have been a disaster, but luckily Tony Khan was smart enough to do it in the back and I think pretaped. MJF such a master troll. I kept waiting for him to shit on the Bills and when he did it was beautiful. Moxley really looked like he didn't want to be there which added to his promo. The opening Trio's match was good. I was shocked when Death Triangle won. I figured they wouldn't put two belts onto Pac. Best Friends always seem to come up short in these huge matches which sucks. Storm vs. Ford was all right. Most of the match happened during the commercial which tends to suck for the women. I knew The Acclaimed would get interrupted. It was a great move by Swerve to do it just as the rap was about to start. I can't imagine they would have actually let Max say anything, but this worked better. Nice squash by Wardlow. I have no problems with him being treated like Goldberg. Tony Neese deserved a little better than being demolished though. Hangman/Bryan 3 was a good match. I'm not sure if it is on the same level as the first two, but it was pretty damn good. I was hoping Hangman would win because he honestly needs a big win right now. Yuta vs. Garcia was great. Wheeler heeling it up against the hometown boy was a nice touch. All of this has to be leading up to a Jericho/Garcia pure match and that will be amazing to watch. Overall a good show tonight all things considered.
  17. I enjoyed the show. Was it great? No, but I enjoyed it. Some of it could have been trimmed as usual and saved for Dynamite/Rampage so the show would have ended a good 40 minutes earlier. I had no problem with The Joker winning the way that he did. I'm just glad they didn't make us wait till Wednesday for the payoff on that. Some of these matches tonight while good, did seem like they were just there. Perhaps Chicago is burned out on AEW. I wasn't mad with The Joker winning how he did. Sure it killed the crowd, but it made sense for what was to come later on. I hoped The Dark Order would win the Trio's titles. They needed that win more than The Bucks and Kenny. Jade/Athena could have been on Rampage just to save time. This was probably Jade's best match though so I hope they continue feuding. FTR/Wardlow vs. MCMG/Lethal was all right. This felt like one of the Dynamite or Rampage matches though. They should have had The Acclaimed win tonight. That whole Scissor Me Daddy thing is red hot and you should go with what's hot. Unless Swerve/Lee are going heel I saw no point in them retaining. The women's 4 way was good. Sad Jaymie lost, but Toni winning was acceptable. I'm glad Jungleboy is officially Jack Perry now. Jim Ross constantly calling him that finally paid off. I want to think this is part of a greater angle with what they did and it wasn't the audible people wanted. Christian Cage is so smug though so it was fun to see him get a new big bad guy monster and him scheme his way to victory. That said they could have saved all of this for Dynamite. The other trio's match with Darby/Sting/Miro vs. House of Black was fun. I'll never get tired of seeing Sting no sell everyone while he's got the Scorpion on. Stinger Mist was a nice touch at the end. Miro looked like the odd man out after the match so it should be fun to see where he goes and what he does involving them. The world title match came off I don't know. Like it was missing something. The crowd woke up for it during parts, but it still felt like it was missing something. I just can't figure out what. With Punk winning the belt back I'm really confused as to why they had him lose it to begin with. They should have just built up the unification match for this show. The ending was great. It paid off with MJF coming back like this. I hope Stokley and the goons are part of some group with him. Overall not a bad show. Certainly not great, but not bad either.
  18. I forgot to comment last night. I thought the show was pretty good as usual. Moxley is on another level with his promo's. I forgot they were in Chicago till all the Punk chants and then he ended up turning them around. That's pretty damn amazing. Nice to see they signed W. Morrissey. That whole segment seemed like something they could have done for Dark or the next ROH PPV though. Punk's promo was good and I really thought he was going to say hes going away for a while until Ace Steel came out and cut the greatest pick yourself up promo ever. Punk then gets fired up and its on. It makes me wonder why the hell if they were gonna do this did they just not save the unifications match for the ppv. They could have still done an injury angle and stuff and still got to where we are now. Ah well I'm psyched for the match. I'll give them that. The women's match was pretty good. I'm pulling for Hayter to win the 4 way on sunday, but I'd be happy if Shida won the title as well. The trios match in the main event was great again. I don't know if there really is jealousy or animosity between Osprey and Omega, but they sure work well together and I hope something is worked out for them to have a singles match sometime soon. Aussie Open also impressed me with some of the stuff they did in this match. Overall a great match. Maybe not the great one like last week, but still pretty damn good. Cant wait for All Out.
  19. I thought this was a weak show compared to recent shows. I guess everyone is entitled to an off night. Judgement Day vs. AJ/Dolph was all right. I forgot Dolph lost to Finn last week thus why he was in this match. Edge showing up was pretty cool after the match and him letting the Mysterio's sneak attack was nice. Poor Dominik though. I really hope they dont do an angle where he turns on Rey just so she can be his new Dom gf. The Women's 6 woman was odd. Though I was happy to see Kayla Sparx make it to tv. She took the KOD like a champ. Nice to see Kurt Angle look healthish especially after just getting two new knees. I thought the whole segment with Alpha Academy was dumb and a step backward. But it led to a really good Profits vs. Academy match so it wasn't a total loss. Poor Miz having to face Lashley after going through God knows what with Dexter. I loved how he was seeing him everywhere. The match it self wasn't bad. Just was kinda there I guess. Lashley continues to dominate as he should. Sami and The Uso's leading to KO confronting them was good. I loved how Sami and Jimmy are tight but he and Jey are getting there. I agree this probably will lead to Kevin and Sami reforming as a team to take them on down the line. KO vs. Jey was a good match. I was susrprised to see Owens win. Figured there would be a dq or something. Raquel/Aliyah vs. Io/Dakota was good. I'm glad they got the main event and some time to breathe. I don't get what they are doing with Aliyah though. She could have been the one taking the beating waiting to get the hot tag on Raquel who comes in a destroys everyone. I was surprised they won, but I like Aliyah so I'm glad she finally has some gold. But yeah a bit of a back step in terms of show quality I though. It just seemed like everyone was off tonight.
  20. The Gunther/Sheamus segment was tremendous. That's all I really cared about on this show tonight. They went a long about way for Raquelle and Aliyah to win the smackdown side of things.
  21. Yeah, so that was something I didn't expect. I figured it would be a good back and forth brawl seeing how much Mox and Punk wanted to kill each other last week. Nope, did not expect that at all.
  22. This was a pretty good show tonight. The streak for Triple H continues. It's amazing what happens when the wrestling stuff takes precedent over the entertainment. Trish looks great so it's always good to see her and I loved how they teased a Trish/Bayley match. It probably won't happen, but one could dream. The tag match was pretty good. I loved the interaction between Iyo and Asuka. Loved the ending with the tag and Dakota tapping only for the ref to info Asuka she wasn't legal. Nice roll up for the win. Dolph vs. Finn was good. I liked the backstage segment when Dolph was like "Kid...aren't we the same age?". Why they treat Finn as if he's an upstart rookie I don't know. But the match was good. Thought Dolph would win since Judgement Day is floundering right now but was surprised when Finn ended up winning. Gable having an open challenge end up being answered by Kevin Owens. I guess someone from Quebec counts as a hometown guy. It was realy good. This is the kinda match I''ve been waiting for Gable to have for ages. Again probably won't happen, but I want Otis vs. Owens next week. Bobby/AJ vs. Ciampa/Miz was good. I just like many others here are waiting for Ciampa to turn on Miz and do what he did to Johnny Gargano that time. Speaking of Johnny Wrestling that was a nice surprise. He would have never made the main show with Vince around. Aliyah vs Bayley was not that good. I like Aliyah. She's got a great look and she does try hard. But getting thrown into the deep end for a unannounced match like that doesn't help her. I know it was her home town, but to be honest I'm amazed she's been with the company as long as she has been. Edge vs. Priest should have been a street fight or something. Something to capitalize on the hatred between the two. It was a good match, but it could have used some plunder. The Razor's edge on the table was nice though. Leave it to Edge to do a Destroyer in his home town. Edge wins and of course the rest of judgement day comes out to run interference. Give me Rhea vs. Beth. Overall a good show.
  23. Didn't Smokey Mountain or some other southern fed have a title where if you defended it X number of times you won some sort of prize?
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