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  1. I know Robert Gibson turned back up on Saturday Night sometime in 99 after Scott Hall threw the TV Title in the trash. I think there was a title match between Duggan and Gibson for the belt.
  2. God bless Mandy and Otis for going full ham with this. It was a great ying to the weirdness of the Jeff Hardy angle. They could have just did the old someone took him out backstage thing. But instead they opt for this. I can't help but think they did it just as a small shot on Matt Hardy. Vince is the type to treat someone like shit just because someone left him like that. Gable vs. Cesaro and by extention Nakamura could be an amazing feud. It's a shame Jason Jordan can't wrestle because American Alpha vs. those two would be amazing.
  3. I really cringed at some of the stuff he did that year. The blood loss was always the worst part because he would look like he nicked a vein. But I believe he had just married wife number 3 or divorced her around that time. So I hope he got extra money for all that crazy shit.
  4. Greatest match ever. That's gonna be a lot of chin locks.
  5. You know he earned points with Vince for doing that. Gotta put the company above all else.
  6. I wondered that deal was with Gino Gambino. Now it makes perfect sense why they wouldn't give him a track suit. As for the Wendi Richter match, my favorite part is Howard Finkle being confused as hell when Spider lady took her mask off and revealed herself to be Moolah. Okay so Vince was gonna do a double cross. But was there no one else to put the belt on or did Moolah still own the belt at that point?
  7. They aired a commercial last night for next week saying Becky would confront the MITB winner, so it's a given at least someone from RAW is almost certainly winning.
  8. I think it has a lot to do with Vince being petty. But also Roman made a choice and went against the company. The last thing Vince wants is people suddenly developing free will and realizing "hey, I don't really have to be here during all this". Plus wrestling in general is a messed up business where guys will "for the good of the business" work when they shouldn't. I can totally believe that Vince is all "Well, I guess Roman doesn't have the heart to be the face of the company". And you know his loyal yes men won't dare say otherwise.
  9. I really miss Ventura doing commentary. I know he doesn't watch wrestling these days, but it would be fun hearing him on any number of shows.
  10. I want to believe its all fake. I mean with photoshop it's not hard to fake a Twitter dm. Also on reddit there's some audio clip. With any number of programs it's not hard to put together a quick clip just using audio from him. The guy is about to get the rocket strapped to him. I can't believe he would be this stupid.
  11. Robert Evans said a few years ago they he had a producers cut of the film that was almost 3 hours. See, this is the kinda stuff that needs to be on special edition blu ray's. As for the show, I thought it was good. Sammy and Darby might just kill each other in a match someday. I honestly thought Sammy was going to win, but Cody/Darby II should be a nice way to set up who is almost certainly facing Lance Archer in the finals. That's what I like about this company. I can't say Archer will be in those finals with absolute certainty. You would think they telegraphed it with Jake the Snake and Archer coming for Cody, but I can honestly see Darby vs. Dustin in the finals. Speaking of Dustin. He has to be the first person in ages to actually win a match with a Destroyer.
  12. I only watched bits and pieces of the show tonight. Drake/Spud is such an amazing babyface. I have to believe if he has been hired back it's because of that twitter video he put up. If he was able to put on that kind of emotion just for show, they really have to get him in a movie. I was surprised to see Jessie Kaimea on tv. I've liked her since the Mae Young classic where she was essentially AJ Lee but with the nerd factor turned up to 11. How she went from hot nerdy chick to this dark muse (I think that's what she says she is based on twitter and instagram) I don't know. But she showed a lot of potential with Mia. Then again Mia Yim is a really good wrestler and I can't wait to her and Charlotte. Charlotte really going full entitled heel was great. Calling Mia a "good hand" like she was a grizzled 20 year vet was great.
  13. While those ratings numbers look bad, they only care about how it does in certain demo's. But with a lot of people watching on a dvr, I'd be interested to know those numbers. If people aren't taping the show then there should be concern on USA's part. Also, RAW is usually on the USA On Demand thing so those numbers would be interesting too. Again if on demand numbers dropped, cause for concern.
  14. If there was ever a time for them to stand up for themselves, now would be it. Like if I were in this situation I would be like "am I getting paid extra to be there? No...click". But all of them are like "well, if we just show up maybe we'll get lucky and they will hire us back". Most of them are hoping for a WCW situation where they get paid to sit around and do nothing anyway.
  15. Shayna is about the same age as a lot of us here. She must have seen this video in her local video store all the time when she was growing up. I mean if they make a WWE 24 about her that's like this, it would be amazing. I could listen to Shayna talk about the many ways she likes to break people apart. I liked the foundation of Zelina's stable (well I guess it's a stable). But in typical WWE fashion they have to make anything that could be good look weak. They shoehorned Seth into a feud with Drew, so unless Zelina has aligned herself with his ministry, they should have just run with Drew vs. Andrade for the next couple of weeks till Money in the Bank.
  16. Zack Ryder is still one of the most boggling burials I've ever seen. Vince is all GRAB THE BRASS RING DAMN IT. So Ryder does that without any help from them what so ever. It's a shame the WWE's pettiness is like this with guys who just do what they ask. Get over. Was Zack going to be the face of the company and a multi time world champion? No. But there's no reason he couldn't have been ultimate underdog who gets the big wins and has a nice midcard title run. Like there was no reason he couldn't have held the IC Title at least a month after he won it at Mania. I honestly don't know what the future of wrestling is going to be like assuming this pandemic dies down in the next couple of months. I can see a lot of these guys going to the NWA and getting massively over. Like Zack Ryder would be a perfect Television champion for them. I don't think it's a given that AEW is gonna swoop in and sign a lot of people. I just hope when its all over this stop's Vince's doctrine of sign everyone so no one else can have them...who cares if they just sit.
  17. If Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are gone, I want to see them in the NWA.
  18. I can't believe they released Mike Chioda. I thought he would be around forever like Tony Garea.
  19. So reading that piece the WWE put out to justify why they are doing live tv shows, they really believe all that "we're woven into the fabric of Americana" stuff they've been preaching.
  20. Yeah. Nia is the female Big Show. She's gonna get so many stop and start pushes and turn heel/face about a thousand times in the next couple of years. That's what we hate.
  21. Charlotte really put her working shoes on last night because that was easily her best match in ages. I think she finally found a Ricky Steamboat in Rhea Ripley. I wasn't expecting this match to be this good. But have the rematch at the next Takeover (if there is ever one) and we might see the best women's match ever in the states. I was expecting more out of Black vs. Lashley, but for whatever reason Bobby just has not clicked since he came back and I don't think he will. If this match happened any other company, maybe it would had some life to it. I'm glad Aleister won though. I would like to see him get a lengthy US Title run sometime soon. Hopefully this starts off that. Otis/Ziggler was way better than it had any right to be. JBL had me dying when Cole asked him who Otis reminds him of and he said "ivan Putski if he ate Bam Bam Bigelow". Otis gives hope to all us big guys out there that we can land that shot. I hope this leads to a Summerslam wedding. The Street Profits defeated Angel Garza and Austin Theory. That's all I can say about that match. They could have moved it to tomorrows RAW and I don't think anyone would have noticed. Not a knock on anyone involved, but if there was a crowd it would have been the concession break. The Women's 5 way was pretty good once they got Tamina out of the mix. They really are going to tease us with a Bayley/Sasha break up like the last time. Firefly Funhouse. What can I say that hasn't been said. I can't imagine someone got Vince to watch Twin Peaks. I just assumed it would be a brawl in a funhouse. What we got was something so meta, it's something you can watch over and over and find something new to theorize. Glad Drew won. But I hate Brock's current style of match where it's just suplex...F5...take the other guys finisher. Overall not as good as night one, but combined it was way better than anyone thought it would be.
  22. I think we all were expecting the worst, but that was an outstanding first night. I think I pretty much enjoyed every match on the card. Even Braun living Big E's dream about bumping meat with Goldberg. The Boneyard match was beyond expectations amazing. When Gallows/Anderson had all those druids surround Taker for a brief moment I like "OH SHIT THEY CALLED IN THEIR BULLET CLUB BROSKIES". I like this combo of a Supernatural Undertaker who does shit talking. The whole bit with him holding up AJ and telling him he gave him a good fight was great. If this is Taker's last run, I have hope for it now.
  23. That was a pretty good episode of Smackdown all things considered. The Otis/Ziggler feud has been amazing so far and this "hacker" showing the truth was a great part. It has to be Ali just based on the graphics/colors. But I can honestly say Otis's match is the one I'm really looking forward to. Ziggler is going to get tossed around and it will be so fun to watch. Braun getting randomly thrown into the match with no explanation is totally a Vince thing. They probably had something for it, but at the last minute he was like AH THE HELL WITH IT. I find it amazing that Drew Gulak is half a step away from potentially becoming Interncontental champion. The whole feud with him/Bryan vs. Cesaro/Nakamura/Sami has been so great. I bet when the Fox people were promised something with a sports presentation, it was clips of all these guys that they were shown. Bryan/Nakamura should have been a Mania match itself. It's really amazing how Nakamura is just another guy in the WWE. On top of that we get Byran vs. Sami and it won't be the old Sami. It's going to be a chickenshit Sami who will try to steal a victory away. What a bizzare time we are in.
  24. I remember Starrcade 86 having blood in almost every match on the card (or at least the tape I rented from my video store)
  25. There's all ready some floating around on Twitter. I assume it's just the first night so far. It would have been one LONG show if it wasn't over two nights if they're real.
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